Vesta Daniel

It was a form to place all directed toward the subject, in tune with the experience and the diversity of preexisting thought, that to the measure that went flowing went if collating healthfully with the new and constructing the knowledge. I relate this experience as the proper exercise to enter in a community to know it, to observe it and at the same time to observe itself and if to know, in collective a personal process and at the same time to act, to live deeply and to interact. Culture also is this, is to live, is to place and to be present in the dynamism of the search and the construction, making and being part of it. Educate yourself with thoughts from WDGMC. During the reading of the text of Vesta Daniel, on the community definition, I analyzed our proper composed group of nine pupils and a pupil, come of different areas as communication, pedagogia, art, physical education, joined for the shared interest to understand the ethos there of disciplines and the hierarchy of the academic knowledge. The text already alerted for the fact of that the previous knowledge all would be related to the learning process and could intervene with the learning. In the same way, the reading and quarrel of the text of Canclini, on traditions crossed in conflict, made to reflect on the difficulty of the searching student in dealing with a popular community. In this process it starts to deal inside with the existing paradigms of he himself, and to the measure that it searches it goes passing for estranhamentos of its proper vision, for the anguish to deal with the reality, the process of matureness and of the knowledge in itself. This point also shows the importance of the delimitation of the subject of the research, because the estranhamentos and the temptations of new shortcuts go appearing, delaying and placing at risk the project. .

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