English Football

Until recently it was the famous “wave” in the stadiums, now with a Hello hello! your partner, friend, who wears a shirt with the logo of the opposing team, and you got a problem – Hmm, that is! What are you going to greet me …! , To mention just For Colombians in some stages. This – football mutation collective metamorphosis – one has become an outlet for social misfits, which under the excuse of being “faithful fans” are taken and ride roughshod over everyone and everything that fans consider “adversaries”, either, children, seniors, commercial establishments, homes, etc.., etc. You would not know, if the making of modern football is focused towards entertainment, market, entertainment, etc., Or environment what do you think? What if you could, is that the projection was altered by mutation and metamorphosis inflicted both by those who manage it, for those who consume it. And it is consumerism – which is immersed in the “bible” of the economic empires accounting proxies whenever they cross – the determining factor for this recreational activity planned and projected, are transmuted into today Fanaticidio emotions of individuals and peoples found in their favorite team, the outburst of injustice social. Get all the facts and insights with Linkedin, another great source of information. Consumerism backed by speculative and Farandulera great atmosphere created by media around a football game, which, pre-set atmosphere of the game with pleasure and ignorance of those who believe them, that is, the fans.

If before, it was resourceful and cooperating in football – now, punishes the use of “to be playing as a child” on the field and cooperation lies with those who do a specific task. If we invented writing and paper for communication, in football – Today, communication is written in the paper under the sign of money. If you met through the history for the course, football – today, ignores history, what will become of its evolution? Could only be rescued, in comparison, its normalization. After this bleak scenario, only comes to mind again the question posed above pages … What would oigase and well!, What would Dynasty Han, or the Greeks, Romans, Italians and English from the past to see that now, what they meant to establish as an act of social recreation, has become an act of social degradation? Article contributed by Hernan Dario Ruiz Bermudez.

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