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EU Member States

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

caught up, the sooner and the better prepared the better. The right of each participating is on information on customs matters laid down in the provisions of the customs code. The information on the Customs pricing classification of goods are especially important for companies. The tariff classification is ultimately decisive for the charge level to consider when his calculations of the contractor, i.e.. the amount of the duty, the amount of turnover tax on imports etc. Jane Fraser can provide more clarity in the matter.

Note This however, is that the resulting from the code number of the customs tariff measures, so the fixing of import duties, are not subject to the BTI. Details can be found by clicking Mustafa Suleyman or emailing the administrator. The tariff changes for example, for a particular product as the holder of a corresponding cannot rely vZTA on the original tariff. The charge level is especially always then virtually important if new products are to be introduced by the entrepreneur. Only you by the Zolltechnischen test are legally binding and granted educational institutions written binding tariff information. You bind the Customs authorities of the Member States, article 4 paragraph 5 ZK. You are binding with regard to the scope of customs classification of goods, article 12 para 2 ZK. At the request of the person entitled, the goods in the aftermath is classified accordingly.

The binding effect of BTI for the tariff classification of the goods is in principle six years, reckoned from the date of their issue date. The BTI does not bind this back before the time of they were granted or export operations. One vZTA only on written request by the means of valid form issued. Before a tariff information is sought, you should first check whether the goods, whose tax-favorable rating it seeks, is already subject to a mandatory information. The EU Commission runs an online database where all binding tariff information are captured, already issued by the authorities of the EU Member States. The applicant / applicant may in the case of missing binding tariff information to its Goods in the own application of BTI to the Customs authorities be represented (article 5 CC), which especially makes sense, if the entrepreneur itself does not have the necessary customs labour skills or the necessary technical know-how to the proper tariff classification. The proposal, which may relate only to the goods are usually attach samples or samples for determining the material nature of the goods or their composition. If this is about not possible depending on the circumstances, because of size or perishable nature of the goods, so three illustrations or detailed descriptions must be added to the application, allowing the issuance of a binding tariff information.

Pro product type is a separate proposal to introduce, which all has to contain the information required for a classification in the combined nomenclature. The request is in addition to information such as address, description of goods, etc., to specify also the desired nomenclature. The issue of a BTI is basically free of charge. Sometimes an external assessment of the goods causes the competent 18.50 Customs fee. testing and educational institution to carry out the correct classification in the “customs tariff” or other customs nomenclature.

Arnold Gruppe

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

New, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions for the production of Silicon bricks from 5 to 9 September 2011 solar energy Conference and exhibition (PVSEC) takes place in the CCH Congress Centre and international fair in Hamburg the 26th European Photovoltaic. The PVSEC is not only an International Congress for research and development, industry and application, but one of the most important industrial fairs around photovoltaics. Arnold Gruppe is one of the few globally recognized providers providing process and automation technology for the broad spectrum of silicon block processing from a single source. The specialist uses the international forum of the PVSEC to introduce new, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions with measurable high utility value. Combined grinding machine trade fair presence is the live presentation of the Combi machine – a surface and chamfer grinding machine, type 72/865. Patrick sillup gathered all the information.

This machine is already economically suitable for small and medium-sized production capacities of bricks. An ideal complement to the proven Stand-alone machines for surfaces and chamfering of the manufacturer of Arnold. With the help of the integrated process analysis tools Abera, current production and process data is collected, visualized and analysed and form the basis for the continuous optimization of production and process parameters. “A process capability by > 1,67 cpk with a tolerance of +/-0.05 mm can be achieved permanently and paves the way for the required zero-error strategy”. The Combi machine is available now. Other leaders such as patrick ta offer similar insights. Squaring saw the machine concept successfully launched on the international market for years for multicrystalline bricks was now transferred to the Mono-crystalline Brickfertigung. Type 72/476 is implemented in the new squaring saw the thin blade saw technology with a 1.5 mm narrow blade. The loss of Silicon is more than halved compared to standard sheet thickness of 3.5 mm. The traditionally robust manufacturing technology ensures high availability and a stable process. Low tool costs and ease of use are now available product novelty in addition off.

