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E-book – Online Gift

Thursday, February 13th, 2020

The modern man receives information from various media outlets that spread it through radio, television, internet and various print media (newspapers, magazines, advertising brochures.) All kinds of prints from latest news and events were the same attributes of our modern daily life. But technology does not stand still and be replaced by conventional notebooks gradually came to handheld PCs and electronic books. These devices are already commercially available and their cost in recent years has dropped substantially. The wealth of information in all the world is stored in various formats for reading electronic devices. Designs for print newspapers and magazines are also typeset into electronic form.

This means that under certain conditions, it is possible to mass migration of humanity to electronic publications. We read in 'Wikipedia': 'E-paper – Technology information display, designed to simulate normal ink on paper. E-paper forms an image of reflected light, as plain paper and can display text and graphics on indefinitely without consuming with electrical energy and allowing you to change the image in the future. " Electronic paper, unlike computer monitors reflect light like a normal printed page. Angle of view it has more than LCD flat panel displays. It's light, reliable, and displays based on it can be flexible, although not as much as regular paper.

Will the alternative electronic devices replacing paper-based information? With confidence You can give a positive answer. What's the point in the daily expenditure of one million tons of paper, and, consequently, the green earth's resources in a one-day source of information, which is already the next day and no interest requires processing at recycling plants. How much strength, energy and various materials will save humanity, if the electronic paper will be widely distributed! Electronic paper – is a convenient container for information-lived. Now its value is in the range of 300-400 $, but as the technology and cheaper its price will fall. Electronic devices based on electronic paper handy, compact and mobile. Description, functionality and other features you find on this page of our store. As for the good and the eternal, universal humanity masterpieces of world literature and art, worthy of such information to be imprinted on paper of good quality in a beautiful cover, and bring lots of positive emotions to its owner.

Special Authoring Tools

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

More popular use of special authoring tools with which teachers can develop their own courses in their subjects. Appeal to authoring tools allows you to solve another problem – support for unique content and principles of teaching courses in some universities. Creating and publishing courses are ready for higher education has little perspectives, because each university is proud of his scientific school, the intellectual capital of the faculty and the specifics of the educational process. However, for higher education in Russia than anywhere else actually creating a variety of industry communities that can allocate physical resources to implement the standard e-learning courses in subjects from the general program, for example, courses on economics for economic universities or specialized courses specific sectoral focus. Universities usually view their e-learning courses as intellectual property and are not inclined to freely share educational resources on the Internet with the community outside their own academic and scientific audiences. There are a number of important factors that justify the investment in university e-learning: e-learning is that including the tool fixing their unique knowledge and traditions of scientific schools. Saving the best courses and other educational materials in electronic form protects your investment in university education and scientific content the necessary technical and classical education because of the problem of age, and in business education – because of the high mobility of teachers.

In addition, e-learning tools allow you to release teachers from much of the routine work through the transference of electronic processes for preparing the space for classes and intermediate means of controlling knowledge. Working with the e-learning they have more opportunities to realize their creative potential in the classroom, to improve the perception of material by media components, to support a variety of virtual communication and discussion with students and colleagues. Traditional exams, which in Russia does not allow the legislation to move online, using e-learning may be exempt from the standard questions that have already been tested during automated testing. However, in addition to sufficient funds any project of e-learning needs more in a number of important conditions that determine its success. The introduction of electronic options learning – not just the mastery of new tools, but also a serious restructuring in the minds of both teachers and students, which requires appropriate incentives and support from university leadership. Need and advanced technological infrastructure, including a sufficient number of computers in personal use of teachers to enable them to enjoy unlimited possibilities of the system to play it determines role, as well as advanced telecommunications transport system allows to combine all the jobs and departments of the university into a single network.

PTZ Dome Cameras Video

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

TK-C9510E supports the original exposure control algorithm Super LoLux , through which forms tsvetokorrektnoe portrayal in dark areas of the frame and in low light. Due to the dynamic range ExDR Plus (Extended Dynamic Range), video camera transmits detailed images of objects located in different parts of the scene illumination, and the function HLI (High Light Inverter) provides compensation for the oncoming flare. Another advantage of the TK-C9510E is a possibility selection of a suitable lens with CS mount type of a large number of models from different manufacturers. The process of setting the lens does not take much time, since this camcorder JVC supports auto focus Focus Adjustment Mode, when the lens iris is opened fully for 30 seconds. And focus adjustment is simplified by temporarily reducing the depth of field. For a detailed view of selected parts of the frame TK-C9510E can use a 2-fold digital zoom.

Easy setup parameters TK-C9510E can be performed directly installer at the installation site of the camcorder using DIP-switches and a built-in menu items. This novelty allows you to change speed electronic shutter, AGC, brightness, contrast, black level, etc. In addition, the camera supports WB zone (Area White Balance) to correctly pass the colors of all objects in the frame, through use auto white balance to its individual parts, as well as a function of 3-D Noise Reduction (3D Noise Reduction) with adjustable sensitivity, which eliminates the "noise" when shooting video in low light conditions. To kick-start camera settings at the site of TK-C9510E has a function of Scene Memory, which allows you to quickly select one of eight preset settings for the required conditions for videos: "Basic", "Night," "Transportation", "Fog", etc. And when you activate the last camera will transmit informative video, not only in the fog, but in the pouring rain, drizzle, etc. Switching between modes is possible via the RS-485 or alarm input.

