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American Kenneth Johnson

Monday, April 21st, 2014

This correspondent must have been inspired by the American Kenneth Johnson (n.1942), author of man Nuclear, a successful series of 1970s television. Looking at how other countries television is handled, Channel 13 and TN, not invest to deliver a worthy product to the Viewer. They simply reproduce what the news from other countries put on their screens. It does not stop surprising the little ball that politicians and officials give to journalistic criticism. One another out to make statements as to disguise that in this country, democracy is an Entelechy. Today journalism is more innocuous than the comment of an economist.

And to make matters worse the justice galvanizing to the Central power if some uninhibited journalist comes up with questioning the Government, so much promises and what little complies. To media (des) information whether graphics, radio or television, are not one questioning of both ethical as moral when they interview the dishonest politician, corrupt official, a businessman and unionist bully. In change, they barely hear the work of a writer, the discovery of a researcher or what really lives in hospitals, schools or other sites where overflowing the marginalized and the excluded. In terms of radio journalism, created an elite group of notables who have built their kiosks reading the newspapers. Until I listened to a trees Lady discuss with an interviewee questioning the statements that the guy made to another medium. Easy going.

These radial vedettes, many times not warming to recognize the source, charge a fortune for the simple fact of reading newspapers. A money that the authors of the notes will not perceive or in the best of dreams. Call a radio to complain is a useless effort. Most of the drivers are not responsible for anything. They only open phone lines to fill their spaces. The radio sports programs have people that not only kills the dictionary but shreds to technicians, players and umpires, not being on the Court, but watching the game on television. A nasty attitude towards a beautiful profession and hurting people in their sporting activity. It is that if I have to make a film critics seeing the film for the cable. It is worth mentioning the situation that occurs in the Interior where the media are dying harassed by a provincial power that silence to make what you crave. So nobody affect them their chaos. The provincial Kinglets treat that any rabbit the galley does not escape them. Never make him a goal against. To do this they have become owners of news media. All pa me nothing pa vos. According to comments from those who know the cloth, the Governor of Salta, a product of renewal dirigenciales, has in his house a majolica with the provincial shield, which sent him to do with money from the State Treasury. For its part puntano sultan will continue paying advertising so that all the Argentines are aware: who governs San Luis is a genius. But will you not talk of democracy because get you such rash that no antihistamine that is removed. The buchona Wikileaks revealed that Argentine journalism is, in its vast majority, living an existential cloud, where the profession has been buried by kiosks, shops, pharmacies and other types of businesses that are those that allow maintaining the Tome. How many mailboxes Swallows an Argentine throughout his life? The day that I die I, by the autopsy we will know that I intoxique cause of a chronic lack of information. Life is a photocopy. Original author and source of the article.

Niche Market

Monday, April 21st, 2014

A niche market is a small segment of the population with specific needs that need to be addressed. It is formed by a group of people interested in certain services or products which do not find satisfaction in the overall market. We can say that the Group of people who want something are forming a niche market, example: the Group of people who want to lose weight. The Group of people who wish to start a business on the internet. The Group of people who want to quit smoking etc.

In the majority of cases these small groups not to attract the attention of large employers and end up being completely neglected… It is very important to take into account your preferences, skills, talent or will your hobbies when you’re at the stage of researching and choosing your niche market, so your work be more motivating and pleasant. Not all niche markets are profitable, but obviously among the most profitable: the market for health and exercise: people who want to lose weight, gain of weight, beauty, natural products, alternative medicine, etc. The market for making money on the internet: business online, MLM, affiliate programs, work from home, etc. The market for tools to create web sites: Hosting, autoresponder, Conference Hall, creator of videos, etc.