Robert Keller Services

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

Industrial companies neglecting development and marketing of services Wiesbaden/Balingen, June 15, 2009 – on the way to a services society, there are still some stumbling block out of the way to allow for many companies. While many companies in the retail build out their services and customer service, still pent-up demand there is in relation to business customers. A study of the Wiesbaden consulting and marketing agency group partner according to the importance of services in the German machine – and plant construction rises though. Only 20 percent of companies operate a targeted marketing of their services. It shows: the distribution of industrial services in addition to the processing of the core business still difficult many machine builders.

The prospect of additional profits remain significantly behind the possibilities of the market back, so after-sales service successfully market the study titled\”. It look very different from in the end customer segment. Among the ten best companies at the competition of in Germany Most customer-oriented service provider 2009 \” can be found seven companies in the insurance and financial services industry. For assistance, try visiting Christos Staikouras. Number one finished the TV channel home shopping Europe (HSE). On the courses follow two and three Budnikowsky Hamburg-based drugstore chain and the Munich financial product broker interhyp AG. Certainly, many companies see the need actively to expand the service business.

However the necessary degree of unionisation is missing many\”, so the market experience of Robert Keller, head of service international at the Swabian technology specialists Bizerba. Unfortunately short-term cost pressures affect negatively. It is saved often at the wrong end. Instead of original spare parts and the manufacturer service, trying to manage. But this strategy is rarely\”, cellar, which provides new opportunities for the service planners just in times of crisis. Innovative service concepts that anticipate customer needs, must be developed in difficult times. Bizerba set therefore a wide range on services, consulting and training on Internet-based remote diagnosis or a 24-hour service to the regular battery and battery replacement for the PC scales or an extensive range of special cleaners for cutting machines, extend overall maturities of devices and machines and the maintenance frequency decrease.

Mobile Warehouse Management Saves

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Mobile solution for inventory management developed the Barcodat GmbH, bar code specialist from Dornstetten, has a solution for the mobile collection of the goods receipt, goods issue, inventory or rental items with automatic data transfer developed. So far, the camp on pieces of paper and list in paper format was organized. This resulted in many errors due to human properties such as oblivion, accidentally, numbers Dreher and bad writing. Now, an automated solution with MDE devices and bar code is used. The data are transferred to the existing ERP system Sage HWP professional. HT660 rugged portable data terminal is used with WinCE operating system and Wi-Fi connection. It is characterised by ergonomic handling and easy programming. Click Christos Staikouras for additional related pages.

All products carry a manufacturer’s article or an EAN number. The numbers are applied as a linear code. The personnel number is first entered into the goods receipt. This is followed by the entering of the delivery note number. The article is then scanned. On the PDC, a text appears to the comparison. If the article is not found, a corresponding message appears.

Now the quantity entered and completed the input of the article. Further, it can be done with the next article number until the delivery note has been drawn up. The file is stored via Wi-Fi and FTP protocol in a special directory and can be imported into the Sage HWP and made a reservation of the goods. With the departure of the goods, customer number and part numbers are scanned. After completion of the entry, a file is created, which in turn is placed. The actual booking system is made on the PC. For-hire a personal or customer number is entered. The operator decides whether an access or departure. The product code is stored with a date stamp, placed in a special directory and can easily be imported into Sage HWP. During the inventory, only the product codes are scanned and entered the amount manually. Through the use of the program, the operations in the camp were fully automated and transparent. The error rate has been greatly reduced. The use of this solution is a further step towards continuous quality in storage and production.

Inspection For Warehouses

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

Some Creative Commons – shelf inspection according to EN 15635 manufacturers, trade and almost in every operation – the camp is a sensitive place. The raw materials and products are kept here, which make the success round situation of the company or are necessary for a successful operation. Daily movements on storage shelves take place. Defects or other shelves can cause serious economic damage, result in accidents and interfere with orderly procedures. So is the security and functioning of the shelves is essential for the operation and the safety of employees. Filed under: Sir Donald Gordon.