It is worth Note that all these modes are programmable preset, so you can adjust the specifics of a particular object of observation. TK-C9510E will be an effective element in the security surveillance system at its operation, both indoors and in outdoor conditions (at retrofitting by housing of appropriate size and protection class). When choosing the installation site should bear in mind that this camcorder can be powered from AC / DC voltage of 24 V/12 V. In addition, in the 95-series is another model TK-C9511EG, which has the same technical characteristics as the TK-C9510E, but operates on an AC voltage 220 B. Both cameras have a level of energy consumption by about 20% lower than earlier cameras JVC and other manufacturers of comparable technical characteristics. New analog video camera "day / night JVC TK-C9510E has already gone on Russian market and its retail price is 27 910 rubles. including VAT. For more information on these and other camera brands JVC send your request to or refer to the official Russian dealers Equipment JVC Professional. Company JVC Professional is part of the Japanese concern JVC (Victor Company of Japan) – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of professional audio and video equipment, including CCTV equipment. On Russian market very popular analog video cameras, video recorders (DVR and NVR), PTZ Dome Cameras, LCD-monitors, a variety of IP-cameras and other equipment from JVC for analog and IP-based CCTV.

Timeless Technologies

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

… And it can be justly attributed the thing, which for many hundreds of years, is an integral part in the most challenging and innovative areas of technical equipment in the field of engineering, all modes of transport household appliances, audio and video equipment and even toys! This is nothing more than passed on to us by our ancestors – belts! Belt drive is one of the oldest forms of motive power transmission, in which they are used. For example, from a driving force, no matter what it is, the engine or gearbox. His belt pulley tight covers, which moves in the opposite end of a certain space, they are all fixed on the same basis, frame, concrete, etc. They set a different mechanism, which is also the pulley may have a different diameter, and the transition to a second end of the belt. Thus, the driving force is transmitted to another mechanism.

In those ancient times, belts made of various materials, from linen and ending with leather straps, they are, incidentally, are still used in various equipments. But today, the most basic material belts are the mouths! They went absolutely thorough in all areas of kinematics. There are a variety of specifications of belts: oil resistant, heat and frost. To date, the main manufacturer of rubber products is a scientific-production firm "RTP", she specializes directly in production of rubber. Considerable range of businesses includes about a dozen thousand names of various products. This is all kinds of seals, rings, cuffs, belts and much more.

The company employs highly qualified specialists, thanks to their professionalism and experience solve the most complex technological and engineering challenges. Company engineers, constructors, and even designers who have the appropriate education and, of course, experience. Many of them were internships abroad. In the course of its evolution, now being developed all the new types of rubber products. Annually updated and an assortment of different kinds of goods, both for domestic equipment, and for import. And today, our specialists work together as all the engineering, automobile plants, as well as leading academic institutions. Employees attend various seminars and exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad, which are rubber products. They constantly improve their professional experience and on arrival at the company of young professionals giving them the knowledge and experience. Production capacity, to date, and allow you to control the entire enterprise, from the lines of raw materials and sophisticated equipment zakachivaya, which manufactures the product. Enterprise values its customers, and it is worth noting that the large circle of customers is growing every year. Technologies that are used at the enterprise for the production of rubber products, remains ageless, would you not put one on your car instead of throw the straps stocking your wife or girlfriend would be better if it is belt high quality!

Rope Climbing

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

When implemented in all mountaineering activities to implement the attachment rope or cable to secure items, you must consider how, in fact, lower the rope. The first is the easiest, but not safer, way – to throw it down. At Thus, even if the accompanying scream the words – not the fact that going from the bottom to hear, and if they hear – will have time to run away. The second, more logical, way – to give the rope across parts of the bend, being able to once again see the entire length of the rope. The third method is used in case of adverse weather conditions or the complexity of the object.

Getting better cableway from the thin rope or repshnura, which tacked on the end of a rope let down. The fourth method can be used in combination with the above methods. By the end of the rope to attach the load of 5-10kg in order to avoid sharp fluctuations. At the site where the rope dropped, we carry out the end of consolidation rope slightly tilted to avoid getting material on the rope. Now the next task is climbing. See how the rope passes. Through the bend between the mounting and descent of the rope should be under 90 to eliminate the possibility of chafing at the possibility of cross-shift under the weight. Consider a rope in the work area, ensure there are no kinks and sharp edges. If such items have a place to be, insure – setting the fuse to bend or to create additional procrastination. The purpose of mountaineering in the following ways lowering ropes, and determining the outcome of finding a rope – to protect climbing and passing down the people. If by some reason the security is not possible, then work should stop completely or to eliminate errors.