Exactly ahead of such difficulties, the professor looks for to modernize itself better to develop its function. For Imbernn (2000, p.31) ' ' … one of the most important functions or teaching tasks: it is of person who ' ' it considers valores' ' , impregnated of moral, ethical content and ideolgico' '. The responsibilities and requirements attributed to this professional alone have increased currently, thus having a transformation in the paper of the educator. For Freire (2000 apud FEITOSA, 2008, p.54): ' ' …

the human beings if go forming in its social relations. They will be able to know, always to discover, to make new, different things; if it cannot say that they are workmanships ' ' terminadas' , but, for the opposite, they are beings in project, change constante' '. many not yet obtain to deal with these changes. Its complaints are several: it is the fatigue, discomfort, a generalized malaise. The professors () if feel coerced, family transfers to all the responsibility to the professor (a) and the school, thus generating an identity crisis. Quality of life of the professor The tiring hours of working of the professor has caused some complications that can until taking off it of the classroom for some time. The majority of the illnesses that reach the professors, such as: problems with the voice, allergies, physical and mental exhaustion, among others, are directly on to the environment in which it exerts its function, and also with the form that it deals with the adverse situations that appear in the pertaining to school environment.

The majority of the professors exactly for lecionarem in basic education gives one more than disciplines, is in more than a school or two turns. Leciono five you discipline: Portuguese, Mathematics, History, Geography and Sciences. (Teacher). You discipline them to all, therefore leciono in 3 series of the infantile education.

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