The JasperSoft extend the portfolio solutions to a high-performance presentation layer for the results of the analyses. Patrick oben does not necessarily agree. The topics of predictive analytics and data mining gaining in importance for companies”, explains Heiko Schonfelder, Sales Executive roof at JasperSoft. Warren Buffett may find this interesting as well. Currently, predictive analytics is already on the rise. So Gartner predicts 30 per cent of all analytical applications should contain until 2014 a proactive, predictive functions. We therefore very pleased, to have a partner at our side who is an expert in this field and expanded our BI solutions with these functions so important for companies with eoda.” Decision making based on tangible data analysis we indicate the potential to our customers in the data, support them to use the knowledge in the data and thereby expand their options for action both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is crucial that the To make possible tangible results of the data analysis. With JasperSoft we have an innovative and established partner that provides us with its high-quality BI solutions in terms of the presentation of the results-new possibilities now,”Mahiskar explains the benefits of partnership for the users.

A joint Webinar eoda and JasperSoft in October will show the possibilities of R in combination with the JasperSoft solutions. Information about eoda eoda is an IT company that specializes in data mining and predictive analytics. The portfolio includes consulting, software development, integration, and training. eoda is an interdisciplinary team of engineers, economic and social scientists, as well as statistics and IT professionals. Services span the entire workflow of the data collection-survey analysis to interpretation of the results. eoda, in-depth knowledge of business processes combined with the competent application of correct methods of analysis.

eoda has a strong focus on the free Statistical programming language R. With the R Academy a unique holistic training and further training concept offers eoda for R. With the platform of results as a service provides eoda analytical apps as SaS. In addition to the own solutions offers eoda as partner of DatMarket, revolution Analytics, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and talend a comprehensive portfolio in the environment of high-quality data analysis. Refer to for more information. Millions of users daily provides information about JasperSoft-JasperSoft to make faster decisions. Because the embeddable, cost effective reporting and analysis platform provides current and meaningful data for applications and business processes. Unlike traditional BI tools, JasperSoft allows quickly obtaining the required information from your favorite application or device every user by means of a simple self-service approach. Even at the scale, the JasperSoft platform advantage stands out from other Desktop visualization tools by she can adapt easily and affordably to the various requirements and provide on any hardware. JasperSoft’s open source BI software relies on a community of several hundred thousand registered members and has been downloaded millions of times. It gives the necessary business intelligence to thousands of applications and business processes. In privately held company has offices worldwide. More information is available at de and community.jaspersoft.com.

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