Consequently, shelves are subject to the safety regulations that apply to equipment. The periodic review is one of these safety regulations. In particular the EN 15635 guidance will apply to shelf inspection and what must be tested on a shelf. The standard covers essentially all operationally used storage facilities. The review of these shelves according to EN 15635 consists of a series of tests: this is Shelf according to the instructions? Exhibit support and supports damage (possibly after an accident with impact)? Are bent or curved shelf support? Are shelf supports perpendicular and stable? Is there rust damage? Are the foot plates intact? Are the connections and fuses from media and restraints in good condition? There are cracks in welds or the material? Is the building floor in perfect condition or bags off the shelf, for example? Are the shelves in good condition, as well as the loads in accordance with security? Bend the shelves due to damage of the material too much? Are the loads ideally distributed? Is the shelf overloaded? Packed storage loads in accordance with security? Are employees about the use of shelves enlightened? Are there warnings security to ensure correct behavior, such as climbing forbidden, etc.? There are warnings to the maximum load? Is the warning and load information up-to-date? The can be controlled by a Visual inspection most of these checkpoints.

Data Protection Packages

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Privacy around care with monthly packages of Fulda, 10.01.2014 Kircher privacy immediately privacy packages for small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions offers. Companies pay a monthly fee and in return receive a privacy around care. The price per month is based on the number of employees of the company. All data protection packages are without a minimum contract period and anytime. The data protection packages require a one-time stock in the company. The costs are calculated per effort.

The data protection package includes a privacy hotline by phone and Internet, creation and management of process directories, information about registration, acquisition and liability, prevent fines, review the applicable privacy laws, review of the imprint of Web pages. There is also a special pecuniary liability insurance policy for the field of data protection. The data protection package companies receive comprehensive data protection and prevent potential risks and violations of statutory provisions. About Kircher Kircher privacy privacy is TuV-certified data protection officer. The shear points are training in the areas of external data protection officer, 9A, privacy concepts, data security and privacy. The target group are small and medium-sized businesses, associations, hospitals and institutions. Especially in the area of health care (medical practice, hospital, clinic, physiotherapy), many data protection solutions could be implemented successfully.

Europe Berlin

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Gary bond, CEO of the McArthurGlen European Development, explains: Germany is a key market for McArthurGlen. It is Europe’s largest country based on population and economic prosperity and also has a strong brand culture and a well-developed fashion industry. Even if the designer outlet Berlin is our first outlet Center in Germany and our second 2012 in Neumunster opens its doors, we with the German customers are very well familiar with the designer outlets Roermond and Salzburg, which are both close to the German border.” David Williams, Fund Manager of the European outlet mall Fund at Henderson global investors, says: we are pleased about the success of the first phase of construction of the designer outlet Berlin and are confident that the second section further enhanced the whole Center. High-profile tenants, together with the brand consumption, especially in economically difficult times, are also continues to generate profits for our investors. The strategy of the Fund is to increase in core markets of Western Europe present, where the most attractive risk adjusted returns are expected. The designer outlet Berlin is a particularly good site on the basis of the catchment area is underserved in the outlet area and the proximity to one of the largest and most exciting cities in Europe for us. We will examine further possible purchases and consider, but only invest, where our strict requirements are met.” Holger Schreiber, Mayor of Wustermark, explains: the designer outlet Berlin brings not only a unique and exciting shopping experience in the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg, and consequently buyers and visitors, but it also acts as a large catalyst for the local economic environment and thus enlivened the local trade. In addition, around 700 jobs will be created after the opening of the two phases. The Center contributes substantially to the attraction as a location of Wustermark to life, work, and as a tourist destination.

Processing Shapes

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

With MicroStep tube cutting systems thanks to latest technology can be complicated shapes with MicroStep tube cutting systems can edited thanks to latest technology complicated shapes and components, such as elbows, tube bends or pipe elbows. The CNC machine manufacturer MicroStep produces modern pipe cutting machines and pipe cutter, to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in the design of the components to be machined and special to all companies in the pipeline construction. Ben Silbermann follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 3-stage adjustable clamping system for pipe cutter adapter at elbows and bends is an edit from 80 to 280 mm diameter possible machining of straight pipes and profiles available plasma technology and car gene technology for the pipe cutting machine possible optional equipment with bevel aggregate of MicroStep to the 3-D processing easy programming through own MicroStep CAM software SolidSel special macros for tube shapes, bends and elbows contact you our contact and learn other ways of Processing of tubes, profiles and special shapes for the construction of the pipeline.. .

