Repair And Decoration Of Apartments

So we continue our series of informational articles on repair and decoration. This cycle is intended: 1. For those who wants to control the quality of work performed by the Contractor. 2. Who wants to carry out repairs Apartments St Petersburg itself. . Independently perform the work is not recommended for the following reasons: a) to perform quality repairs of apartments St Petersburg – requires some experience and skills. b) the breach or ignorance of the technology works will lead to marriage. Therefore it is better to entrust the work to repair and furnish his apartment (office, shop problem, etc.) professionals who have the appropriate license or certificate appropriate sro.

Now we consider the so-called dirty finish – as a stage before final finishing. Rough finish Apartments Petersburg. Consider a rough finish on the two types of rooms individually – new premises and the old premises. Rough finish for new premises. Rough finish in the new premises is made in several stages. Conclusion on the need for these or other stages of work on the basis of competent site survey, as we wrote in our respective section (How to take the flat from the builders).

Stages and types of work on the rough finish of the new premises: 1.Vyravnivanie ceilings. 2.Giprpochnye work on the ceiling. 3.Vyravnivanie walls. 4.Giprochnye work on the walls. 5.Vyravnivanie sexes. 6.Ustroystvo various podiums and hidden recesses in the floor. These works are carried out precisely in the sequence as listed. 1.Vyravnivanie ceilings. If ceiling has no deviations from the horizon – enough to align the irregularities under the rule of conventional plasters. While adjusting the ceiling should be carefully monitored the quality of work that variations in the surface were within acceptable limits. Before starting the work to the ceiling surface thoroughly dedusted and primed. If the ceiling has a significant deviation from the horizon – there are two option to equalize the ceiling: 1.1. to align the ceiling under the rule without removing it from the horizon and keeping a slight overall bias ceiling (makes sense for slopes up to 2 cm in 3m length). 1.2. perform sewing gypsum plasterboard ceiling (if the ceiling has a slope of more than 2 cm in 3m lengths – in our new buildings, and sometimes is). Giprochnye work on the ceiling can not be implemented in one level, and in 2-D and 3 levels (depending on the height of the ceiling in the rooms). On levels ceiling or on the drawing, you can decide on their own, or bring to address this issue the designer. Performing work best left to professionals with appropriate qualifications.

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