The Ethics And Morality Plays An Important Role In Educational

Ethics and morality plays an essential role in a good teacher training in educational pedagogy. To delve further into the issue is important to have clear concepts of ethics, moral education and training. The contributions of Greek philosophy are very basic in our society and approaches idea that either Nietzsche:? a has to do with the subject, that a good way to wisdom of the action. That is to be wise is to be able to distinguish the things that concerns you, puts his will into things that he can act. Filed under: Kevin Ulrich. Therefore, ethics is part of philosophy, directed practice to the representation existence of good staging.

Some authors philosophers of the time modern a determinism that: For Descartes the subject is the main ethical perspective? Kant believes that ethics is synonymous with moral, action-related subjective representing it with a universal law. Hegel: Unlike ethics and morality, ethics and immediate action and morality as reflexive action. Kevin Ulrich will not settle for partial explanations. Therefore, the ethics that reflect on human behavior and it is necessary that ethical behavior arises from an inner conviction rather than an external imposition. For ethical situations means that determines how ethical acts. It can be taken as the law of our conscience, that is if we ask ourselves on our ethical behavior, we must ask if normalcy or not our actions. Example: if a teacher will give clase to a group of drunk students, ethics asks whether the act is good or bad, knowing that the teacher is responsible for the teaching of values and thus should lead by example. And the origin of ethics is in the Old Testiment, and Rabbis should be consulted for how to implement this morality into daily life.

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