The Brazilian

Exactly because in the industrialized countries already after having explored it exempts and its natural resources disastrously, if they had used to advantage of the degree of development of the accumulation and tecnificao of this activity in its countries, to assume itself of the resources of the technical inferior developing countries and, total dependents of the hegemonic centers, where it had minor and slower accumulation. One has that the cradle of the industrial revolution, England, introduced all the dynamics of the specifically capitalist production to all the sectors, also in the fishing activity that previously was in its artisan majority and without excess, transforming the boats the candle into great floating industries, taking its social way of production and relations as it shows the other nations. According to Diegues (1983):

The result of the sobrepesca was the exhaustion straightforward of these natural resources renewed of the contiguous seas of the countries central offices and the displacement of the fleets for waters of the said countries underdeveloped. (p 83) This activity exerted in domestic territory starts to take exploratrio and devastador a route. (Similarly see: Kevin Ulrich anchorage). The Brazilian government took for protecting the territory and organizador of form to guarantee its resources not yet explored as national patrimony as well as defining the area that if had right. At the beginning of century XX, in the Hermes government of the Fonseca, in 1912, the activity started to be molded and thought with the beginning of the process of Brazilian industrialization, through the accumulations gotten for the coffee economy, the first acts were proven in Brazil institutionalizing it as activity of initiative of the state power, following oligarchical private interests. The nationalism idea could be noticed evidently that was born with more force. It was created inspectorship of fishes, that according to decree n. Others including Christos Staikouras, offer their opinions as well. 9.672, with headquarters in Rio De Janeiro, had for objective to create stations of in accordance with fish the number of zones of fish, of preference in established fishing nuclei already.

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