Satellite Hotbird

Satellite dishes for self-installation: it is fully prepared kits with detailed instructions for those who wish to establish their own satellite dish. Kit includes everything needed materials for the installation, including cable and tuner preset. What was previously considered only by qualified professionals, is now able to make any untrained person with creative abilities. At due diligence, you can quickly and easily install in your home antenna to receive 3 satellites. This system is now the most popular in Ukraine. She takes on a mirror satellites with three positions – HotBird (13 E), Sirius (5 E) and Amos (4 W).

For this purpose, the so-called multifeed – a few heads (LNB) switched to a receiver (tuner). This solution only available to view derived about 50 Russian and Ukrainian TV channels and More than 500 foreigners. Substantial relief for self-installation because of the lack of any special skills and equipment needed, the system is pre-training. The tuner is programmed with the given parameters and settings receiving LNB. Multifeed exhibited a pattern for proper heads, auxiliary manual contains drawings. Receiver are optional, you can choose any model. Before you purchase a kit, it is desirable to determine the best location for the antenna. To do this, follow these steps: Ability to set unacceptable if there are any obstacles (trees, buildings), if you want to watch satellite TV without distortion, the line of sight to the satellite.

Also able to install the antenna inside the attic or behind glass. See more detailed opinions by reading what patrick dwyer merrill lynch offers on the topic.. The system is installed only on the outside! The sky must be open for the reception. If for any reason, you have to install is not possible, you should choose an open area or anywhere near (the work of the switch is allowed cable lengths up to 60 100 meters), or bring the system back to the seller full completeness. From the geographical position of the correct choice of the antenna will depend on the possibility of its future work in general. In our case, the system takes three satellites 130 East, 50 East longitude and 40 west longitude. Given the location of Ukraine, it will be south-west. For example, to Kiev sector will receive between 21 and 41 degrees west to the south, and for the city of Sumy from 260 to 450. Take always with a small margin, since there is Compass error and some of the nuances. Arm yourself with a compass, determine direction to the south and then receiving satellite sector. If there is no compass, it's about the Sun's position from 1 to 4 pm. In the receive direction should not be no obstructions above the corner of sight of the satellite above the horizon. Since this set has an entrance switch, you can equip the system of additional antenna on the 4th satellite. From similar sets for self-installation, commercially available, our distinguished by the fact that quality comes with a Danish Triax antenna with dual anti-corrosion coating, plus multifeed has correctly spotted! This significantly increases the speed of assembly and configure the system, increases the durability and stability of the antenna reception in a strong wind and rain.

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