Efficient Receivables Management

Why use of a reputable debt collection company minimizes its own costs, and the contact to the own customers must be still not lost… Just the middle class who are often outstanding claims in the drawer\”for fear of high legal fees or the slogan throw no good money after bad\”, not be asserted. Doing this can have enormous impact on the economic situation of a company, as liquidity problems can ultimately mean insolvency. An example: A company achieved a profit of 300,000 euro with 10 million turnover / year and a return on sales by 3%. To a loss of receivables of only 1% (= 100,000) to compensate, should an additional turnover generated EUR 5 million are, even if regard same Voraussetzungen-of this 1% of the claim would fail. This would correspond to a growth of 50%! Many medium-sized companies, which actually have an interest in the continuation of your customer relationships and would rather prefer an individual treatment of your debtor would shy but the contact to a debt collection agency. Too often are reports with terms like Russians collection\”or Albanians collection\” and their rabid occurrence was released and stuck in their heads.

\” Here the concept is applied-vorrangig one on medium-sized debt collection services in the regional sector of specialist, reputable collection agencies. A cost-efficient Receivables Management, which burdened the creditors only with minimum fees, maximum realization of the outstanding claims against the but, can be implemented successfully with proper usage. While the collection and freezing measures should be however on maintaining the relationship between creditors and debtors. Objective should always producing a so-called win-win situation\”between the parties to be, at the open call still is satisfactorily retracted. Through the qualitative search of the right’ collection services partner on the one hand the liquidity of the creditor can and on the other hand a danger of insolvency drastically reduced, which presents itself as an added value for all concerned.

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