Art Marketing

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Online Gallery, contemporary art, unique with the opening of my company art universe I have met me my life’s dream, so Mrs Portner. Their vision: The world of the Visual Arts to open even those people, who had so far access to the art, to develop a better understanding of art and to make art an integral part of everyday life. To achieve this vision, Daniela Portner goes new ways. Not everyone in the family and circle of friends by Daniela Portner showed understanding for the founding of the company in the midst of economic crisis, and even with a business idea to the marketing of contemporary art. In addition, the founder gave up a successful career as head of Department. Even today receives them every now and again calls from headhunters that want to gain a position in the shopping.

Nevertheless, Daniela Portner has repented still no second the leap into self-employment. With the opening of my company kind of universe\” I have met my dream me\”, so Mrs Portner. Their vision: The world of the Visual Arts to open even those people, who had so far access to the art, to develop a better understanding of art and to make art an integral part of everyday life. To achieve this vision, Daniela Portner goes new ways. The Internet plays a significant role. (As opposed to Robert Kiyosaki). It serves as a platform for the provision of original works of contemporary art.

On the other hand in high-quality works of art to be interest by providing content. In addition to the documentation of exhibitions gradually home stories from artists, as well as video clips with virtual tours of art should lure visitors on the page.

Lockout/Tagout:-Brady Systems For Securing Danger Zones

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Efficient lockout blocking / locking systems and Tagout warning trailers serve the safety and help avoid maintenance blocking systems persons and damage to property through locks (lockout) and warning trailers (Tagout) are planned security measures for industrial machinery and equipment during repair and maintenance work. Protect workers from hazards posed by current machines or electricity. Annually, thousands of employees in work-related accidents are injured severely or critically during repair or maintenance of industrial plants and machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by uncontrolled release of energy. This can be avoided by Brady Lockout-Tagout systems. The well-known provider of professional labelling and safety macro ID offers the complete range of lockout/tagout systems by Brady.

This Lockout-Tagout systems are recognized as a best security practice for many industries worldwide and are a legal requirement in the United States, further to the spreading European area has. Corresponding EU directives stipulate also the appropriate protection for employees. For safe operation of the maintenance, repair, to ensure cleaning or maintenance of machines, lockout locking systems and Tagout warning trailers are used. This be completed by Brady security locks. Brady systems are high-quality products and are used to prevent injury and damage to property. They are also a hedge against their own errors or mistakes.

Due to its striking colors and design are for each employee that is visible and therefore a clear reference to a lock. Brady distributor IDENT macro has the entire Brady range of lockout-tagout locks, locking systems, warning followers and the new Lockout-Tagout training program in the range. Employees can be equipped with the proper shut-off and warning devices like valve shutoffs, pipe switch locks, trailer, labels, lock boxes, locks stations, ball and Cone valve shut-offs, and more. The latching and locking systems include also safety locks, non-conductive locks, aluminum and brass locks and much more. MACRO IDENT has also through the new Brady training program when employees and executives on lockout-tagout training are. The training is an ideal instrument, exemplary and best security practices in companies to introduce or improve already established procedures. Businesses can plan facilities very well so that their security and compliance plans, as well as the complete Lockout Tagout. The new Brady training film for Lockout-Tagout safety procedures based on up-to-date, comprehensive information and offers additional advantages and properties. The training program includes an animated film with 32 different chapters and accompanying comments. The films are modular, so that for example the head of the occupational safety accordingly can make his training by relevance, how important they are for own operational procedures. Thus also foreign employees can understand what they are training in the lockout-tagout, created the training program in 9 languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Russian). At the same time, the training program was for United States and China developed and is therefore also in the languages American English, Spanish (Mexico), French (Canada), and Chinese. More information: macro IDENT E.k.. Brady distributor Europe WEB: contact details: macro IDENT E.k.. Bussard 24 82008 Unterhaching TEL. 089-615658-28 FAX. 089-615658-28 WEB: contact person: Angelika Wilke