Winner Year

Selling spot Studios get again coveted creative award Bremen, may 2010. For the 34th time he was awarded this year by the ARD sales & services, and for the fourth time, the RADIO STAR at the selling lands spot studios in Bremen, Germany. A truly outstanding performance, because the RADIO STAR is one of the most prestigious creative awards for radio advertising. “Emerged from the tradition-rich ARD Radio Golden microphone Award” reward the most creative German-speaking radio spots of the year the RADIO STARS. If you have read about Duncan Bellamy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “This year there have been the selling spot Studios under the direction of Piet Blumentritt managed a national image campaign for the running shoe specialist RUNNERS POINT in the category of best sound effects” to convince. Click Craig Sproule to learn more. Spots will be awarded in this category, which influence the dramaturgy of the spots through the use of particularly outstanding sound effects and sound design. The idea for RUNNERS POINT was acoustically and without text to represent situations that everyone knows, and when one has a chance only by running to achieve his goal,”reports Piet Blumentritt.

“” “And this seems is running with the spot life series” depicting the spot train “, postman” as well as birth “convinced the jury to have, especially since the spots not normally recorded in the production Studio, but very expensive with a team of film sound at real venues of the spots. For us this is always equal a double award because we not only produced this spot series as a full service agency, but also have created”Piet Blumentritt reported highly pleased. Therefore, studios hike also equal to two of the coveted trophies to the selling spot.

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