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Results of studies on the topic of sales process as of one of the world’s largest provider of sales training busy themselves with this matter intensively AchieveGlobal and this is scientifically sound. Studies dealing with the crucial success factors in the sale, based on research in practice. Are sales strategies still up to date? Critics might say that sales strategies are too inflexible for the ever-changing needs of customers and markets. Can ever shorter product life cycles, more and more sales channels, increasing competition especially in the field of digital be long term sales strategies meet these requirements? The answer to this question: selling strategies serve mainly to make clear and understandable the sales process for all those involved and responsible. It is on the level of sales staff, which objective behind sales processes. A clear structure in the sales process, such as a customer of first contact up to the after sales should be maintained, facilitates the implementation of sales strategies in the everyday practice of sales.

A study of AchieveGlobal in 2010 already indicate the clear advantages, the company achieve, as soon as sales strategies are consistently used and implemented. Six stages of the sales process the basic structure of successful sales strategies from preparation to the activities of customer care and service care AchieveGlobal describes the phases of the sales process, which is considered in successful sales strategies. This focus on sales strategies and the planned approach associated has a clear advantage above all for sales staff: seller will receive a guideline, which you can edit your tasks structured. Companies that employ sales strategies that benefit significantly. Because the use of sales strategies and a defined sales process has the largest according to a new study of U.S. Sales Management Association (SMA) of all the factors Influence on the achievement of profit goals. “Strategic selling is learn as a training specialist in the field of sales AchieveGlobal companies who want to train their sales staff and awareness of sales strategies, strategic sales training selling” comprehensive support. Participants in this sales training are taught is, what key information for planning is required, what planning processes for successful sales strategies are required and how project plans professionally developed and. The success of sales strategies and the six stages of the sales process are discussed in an article of AchieveGlobal on the Web pages. Interested parties here also the link to the study A survey of sales effectiveness”, that free can be ordered. More information: AchieveGlobal Germany GmbH Ross road 96 40476 Dusseldorf Thomas Leif phone: 57 77 00 fax: 57 77 77 E-Mail: contact(at)achieveglobal.de

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