Companies Society

Steps I must take to open my own company? In Spain, to create a company enforces lack multiple bureaucratic formalities. The goal of this process is to be duly constituted before the State and your customers and suppliers. There are different formats of company called legal forms. Each legal form requires some different procedures. Although there are many, they can be divided into two General camps. Firstly, the legal forms without its own entity (communities of goods, one-person businesses) require only be registered before the public Treasury. It should register at the i.a.e. and request a number of tax identification in finance.

You can already start the activity. For the other group, societies, the process is somewhat more complex. This is a summary of the steps to follow: 1. choose the name for the society and achieve the certificate of reserve of the Central commercial register. 2. Open an account in a bank on behalf of the future society.

3. In the open bank account each partner must enter the money corresponding to its contribution to the share capital of the company. 4. To carry out the Constitution of the society has to be clear: the name of the society. The identification of partners. Capital and its distribution among partners. The type of management body. Granting of powers. The Statute of Government of the society (the rules that govern its conduct). 5 Comes to sign the deed of Constitution by the notary. 6. Once signed there sign writing in the mercantile registry of the province where it is constituted. 7. Once registered, society must apply for discharge at the i.a.e. and ask the C.I.F. in finance. 8 Take to the Bank copy of the deed of Constitution and its commercial registration certificate to unlock the account and incorporate data from administrators. When you have finished these steps the Bank released the funds, the company may start business. Here you will find more information about how to create a company.

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