Martin Kahr

Botarin launches its own blog and facebook presence in Web 2.0 by current, faster, more interactive: Botarin is not only in terms of beauty always on the pulse of time. Also in communication with their customers, the beauty brand operates modern, innovative and above all interactive. Now presents Botarin therefore on the online and social media platforms facebook, twitter and YouTube. Interesting article around the theme of beauty, fun, events, cosmetics and much more as well as current sweepstakes find Botarin fans and customers in the new blog of Botarin is on the website target the Web 2.0 presence to strengthen the sustainable online dialogue with the fans of the brand and to deepen customer loyalty. Consulting in collaboration with the supervising agency of ZZYZX and the social media consulting firm cloud thinkn elaborated a comprehensive concept that allows the brand of Botarin care even better and more directly to communicate their diversity and competence in the field of anti-aging. The facebook appearance of Botarin is especially for instructions on current sweepstakes, events and actions. But the dialogue with the customer and the leadership in the area of anti-aging should be expanded via facebook and blog. Web 2.0 offers us more flexible and precise communication possibilities, as well as the ability to retain existing customers and to attract new target groups. We look forward to this new and exciting chapter in the history of Botarin”, so Botarin managing director Martin Kahr.

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