SAP Business One Invitation

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

init consulting presents SME SAP software SAP business one Ingolstadt 28.04.2010. The SAP partner init consulting AG business one for the online presentation of SAP invites all interested parties of the SAP ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises SAP: SAP business one live in the system a, which will be held on April 29, 2010 from 14: 00. One presentation within the framework of the one-hour SAP experienced SAP experts, the init consulting the SAP ERP system for small businesses and provide information about the SAP business one price cost. SAP business one price and the SAP business one cost will also help answer business one implementation or SAP like SAP during and after the SAP business one training for the SAP accounting program. The possibilities of extension SAP of Add-ons of the goods management system SAP are medium-sized businesses within the SAP presentation shown by the SAP consultants of the init consulting. The ERP software is powerful, user-friendly and extendable.

Specially designed to meet the needs of small and cut to medium-sized companies, SAP supports init companies in optimizing their business processes as well as in improving the profitability ratios. The ERP solution offers fast access to business data and integrated transparency of SAP business one is an affordable, integrated ERP software for small and medium-sized companies from 10 employees in the fields of retail, wholesale, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and services. With the help of ERP software SAP business one can also branches, customers and suppliers of companies without another group be integrated into the existing computer structure. The ERP software SAP one includes a variety of accounting and financial management functions such as chart of accounts, journal entries, parked bookings, recurring transactions, exchange rate of foreign currencies, financial reporting, budgeting, profit center accounting, automatic payments. In addition, the ERP software offers several other features that the SAP partner init consulting within the framework of the SAP Presentation shows.


Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Increased short-time work and numerous layoffs have brought many families in financial difficulties. Thanks to this development, the gold buying industry experiencing a Renaissance! The financial crisis has far-reaching consequences for financial companies such as banks, funds or investment companies. Depending on progresses this crisis but, even more average Joe concerns you”. Many companies send your employees in short-time working, cancel contract workers or refuse to extend fixed-term employment relationships. The consequences of these actions are also missing unfortunately more and more often in addition to unemployment prospects and massive money problems.

As in every crisis, there are also companies that will benefit from this development. So-called gold buying companies these days offer your services. Almost on every corner and countless shops will be offered cash for gold and silver. However, great care must be taken in many of these deals. The majority of these companies offers a fair purchase price.

The business seems to run so well that even completely against company as souvenir shops, Shoemaker, source shops and even some small food markets your business with the purchase of gold, have expanded. Research has shown that these unspecialized companies earn very good money with the new won and especially unsuspecting customers. Usually is offered only a fraction of the real value and thus the customer completely over the table! Not often used in the ignorance or the acute financial difficulties. You should never sell gold to the next best purchaser of gold around the corner but basically perform the exact purchase price comparison. A reputable company will be happy to submit a written purchase offer and explain how the proposed purchase price was calculated. Financial difficulties should be the reason for the sale of jewelry or coins, a special price comparison is recommended. Test sales of a well-known Hamburg newspaper showed that the purchase price for up to 200 euro can vary even with a single strap. A very extreme example of this test has revealed that a small jewelry heritage with a realistic value of 2,500 euro partially only 900 euro was assessed. In principle, the exact selection of a reputable company so is recommended. Especially beware of the proposed transparency and ask for references in your friends or acquaintances.

State Statistical Office

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Unchanged strong, demand is information property buyers for housing in Brandenburg capital Potsdam. In the first quarter of this year following numbers reported by the real estate service of Immoscout24: for single-family homes, only 494 offers faced a demand from 1341. Ranging from condos, offering with 662 objects was slightly higher, with the demand with 864 was not quite as pronounced. The figures show but very much, so the real estate expert Hauke Hillmer, Potsdam more and more among the sought-after property locations. It becomes even more evident when considering the rental market which is characterised by increasing demand for years, according to HAL Hillmer, what with the new leases already 12 euro/net/cold to beech suggests. If Additionally the latest figures of the State Statistical Office are considered, the Potsdam projected a population increase from now approximately 150,000 inhabitants to 180,000 over the next 20 years, is clear that huge construction effort is needed to build sufficient housing. Therefore, Mayor of Jann Jakobs (SPD) wants to introduce from 1 October rent ceiling for the around 17,000 municipal apartments.