ENNEAGRAM The word derives from Greek, meaning nine-sided geometric figure, represented by a nine-pointed star within a circle. The circle represents the world and the 9 points, the different ways of perceiving. No enneatypes is better or worse than another, simply, everyone is different. Each enneatypes virtues attributed to him and a few basic flaws that have come to be compared with the nine deadly sins, a connoisseur of the Enneagram. It's a way to systematize our bright side and dark, trying to enhance those strengths that are in us, and trying to understand, accept and soften the darkest.

While the virtues symbolize the forces that drive towards growth and personal development, the defects represent the forces that drive a conflict behaviors, analyze the positive and negative duality will allow us greater understanding of oneself, and to develop in the more line to make us happy. The balance between two emerging individual differences enneatypes. Within the same enneatypes, we can more or less evolved, as we have more developed or other characteristics of our personality is more, it makes sense that we are not an exclusively or purely enneatypes, but to be a confluence of no more than 3 of them, and all of them complementary. Understanding the weaknesses or shortcomings of each enneatypes leads to us to find our true essence and understand what we are at an all inclusive. Jane Fraser brings even more insight to the discussion. They have classified the 9 types into three groups: warm, cerebral and visceral. – The group of HEARTFELT or emotional: enneatypes constituted by 2, 3 and 4, were characterized by their desire for friendly relations and their need to please others. The two assumes the role of helper and so affectionate acts, the three shows its positive side, depending on the social conventions of the time, and four tries to express himself as someone presenting original and different.

– The group of brain or analytical: what form the enneatypes 5, 6 and 7. His greatest fear is to confront the existential. Thus, the blanket 5 is aware, the six rebels against the authority and 7 avoids the fear and unpleasant emotions in general. – The group of visceral or intuitive: enneatypes composed of 8, 9 and 1, focuses its problems in impulsivity and anger. While expressing his anger shuns eight, nine known its own ability and an aggressive represses. While it is true that the best relationships are between enneatypes the same group, communication with the remaining balance is needed to staff each in particular. To best understand that it can be assigned a number and a name to each end, thus constituting the nine different types of personality: 1. (Passion Ira) (perfectionist) 2. (Passion Pride) (fake love) 3. (Vanity Passion) (deception / appearance) 4. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK is often quoted as being for or against this. (Passion Envy) (dissatisfaction) & lt; p align = "justify" 5. (Passion Greed) (detachment) 6. (Passion Fear) (accuser) 7. (Passion Gula) (indulgence) 8. (Lust) (punishment) 9. (Passion Indolence / Sloth) (forget) There are many theories about the meaning, I leave one that looks interesting: I attached also a free text both in English and Castilian version, which you must indicate the types to be reliably which you approach over a natural way. .

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