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International Monetary Fund Liechtenstein

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Liechtenstein, with 35,000 inhabitants, is a tax haven, a ‘sovereign state’ no tax law, which defends the extreme secrecy and lax regulations for establishing businesses and opaque financial companies over which it exercises no control. On behalf of the sacrosanct market and financial freedom. The tiny Liechtenstein has become a financial haven for terrorists of ETA, Al Qaeda and the like. Since tax havens also Gibraltar, Andorra, Switzerland and Monaco. All in old Europe, of course. Thanks to an instruction from the Court of Spain (Jurisdiction facing crimes of terrorism), we know that the terrorist organization ETA has bank accounts and investments in Liechtenstein.

Terrorists get money extorting Spanish businessmen. If anyone refuses to pay, he was assassinated. This complicated nature of financial intrigue Liechtenstein appears in reports the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and investigations National Court cited. An accomplice is one who, without being the author of offense, cooperates in their perpetration of acts or omissions not essential. The IMF reports that Liechtenstein is an area ripe for money laundering. ” It must be true when “90% of companies registered in Liechtenstein has no commercial activity.” That blackness is evident financial results of operations known Spanish police. In the so-called “Operation David” was discovered a marriage of the Medellin Colombian drug traffickers and Galician using Liechtenstein banks to finance the charter of vessels and transporting cocaine from Colombia to Spain.

Globalization And Capitalization

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Hykaro de Sousa Brgido Landmarks Allan Gonalves de Araujo the present work will intend to approach the processes unchained, for the wave that reaches the world, the globalization, focando the studies in the provoked changes, in the provincial regions northeasterns, having as example the region of cariri, or to be more necessary the triangle to crajubar. They will be debated and rank in you analyze some of its dynamic as well as processes that say respect the opening of ways so that they happen, with this will focaremos a boarding on the displacement of the great industries for the localities in the interior and the main reasons who explain such displacement, also analyzing aspects of ambient degradation. With some you analyze done in bibliographical research of authors as, Saints, Ianne and Bauman as well as field comments, it are done an inquiry on implantations and sedimentations of industries in the Cariri as the Grendene, extending a critical vision that comes to make possible plus a vein of agreements debates of the configurations that understand the space of the interior northeastern, thus organizing, an understanding of the existing arcabouos in already, badly implemented globalization, that appears in this space with its macrostructures agricultveis multinationals, marks in modern and global molds come back the exportation and among others situations; all this process is orquestrado by facilitations of the structures politics. It little has more than sixty years the world if it found made use to develop a new form to interact in global direction, fact that obtains, but this process only says respect to some aspects of the life human being, as the consumista union and industrial dinamicidade between continent. For it brings of the globalidade, it exists a series of processes that make to exist these characterizations and amongst them Milton Saints comes to elencar ' ' unicity technique the convergence of the moments, the deceased only, the violence of the money and informao' ' amongst others; they are processes that had come having an enormous one perfectioning during the period postwar period and everything in favor of the capitalism. .

Wild Capitalism

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

The express civilization for the wild Capitalism and the individualism; the nature, by means of the woman. The nature is based in the theory of Rousseau defends that it as being a space not corrupted for the man, therefore ideal. Other boardings will be: the working exploration, the submission, the movement feminist and interdiscursividade with the story ' ' The spindle, the shuttle and agulha' ' , of the Grimm Brothers. In 3 chapter, we will work the story ' ' Between the sword and rosa' ' , the tram treats to problematic authoritarianism x submission, but in a relation branch office. The princess becomes warlike running away from a marriage for imposition of its father. Here, we will make aluso to the history of the lendria Joana D? arc, the devoted girl who turned warrior and fought for its native land.

How much to the writer, we can say that its production is of extreme and only importance for literature. With its sensitivity and perception, it obtains to reach children, young and adults. It works social and human subjects through stories of fairies. It acts in the imagination and the unconscious one of the readers, always despertando the conscience, moving its paradigms and vises of the world. 1. MARINA COLASANTI AND WONDERFUL the 1,1 Aspects that delimit stories of Marina Colasanti? subjects and styles.

