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Top 5 Restaurants Romantic In Barcelona

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

I decided to make a selection of the restaurants more romantic of the city of Barcelona that we serve as references when you want to surprise someone or simply to celebrate something. I hope to make re-entry and third parties. Il Giardinetto: this local Italian food is the romantic restaurant par excellence. Now a year ago that I won’t and I’ve seen very bad opinions, but the truth is that to me the food from this restaurant always I liked (that Yes, prices are rising too). It is a two-story room with a very soft light and original decor that recreates a garden. In its day it was a FAD award. You can taste in its spectacular risotto or carpaccio of fish, but I recommend to try the pasta. The average price is 40 euros.

The Queen: located just behind the Church of Santa Maria del Mar, the atmosphere is warm and intimate, accompanied by a faint light and red tones that make it special. One of the things that stand out most is the French touch of your kitchen, mixed with Catalan flavours and dishes presented in a very original way. In this restaurant you will find a delicious Terrine of foie gras, venison carpaccio or risotto of vegetables with cream of mushroom (highly recommended). The average price is 35 euros. Tower d high seas: despite its high level of kitchen and, consequently, rather exorbitant prices, only views of this gastronomic viewpoint that allows us to eat in a single framework worth passing, even once, for this restaurant. At 75 meters, it offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

If you’re thinking about impressing someone, do not hesitate to choose this restaurant. You can order dishes like creamy rice with shrimp or herring caviar and grape vinaigrette. The average price is around 80 euros. Blau bcn: a modern and sober, but very cosy and romantic restaurant initially, the jovenencisimo chef Marc Roca had opened the restaurant under the name Blau de Begur Costa Brava, but the success that took your kitchen made you decide to move to the Catalan capital. Excellent Catalan cuisine of the season with a very special touch and a first quality raw material. You find dishes such as Eggplant with foie in the style of Raimundo Gonzalez or suckling pig cooked at low temperature, all for an average of between 30 and 45 euros price. Roig Robi: a landmark in Barcelona because of its elegance and its flawless and intimate terrace. In addition, it gives a very personal touch to Catalan cuisine of high level and their service is more than correct. They include rice and cod dishes, although I must say that this restaurant is for an occasion very, very special, since the price is quite high: more than 50 euros.

The Best Choice In Restaurants Madrid

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Many restaurants madrid are a great proof that Catalan cuisine or the Catalan area in terms of restauranteros services are now very extensive. On the other hand, is more evident the fact that Madrid as such has become more tourism in recent years. It is not always good referencing or enhance more account a target trying to what gastronomic, but it is that in this case it is worth. Because the madrid restaurants enjoy an accommodation within the tourist plans of gastronomy, is the person outside, either be inside. So it is necessary know that one way or another, Madrid has managed to locate all types of gastronomic centres in areas that are very special indeed.

It is not strange to say that Madrid is now a meeting of dishes and interesting tastes which have placed it in the first place of attention in all Spain. And of course; not only benefited Madrid as such, but rather also the region of Catalunya is supported. By another mutual benefit provided restaurants and tourists, is that the mode of see the food has diversified in such a way that it is not possible to conceive of a dish that may not be in the city of Barcelona. In fact, there are those who think that if you visit Spain for eating but not passed by Madrid, the step has been virtually lost. Exaggeration? Maybe. A reality? So.

It is, therefore, that many tourists now speak wonders of culinary Madrid’s attention and not for free. Those terms with a very good implementation of the restaurant concept that has been maintained in the first places of all important lists as attentions Spanish have earned. The training of waiters has been also very important and beneficial. It is clear that the attention has been a place of reference which, of itself, it has been of great help to the entire economy of Spain, specifically for the tourist part. On the other hand, the great way that presents many restaurants of Madrid do some options that can sincerely go far beyond taste mouth and direct care. Now, you can always ask recommendations of experts to visit the best restaurants in madrid. Also a very good variety of classes and names found on the Internet and in other media. By the way, everytime you read restaurants in Barcelona’s category, it can feel very masterful or flattered. This because if necessary, anything that is basic so that attention continue to improve will be without question. Similarly, international meals are known show with great care, and by the way, one can make reservations which will be properly saved according to the seriousness and commitment of the food. And, of course, it cannot be denied that Madrid is very striking.


Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Waters turquoises, fine sand, sunshine almost 365 days of the year and a hotel complex of luxury, on the shores of the Mediterranean. Can you ask more? At Best! Blog believe that little else. And it is the complex of which we speak is an authentic paradise. It is the Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real, which is already part of our exclusive Best catalog! in Spain, which gathers a selection of great hotels with charm and luxury hotels. Atlantis Bahia Real is located in an incomparable spot, near the Natural Park of the dunes of Corralejo, overlooking the islands of Lobos and Lanzarote. Since then, an ideal place to relax and disconnect, lose yourself in the tropical gardens of the complex, enjoy their fantastic swimming pools and the Spa Vital Bay. You can in his tour of Greece to be granted a whim and eat at the most famous restaurant in Athens.

A place where routinely eat rich and famous and where important tam characters such as Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary have tasted their succulent Viands. If you are looking for exclusivity, elegance, distinction, class, and also the best Greek cuisine, more do not hesitate: its luxury restaurants is called Dafne s. This gastronomic Temple, located in the Plaka area, lies exactly in number 4 of the Lysikratous Street. To enjoy their deli, they can plan a getaway with the best professionals. The venue opens daily, from Monday to Friday, from 8 in the evening until 12 o’clock and its dining rooms have capacity for 140 customers: 40 guests in the dining room interior, more exclusive, and 100 guests on the outside. Daphne s is a classic in the truest sense of the word. From its location in the interior of an elegant neoclassical building in 1830, with walls adorned by frescoes, terracotta and ochre tones, up to its menu, based on the traditional food Greek, drawn up during generations and your typical aperitif with a slight Mediterranean touch, its fish and meat are absolutely spectacular.

Don’t need a big budget to travel to Greece if they choose an agency of travel specialist. This luxury has 242 rooms with wonderful views to the sea or the garden, have cable access to the Internet, room service 24 hours, luxurious and comfortable beds and an extensive menu of sheets and pillows. Best! relax in one of the finest hotels with charm of our country. And if you open the appetite, Bahia Real offers us five restaurants that offer a wide and varied cuisine with different environments for each occasion. In addition, a miniclub is available for children with all types of games and daily activities. With this, we have said everything.

Madrid Means Great Food

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Plaza mayor madrid restaurant sector combines a series of very important services around the culinary experience of first level who want their premises to its clients. Why it is one of the options which best reference is having within Madrid dining scene that, undoubtedly, is moving. One (a) can certify the experimental importance since almost all business prospects and some that means leaning under the concepts of the tastiness and the disposal of the clients. On the other hand, good distribution of prices as well as offering a quality service makes us partakers of his great contemporary significance. It is not always necessary to say more than one great restaurant business when people can see for themselves which really means your current consolidation within the zone of restaurants in Madrid.

Starting with the diversity of letters, it is something very positive. On the other hand, each one of the most important options that can be found within this culinary area has no doubt his feeling of large proportions. And most importantly, customers are much more diversified and found something important: variety. Why not should we set aside the Plaza Mayor of Madrid as a restaurateur Center? Simply because it is a carousel of interesting sensations on the palate that are certainly interesting significance. In addition, the food you prefer can be found here without major problems of desubique or prices. For example, we can name first to Asquinina, which offers part of its proposed sea of excellent quality cuisine as seafood category from your friendly name. It is also important to verify your choices of tapas, Spanish cuisine and Galician dishes which, without doubt, invite you to have it in the first place.

Catherine has big things to offer to your audience. Starting because they are in a special season with 30% discount, which certainly can be clients one of the most important culinary plans of the Spanish gastronomic area and of course, Madrid. More dishes renowned Madrid gastronomy and typical have their space in house Orlando. For this reason it is important need in mind to this mode when you want to feel closer to the palate Madrid and it is of great importance when creating references. The Chisquero is an excellent gastronomic restaurant having meat as your main form of choice dishes. Represents an homage to this famous dish that certainly love to many people and that it is always willing to offer with great pomp and circumstance. If gastronomic level areas interest you, remember that the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is certainly one of the more interesting options that can be found within this sector. The Spanish capital wants you to taste it, try it and fit.