Charles Eames

Steel offers elegant reproduction of famous Bauhaus designers since provider “Steel Form” sent out 25 years of high-quality reproductions of Italy of Bauhaus furniture and modern classics this year from its production site in Tuscany. Italian design and handmade furniture ensures maximum quality. Selected family farms with centuries of long tradition of craftsmanship make the elegant and unusual pieces to measure and order. On you can find reproductions of furniture by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Charles Eames. The manufacturing process of the mainly consisting of metal furniture requires highest precision in execution, as well as high quality material in use. The raw material is cut, then bent and welded, before it is subjected to an intensive polishing – steel form seen in the difference between quality and cheap reproductions from China. In addition to the steel processing is also the precise processing of leather high-quality materials to the production process in the reproduction of Bauhaus classic. After choosing the colour of the leather and leather quality, the individual pieces of leather from all skins are cut, sewn cleanly and plumped up depending on the piece of furniture.

Steel form is checked again on quality after the production and final Assembly therefore only faultless goods from Tuscany will be sent. The classics, still modern, manufactured in steel form with the claim to sell high-quality Bauhaus furniture at attractive prices to design lovers. How to recognize poor quality from China? As interested buyers of modern classics and Bauhaus furniture it is difficult to identify the right provider in the Internet, promise the most furniture dealers only excellent goods and highest quality for their products. Only at the delivery and the unpacking of ordered furniture first signs of cheap and low-quality goods are visible – principle: the furniture price is very cheap and much cheaper than the competition, then is to maintain caution. Often are these pieces of furniture without end and quality control sent out, so that in addition to inferior quality are also manufacturing error on the order of the day. The exchange of the product, these once unpacked and accepted, is difficult to enforce many Internet providers, a close look in the general terms and conditions and in the fine print, save time, money and nerves. Steel form with 25 years of experience. In steel form, looking back on 25 years of experience in the production and delivery of high-quality Bauhaus furniture and modern classics. In addition to the free delivery of ordered furniture steel form, customers will receive the opportunity to return the preserved piece of furniture to convince or material defects. Steel form replace the piece of furniture free of charge or replaced the purchase price.

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