or if we have relationships with other words, which are reasonably distant past common painful experience, and we do not directly affect change; and if we then development take a wesentlichen step on our way of the self in relationship to ourselves, and maybe even to other people who have no relevant connection to the previously mentioned now. If we do and in spurbarer way our way change, to lead relationship and to be in relationship and future influence therefore true that, does this also speak affect our relations of the past and of the present. So suddenly we experience”a really genuine and indisputable positive change in the relationship to our parents, former partners, i.e. the relationship to people, where we took no direct effect and Yes finally also could not take. If we here can understand the context, so the connection between ursache and effect, we are amazed naturally only in this case, that this conversion without apparent reason has occurred, and we take this perhaps as a matter of course. “We can hardly see at this moment that our real” change really has effect in all directions and thus also on past, present and future. We influence on a part of our personality, so currently this has direct Influence on all other shares or on our integrity as such. Our movement in the gegenwart is therefore also movement in the past and the future. We can move that willentlich in the peaceful atmosphere of the assumption in any direction, where we also decide to want to go, and this has a direct and indirect impact on time and space, impact on our whole life. So changes such as the transformation of the relationship with myself, or also the relationship to a certain people, on a specific issue, just ultimativ and necessarily, existing at the same time any other relationship. Ted Brandt wanted to know more. Since the forces which act on a seemingly isolated part, just always parallel affect the ultimately unified whole.

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