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Colombian State Army

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

They have strategically evolved in the specific case of FARC – towards the movement guerrilla warfare, such and as happened with the Salvadoran guerrillas, although due to the policy of democratic security this group retreated back towards the guerrillas but adapted to the circumstances of the conflict by what its strategy is for the redeployment of their frontsapplying a newly developed mobility tactic.(17) Both the FARC and the ELN are trying to adapt tactically to become mobile guerrillas very well trained, knowledgeable about the field and fighting through rural terrorism, which is not another thing that inflict the most damage possible to the enemy, in the shortest time and with the least loss and obtaining a greater commercial deployment. Finally it can be stated that the Colombian guerrilla movements achieved in very precise stages, huge and almost unlimited powers of pressure and intimidation on the society and the Colombian State, situation that changed radically in the last decade, which is a sample of the cyclical in that the internal Colombian conflict, clarifying that in no time they were able to achieve a superiority or a military or tactical balance has becomewhich in turn also allowed them to get to owning a representativeness of the legitimate aspirations of the policies of the majority of the Colombian population. In other words, his public prominence was due, above all, to its enormous power of intimidation. Erich Saumeth C. Copyright 2010 7.LISTADO guerrilla Colombian historical groupings – A.D.O: self-defense Obrera – F.A.R.C-EP: forces armed revolutionary of Colombia Ejercito del Pueblo – E.L.N: National Liberation Army – E.P.L: people of Liberation Army – E.R.G: Army Revolucionario Guevarista – M-19: moving April 19 – E.R.P: Ejercito Revolucionario del Pueblo – P.R.T: revolutionary workers party – C.R.S: Socialist renewal current – J.E.G.A: movement Jorge Eliecer Gaitan – M.A.Q.L: movement armed Quintin Lame – C.R.F: Southern front Ricardo Franco command – E.R.I.C.A: Army Republican independence of the Atlantic coast. .

Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

I suggest that you look not inclined to only follow the step #3 since even if your results are good, you will be surprised at who you will become if you follow all the steps in the order that tells you. Are you ready? STEP #1) agree that fear is a normal response to your personal development, in other words, everytime you want to grow, that you want to make an important decision, you want to get out of your place of comfort, feel afraid since it wants to protect yourself from the unknown. STEP #2) Keep a journal of hits with a section devoted to your fears in this newspaper, make a list of your fears. When you think in your goals, do that fears you get to your mind? make a list of them (fear of rejection, failure, take risks, etc.) and choose one of them to focus each week. Answer these questions about the fear you chose: to) what has cost you this fear? That things today don’t have in your life because of this fear? (b) how would your life if this fear did not exist? (c) what would be the worst thing that can happen if you take action despite this fear?…can you live with the consequences? (d) what is the best thing that can happen if you take action despite this fear? The answers to these questions will give you a clear indication of whether you must control your reaction to fear or let it steal your dreams. Follow me so far? Then continues with step #3) feel the fear and do it as you want do by reason? You answered in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt when she said: You gain strength, courage and confidence in yourself each time that you stop and look fear in the face. You should do what you think you can not do.

Importar To Export

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

If You Want To learn Importar To export You follow These Steps If you will be considering to work in Importation and Exportation, is most likely that you were to the search of programs on the form to matter and to export. You saw probably many courses on-line, many facultieses and university where you are capable to compromise its time and money. This article will go to supply a step by step easy instruction regarding as to import and to export the products that you are thinking. We go to start of the start: Anote its objectives, to give this how much possible so including step, as the amount of money that you need to generate, the hour whom it needs to operate, trips, house, the life conditions. Liste honest its strong and weak points, with regard to its weaknesses.

He has in mind if you cannot make it, you you will be capable to pay somebody for this. Pense on the item that you need to matter or to export. Decida on the structure of company. Only operator, partnership, corporation. Many times are recommended to say with a lawyer and an accountant. Comece its plan business-oriented, including: executive plan, monetary information and of comprovativos documents. It starts with an sketch and it shows to some business-oriented people who you trust so that they can offer a honest opnio. De name its organization, nothing much nonsense, has in mind that is better a name with a clear perception of what you make.

Prepare its environment of Decida work on its distribution and storage of merchandises and if had or and if you will not be working with item for ‘ ‘ Drop Shipping’ ‘ Faa Card-of-visit to Comear its analysis of the market Fale with: Load agent, banker, accountant, customs broker. Escolha if you will be exporting, import or both I am cliente of that this process can be difficult, but am with these steps on as importation and exportation stops to prevent lacks of details that can be crucial. to Analisar given in what it says respect to the nation that you to be considering to export or to matter. Anlise of transport alternatives Descubra possibilities on subsidies Localize the suppliers. Certifique of looking at for all the agreements with its lawyer.


Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Collaborates in many newspapers and magazines: ABC, Araucaria, Heliopolis, Insula, coast, El Pais, village, South, Trilce in 1987 the city of Nerja Nerja stepchildren appoints Francisco The Giner de los Rios and his wife Maria Luisa Diez Canedo for showing so much love and dedication to Nerja. His work made day. Poetry: 1934-1952 (1953) puts before us a very complete picture of its creation until that moment, in the following years will publish new collections and loose poetry. In May 1940 he published the living branch, which takes a very enthusiastic foreword by Juan Ramon Jimenez. With its constant burning – tells us the poet of Moguer-cross fire of loa eternal love. Francisco Giner of the Rios(que fortuna.) (Whole ausente, hardworking and free, which today carry your name who takes him!) a young poet, whose inner life, beautiful Spanish Carnation in tight Ember, explodes with language of true poetry and true love, only possible for our deaf life redimidora. These juvenile verses were, in part, written before the exile of the poet and published in Mexico. First passion and faith Romancerillo saw the light in 1941.

In 1948 he published los Laureles in Oaxaca. Later you can see light poems Mexicans (1958), crying with Emilio Prados (1966), Elegies and Spanish poems (1966), by Algarrobo and el Tabo, with the lights of Valparaiso (1980) and draft’s new year (1986), along with his wife Maria Luisa Diez-Canedo translated to the Byzantine Empire of Norman H. Baynes. And as said poet who suffered the bitterness and the loneliness of exile but who was never beaten in their love of Nerja: me not take air / me or steal the rose / me or escondais the sky. / On a mount of Spain / I want to see them again. Francisco Arias Solis the world is our homeland, our brethren those who defend freedom everywhere (sentence of Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.