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Edge Accounting

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

She is of if analyzing that the accounting of costs, properly said, mensura and tells related financial information to the acquisition and to the consumption of resources of organization, supplying information in such a way the managemental accounting how much for the financial accounting. Of the financial accounting, that is limited by generally accepted the countable principles, it has restriction of the recognition of the prescription and in the mensurao of the cost, as well as, of the types of item that are classified as active, passive or equity in the patrimonial rocking. Whereas in the managemental accounting it does not have restriction of these principles, therefore its focus mainly is directed to the internal public and the managers, manipulators of these information, that are each time more worried in sharing them with its suppliers and customers. It is evident that in the present time and inside of the increasing bombing of information, the paper that must be traced by the accounting of costs it cannot leave of side to the managemental accounting, of a time that the great mass of external customers demands quality in the placed products the sales, at the same time where the sensitivity of accountants are demanded in the use of the requested countable information for the managers. (As opposed to Nissan). Complement, still, that the success of the managemental accounting is in the measure where has an improvement in the decisions taken for the managers who have the ownership of the countable information, therefore is not enough to know the cost of each fraction, more most important it is to know to place with bigger efficiency and effectiveness its value in the demanded necessary measure. E, for the entrepreneur, one of the best alternatives for the verification of its performance is through the well-taken care of had one in the attainment of its profit as only measure that in such a way relates its managemental responsibility in the attainment of the sales of its services or products, how much in the formation of its costs. The best alternative can be verified, in this ticket, that stops the effective analysis of its internal managemental performance, is from the mensurao of its segment of distribution, being that for this analysis and, not so custosa as ABC techniques, are to the use of the Edge of Contribution Unitria or Total, that is one of the most powerful and less dispendiosas tools for taking of decisions, of a time that the entrepreneurs if come back toward this technique and if they consider to adjust it, what he is perfectly possible. I will not extend myself in search of the detailings of these adjustments. Caesars Entertainment often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In a next article I will say more specifies technical and on them.


Friday, February 17th, 2017

These African countries never they came to eliminate the market economy to replace the one scheduled. In these three cases the ex-prosovieticos decided to legalize their old opponents armed and compete in elections. The Angolan MPLA and FRELIMO became parties which remained continuously in power but in the style of the PRI Mexican allowing the creation of a new business class native and multi-party elections. In Castro’s Cuba, he wanted to keep the monopoly of power in the hands of the single party and the ruling elite to draw its power of management of public companies instead of having their own private businesses. However, as the regime encourages joint ventures and private investment must be emerging local entrepreneurs (as there are today and so hard in Red China). Castro has sought to diversify its economy and let foreign companies acquire properties or establish joint ventures with the State. One of the key sectors initiate them in that rotation has been tourism and hospitality, but also spread to factories and chemico products.

It has because let a part of its economy is dollarized and that his plan is altered with strong elements of market. Castro wanted to emulate the rotation of Viet Nam and China that kept the Communist party dictatorships but opening their markets. In such cases the Communists committed themselves to use their labor influence to avoid strikes, while their populations told them that we had to work around those companies to lift the economy. Many investors have been able to take great advantage of it. However, while USA has shown great enthusiasm for investing in China and Viet Nam (despite the dozens of Americans who perished under his bullets) in Cuba (as in the case of North Korea) Washington maintains a hostility. The U.S. embargo has not sunk to Castro. Rather, it has allowed appear as a hero of national sovereignty and search for new links.


