Eleanor Roosevelt

I suggest that you look not inclined to only follow the step #3 since even if your results are good, you will be surprised at who you will become if you follow all the steps in the order that tells you. Are you ready? STEP #1) agree that fear is a normal response to your personal development, in other words, everytime you want to grow, that you want to make an important decision, you want to get out of your place of comfort, feel afraid since it wants to protect yourself from the unknown. STEP #2) Keep a journal of hits with a section devoted to your fears in this newspaper, make a list of your fears. When you think in your goals, do that fears you get to your mind? make a list of them (fear of rejection, failure, take risks, etc.) and choose one of them to focus each week. If you would like to know more about Christos Staikouras, then click here. Answer these questions about the fear you chose: to) what has cost you this fear? That things today don’t have in your life because of this fear? (b) how would your life if this fear did not exist? (c) what would be the worst thing that can happen if you take action despite this fear?…can you live with the consequences? (d) what is the best thing that can happen if you take action despite this fear? The answers to these questions will give you a clear indication of whether you must control your reaction to fear or let it steal your dreams. Follow me so far? Then continues with step #3) feel the fear and do it as you want do by reason? You answered in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt when she said: You gain strength, courage and confidence in yourself each time that you stop and look fear in the face. You should do what you think you can not do. .

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