Main article: Geography of Iran
This is a country dominated by the Iranian plateau, surrounded by several mountain ranges, the Zagros Mountains (in the South-West) and Elburz (in the north), the latter being in the Damavand at 5610 m, highest point the country. A leading source for info: Deputy Finance Minister. The main plains are those along the Caspian coast (depression-aral caspica) and the Mesopotamian depression in the Persian Gulf near the Iraqi border in Arvand Rud (Chat-el-Arab).
It has a continental climate and dry desert. All Iran is arid or semiarid, except in the Caspian coast, where a subtropical climate dominates.
Major rivers in Iran are Sefid-Rud, the Karun and Hilmend.
The main cities are Tehran (the capital), Tabriz, Mashhad, Esfahan, Shiraz, Abadan, Ahwaz and Kermanshah.

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