Colasanti marina uses elements that enclose the infantile public in such a way, how much the adult public. Everything what seems restricted to the infantile universe, in the truth, possesss a symbolism, loading a net of occult, essential directions for the life of the humanity. It makes use of called literature ' ' Maravilhoso' '. In accordance with Selma Calasans Rodriguez, ' ' Maravilhoso' ' it is a term derived from ' ' Maravilha' ' , that it comes of Latin ' ' Mirabilia' '.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

There are many forms of travel, from most common historic cars, hotelier or knot up to the more adventurous travel backpacking, passing through rural tourism, camping, sports mini-trips or excursions to the montana or the desert. In addition to all these options, Marrakech offers another way, more human and supportive, of traveling: solidarity or cooperation travel to a developing country’s development that requires international collaboration to tackle its serious problems. Cooperation trips or philanthropic trips are intended to help people overcome their difficulties of survival and improve their everyday situation. The Moroccan economy, developing, depends on the income from tourism (about 7.5 million tourists in 207) which, however, not always revert to a substantial of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged improving crucially (those / ACE whose per capita income does not reach the national average of 1,673 euros a year). The United Nations promote tourism cooperation and emphasize the positive impact that this type of tourism has so much in the / traveller/a as in host communities. Education is one of the most important areas of cooperation between UNESCO and Morocco, where the figures are stark: 44.4 of population over 15 years old are illiterate, only 60 per cent of children entering nurseries and only 11% of the population reaches higher education (University u other). Given that public administrations efforts are insufficient, there are associations and private benefactors who are dedicated to helping youth get adequate schooling. Most of them offer scholarships, accommodation, free courses or assistance for their eventual entry into the labour market as well as the financing of educational material, transportation or even food. In addition to education, other hotbeds of implementation of assistance of private partners and associations exist whose aim is the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable and needy. Fundamentally, there are two sectors which concentrates the efforts of these institutions: the health and infrastructure, which often are closely linked.

Timeless Technologies

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

… And it can be justly attributed the thing, which for many hundreds of years, is an integral part in the most challenging and innovative areas of technical equipment in the field of engineering, all modes of transport household appliances, audio and video equipment and even toys! This is nothing more than passed on to us by our ancestors – belts! Belt drive is one of the oldest forms of motive power transmission, in which they are used. For example, from a driving force, no matter what it is, the engine or gearbox. His belt pulley tight covers, which moves in the opposite end of a certain space, they are all fixed on the same basis, frame, concrete, etc. They set a different mechanism, which is also the pulley may have a different diameter, and the transition to a second end of the belt. Thus, the driving force is transmitted to another mechanism.

In those ancient times, belts made of various materials, from linen and ending with leather straps, they are, incidentally, are still used in various equipments. But today, the most basic material belts are the mouths! They went absolutely thorough in all areas of kinematics. There are a variety of specifications of belts: oil resistant, heat and frost. To date, the main manufacturer of rubber products is a scientific-production firm "RTP", she specializes directly in production of rubber. Considerable range of businesses includes about a dozen thousand names of various products. This is all kinds of seals, rings, cuffs, belts and much more.

The company employs highly qualified specialists, thanks to their professionalism and experience solve the most complex technological and engineering challenges. Company engineers, constructors, and even designers who have the appropriate education and, of course, experience. Many of them were internships abroad. In the course of its evolution, now being developed all the new types of rubber products. Annually updated and an assortment of different kinds of goods, both for domestic equipment, and for import. And today, our specialists work together as all the engineering, automobile plants, as well as leading academic institutions. Employees attend various seminars and exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad, which are rubber products. They constantly improve their professional experience and on arrival at the company of young professionals giving them the knowledge and experience. Production capacity, to date, and allow you to control the entire enterprise, from the lines of raw materials and sophisticated equipment zakachivaya, which manufactures the product. Enterprise values its customers, and it is worth noting that the large circle of customers is growing every year. Technologies that are used at the enterprise for the production of rubber products, remains ageless, would you not put one on your car instead of throw the straps stocking your wife or girlfriend would be better if it is belt high quality!