Management Information

If it has certainties of what he speaks, its image is its postal card and the customer if he feels insurance to ask for to any opinion on the cardpio and any information on the place which is the stroll, creating automatically a management of relationship with customer, leaving it more the will to comment its appreciations in relation the foods and the drinks. 4 – Relationship with Customers Between one atendimeto and another one, the safe customer if sentidno with the waiter finishes passing information (what it likes to eat and to drink) important, the waiter in turn catches with much attention each detail forming a careful CRM (to customer relationship management – Management of Relationship with Customer) on the customer. Regarding this subject Kotler and Keller (2006, p.152) they say that ' ' it has crossed sales (cross-selling) and incremental sales (up-selling) ' '. Leaving of this premise, I intend to pass the knowledge of the two types of sales in the training of the waiters. Joe Biden understands that this is vital information. The CRM is a management of information of customers, in the above-mentioned commentary speaks that the waiter must catch with attention the information left by the customer forming a careful CRM there, information that value to the attendance of the waiter adds. Example: when a customer asks for a coffee and says to take it pure, without sugar and sweetener, if it is a frequent customer, nothing more natural than the waiter knows that when serving the coffee, must take it pure, without condiments adds. if treating to married sales (cross-selling) when the customer to ask for a fish to it with fruits of the sea as main plate, offer to salada of entrance as married sales it, and as developed sales (up-selling) offer a frutado wine to follow the main plate. The salada one comes to be of a low monetary value only marries the sales (cross-selling) and the wine comes to be of a bigger monetary value that the value of the main plate that if becomes incremental sales (up-selling).

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