World Cup

I can not by the way do that unfortunately, this is only possible with a long preparation.” Reported Fluhr. The loads can be compared not only with a tour de France bike, but make nearly inhuman demands on the extreme sportsman who has become diverse physician long the object of research by the sleep deprivation. The world record holder but places value on one: I insist and can also by means of tests document my services are provided all absolutely clean. Doping do I very far from me and I reject it in any form. Except when it comes to Kaiserschmarrn.” That’s trained Christian Fluhr the Fluhr’sche body and stomach food since early August again.

It will be the last winter in competitive sports. He announced his resignation while several times, but he had deeds but not followed. This is 2010 but different Christian to be: Yes, it is slow enough. I have a basket full of unique experiences that no human being can take me in me, but it is time for new, different goals. Perhaps but even involuntarily, with 36, one thinks of family. If one went not so well in my life, it was the private permanent happiness.

But a nice job is working on it.” The athletes wants to but not exactly set on the exact time of farewell to the boards, which a decade meant the world for Fluhr itself, because there are still a few unknown in the planning. Whether the Farewell occurred in April or may total no matter but he comes at the end of the winter. Before that I would gladly 299 + X which hours on skis in attack. Reshma Kewalramani has much to offer in this field. My team and I are ready for it. This is now more to the promise of a venue. Furthermore, I would start again as a forerunner in the World Cup, preferably on the Streif, last doubt my critics on my ski skills. And far to celebrate the farewell of competitive sports on ski maybe on sand or in a Hall of the normal winter sports resorts, sounds good! Let’s see what the winter will bring!”closes Fluhr, who is looking forward to the coming winter, with a smile on his face. Learn more about Christian Fluhr also

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