Sunday, September 7th, 2014

The Problem of the Research The increasing interconnection of the markets capitals, propitiated for pressures of deregulation of the segment banking and impelled by the technological advances and the development of new products, cause, on the other hand, one more good allocation of resources, in view of that a bigger number of investment alternatives becomes available the economic agents. Of this form, deficit surplus and agent agents in diverse parts of the globe can interact in more efficient way, with little legal barriers and lesser operational difficulties to effect transactions. Of another side, however, new factors of risk appear, a time that if increases the degree of decurrent sophistication of the introduction of new financial products and of the proper dynamics of the market. Thus, the easiness and the rapidity of the flows of capitals imply greaters risks for the financial system as a whole, in result of bigger possibility of that an event, initially restricted to some institutions it causes a sistmica crisis, that is, it causes losses that affect the financial segment all. A time that the financial system is formed by institutions that if strong find ones to the others atreladas, problems with a participant of the market can quickly spread and cause generalized damages, spreading over diverse institutions and being able to at risk put the credibility of all the financial market. 1,2 Formularization of the Problem In this context, regulating participants of the market and agencies, searching protection against losses, come developing and fomenting the use of mechanisms for the management of risks. Amongst these mechanisms, the contracts of derivatives? ‘ ‘ Opes’ ‘ – they appear as agile and flexible instrument for the transference of risk, allowing that economic agents can adjust its wallets of investments in accordance with its profile of risk and its availabilities of resources. Of this form a business decision must be analyzed with the concern to generate a financial impact positive, considering the efforts of the organization in the allocation of risk in optimized way..

International Monetary Fund Liechtenstein

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Liechtenstein, with 35,000 inhabitants, is a tax haven, a ‘sovereign state’ no tax law, which defends the extreme secrecy and lax regulations for establishing businesses and opaque financial companies over which it exercises no control. On behalf of the sacrosanct market and financial freedom. The tiny Liechtenstein has become a financial haven for terrorists of ETA, Al Qaeda and the like. Since tax havens also Gibraltar, Andorra, Switzerland and Monaco. All in old Europe, of course. Thanks to an instruction from the Court of Spain (Jurisdiction facing crimes of terrorism), we know that the terrorist organization ETA has bank accounts and investments in Liechtenstein.

Terrorists get money extorting Spanish businessmen. If anyone refuses to pay, he was assassinated. This complicated nature of financial intrigue Liechtenstein appears in reports the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and investigations National Court cited. An accomplice is one who, without being the author of offense, cooperates in their perpetration of acts or omissions not essential. The IMF reports that Liechtenstein is an area ripe for money laundering. ” It must be true when “90% of companies registered in Liechtenstein has no commercial activity.” That blackness is evident financial results of operations known Spanish police. In the so-called “Operation David” was discovered a marriage of the Medellin Colombian drug traffickers and Galician using Liechtenstein banks to finance the charter of vessels and transporting cocaine from Colombia to Spain.


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

To operate these reservoirs without the unitizao would introduce conflicts and if it would lose the power to determine the excellent rhythm of> exploration. The unitizao implies in previously making the accurate sizing of the discovered reservoirs, what it demands a campaign of soundings in the contiguous areas not yet bid on. The new regulation foresees the possibility of previous evaluation for the ANP, that already is negotiating with Petrobra’s the conditions for the unitizao of Tupi and Iara, being that in this last one, certainly, the reservoir extravasa the bid on area. Probably, the same it will be necessary in Carioca and Guar, Jupiter, and others. It is important to observe that the unification of the operation of contiguous reservoirs can be recommendable for other reasons that the simple conflict of cultivates.

It is that the joint exploration of next reservoirs (pooling), despite not linked, mainly in high-sea, it can reduce logistic costs and maximize resulted. It is enough to observe the map of the daily pay-salt in the Basin of Saints, to see itself that it has innumerable chances, beyond Tupi and Iara, due to proximity, of joint operation of reservoirs, sharing infrastructure, and minimizing investments and costs. In the truth, it is not impossible that all this cluster comes if to transform into a great partnership between all players involved, had to the great logistic difficulties and the proximity of reservatrios.4) Because NEP (Petrosal)? The new state-owned company Petrosal approximately follows the model of the Petoro Norwegian, who is not an operting company and has for basic objective to represent the government in the trusts created to manage different contracts of allotment in the Norwegian oil. The Petrosal, in the same way, will represent the Union in the trusts, regimen of allotment, by means of accompaniment of the activities in the area of E& P, in special the production cost.