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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

I want to give you general guidance on how to choose a training course or event that is exactly right for you. This paper describes a general approach to the choice of open trainings. Open training – this is when you accept yourself decision to visit the training activities themselves to pay for it and get a result that has a positive effect on your future life. Why should you apply? To get started is to decide whether you need a general training. What do you want to learn new or interesting, what skills to fix or, conversely, to get rid of something? We must understand that the reasons articulated by the visit, do not always correspond to the true motives underlying the decision. But Still, worth probably describe most often found answers to the question "Why should I apply?" I want to learn something new – really training gives new knowledge, I would like to receive skills – and this is also true. Only life and training give skills.

One may read the books, but unfortunately, they do not important – the experience of using the knowledge I want to get feedback – only the training you can get honest feedback. Just interesting – often the lack of dynamics in the life pushes to attend various events where you can meet interesting people; Additional motivation – once I've paid money for getting new experiences – will be his use. A new circle of friends – noticed that after the training is changing social circle. Solution to their problems – many training sessions and are held to address the problems stated participants. Need for personal growth, perhaps only to themselves, we can answer "why " "why " etc to go beyond the usual – we all live in different part sometimes they just give us trouble. As I mentioned earlier are only part of the motives impelling people to pass training. But it became Unanswered question: how to choose the training? There are several criteria for which is based in choosing the training: first the subject of training – Browse necessarily description Events – create high-quality training title – this is a problem for the coaches.

Therefore, the name may not correspond to the essence. Second coach – depends on it all get you satisfaction new knowledge and skills – it lies entirely within the competence of the trainer. Cost – here you make a decision. If the previous 2 points arranged – you should take action. While you have the Internet, and you can search counterparts in order that would take the right decision – you should try "Better to see once than hear a hundred times." Stories and experiences of people – is one thing, but personal experience – is quite another. Here in the center of a growth factor in the majority of training is a demo – so you could attend the training demo and decide why to me this training, why me this trainer, why should I these people.

Archaeological Museum

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Who would have thought that a person at rest (in a foreign country), leaving on a tip of 10-15 dollars / euros (instead of standard 1-2-x), when you purchase the tour at this very meticulous recreation demanded his saaamy cheaper version of a cheap hotel and saaamy ticket plane Actually, this is typical of Russian, for example, raisin: save as much as possible on the order of tour packages and arrived on the scene, throwing money left and right (often without a special need). Another nuance – among the cheapest Hotels Russians for some reason prefer 3 stars, but the middle of nowhere, instead of B & B, but in downtown seems to be as undignified but to the hotel to get 2 days on deer – is somehow more solid So, let's talk about common sense. That You can also change in his outlook that the quality of recreation – to improve, and the amount of money spent – to reduce? 1) Pick a good B & B in the area where you're going to spend major amounts of time: sunbathing on the beach – means Bed & Breakfast on the coast, visiting the sights of the city – hence, closer to the center, etc. Numbers in them are usually lower or the same as in good hotels that are not known where 2) If you're going on a trip by 4-person, often makes sense to book a hotel instead of an apartment or villa (it depends on the purse of each) – the benefit is obvious – more people, the less you will rent it. In addition, you can greatly save on power: instead of expensive restaurants can be quite easy to cook at home. A visa in this case are available through agencies that provide this service. Often goes even cheaper.

3) Very often in different countries have certain "uniform" as tickets to travel on public transport and at museums and other attractions. For example, in the Sicilian city of Agrigento, one can decently to save on the cost of the ticket, if you take one – in Archaeological Museum and the Valley of the Temples. Kopek penny gained. 4) For the very thrifty, but curious, you can save on trips. How? It's very simple: download guides the place that are going to visit – and or browsing at home, either already in place. 5) And finally: Remember if souvenir traders and support staff rely on what you buy souvenirs / leave a tip for fabulous sum, it does not mean that You must act in accordance with their expectations. The euro as a tip – it is a gift for which you will be grateful. Spend money on yourself, and not on others. You earned them, you them and enjoy:)

Washing Machines

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Repair washing machines requires accurate diagnosis. And the more you tell us about your machine: machine name, the model (it is letters and numbers) in front of the machine, a manifestation of failure, the easier it will have on phone orient you: what work will be produced, in what repairs will result in money and save your and our time. Sometimes customers confidently say the failure of any parts on the ground that such occurrences have been and they have changed their part. Unfortunately, the manifestations may be the same, and the fault to be different parts of the machine. For example, if you do not rotate the drum, the fault may be: dvigatelmodul upravleniyaremen (broke or fell off) jammed the drum due to wear podshipnikov.Poetomu better to provide the master to understand the specific cause of the problem.

But do repair a washing machine or buy new. You will have to decide after the diagnosis. Sometimes, to make repairs impractical because of high costs. And sometimes it's better to renovate, especially if your car will serve you for a long time without repair. It's a sign that you got great copy, but the decision ultimately to accept you.