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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

1 INTRODUCTION the paper of the leader and its style of leadership are basic to develop and to influence the Organizacional Climate. It contributes for the motivation of the team, passes confidence for the company and the feeling of valuation of the employee conquered through respect and credibility. Therefore a good leadership passes to organization a quality in its products and services, but also the leader has that to have the quality of the relationship, communication and integrated work of its employees. The leadership is necessary in all the types of organization, mainly in the companies, where a good leadership can generate satisfaction in a group of people as, one me the leadership can generate the separation of the same ones. Therefore it is on to one influences interpersonal, that she modifies the behavior, this must be directed to increase the satisfaction in the conquest of determined goal and reduction of the risks. This research allows to know the process of management of the companies, the great paper of leader in the organization, beyond opening canals and possibilities for the accomplishment of future research, getting and to repass information that contribute to extend the knowledge on the leadership in the organization to show a mechanism capable to harmonize the necessities of the individuals with the requirements of the organization. After a confrontation of different interests the consequncia most immediate is the conflict. For the fact of the people if to relate with other people with values, different beliefs, knowledge, experiences and objectives, the conflict is a waited result that it does not have to be prevented, but yes managed. 2 CONFLICTS BETWEEN 2,1 LEADERS AND LED CONCEPT OF CONFLICTS the Conflict is a definite and recognized process as characteristic of the human being. The main reason for this factor is the Human being to be integrated in a system of Inter-relations.

As Anecdote Rate Intellect

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

When breaking down our society in terms of the science of humor and jokes in general in particular, it is, by definition, splits into two groups not equivalent: the storytellers and listeners of jokes. And the first: pets, which is worn on the hands, all the wisdom that is contained in a special memory for anecdotes and their ability to speak, and others – greedy, students, all of whose function lies in the fact that they have to laugh at the right place. God forbid, if you do not understood anecdote, with no sense of humor you will not survive. The thinner you have these things indefinable sense than the mysterious laugh your anecdotes about the abstract, the higher you climb in the unwritten table of ranks. God forbid that require explain the joke, he forever will get to a walking anecdote. More. Select circle of society and determines its election not to bright people who are out there spinning, not the richness of the interior, not by public fury debate, and the subtleties of those jokes that it tells.

Somehow unnoticed formed and entrenched in society, a curious phenomenon spouting anecdotes lover, ready to regale the crowd favorite with new and new portions of this product. You probably had to deal with it, incredibly tormented all night, trying to say a word, trying to steer the conversation to another topic. Where are there. This evening will now be hopelessly flawed, filled to the brim with a single theme. And the only reason for existence of the retelling is a lover of fresh, unknown way by caught his tongue works of Russian folklore. AND Let the product will be pastries and rich, vivid and unexpected, but the lips of an annoying acquaintance for some reason it does not have the desired effect, quickly forgotten, fades and does not bring to the expected success. And the reverse. Suddenly, in a serious conversation in terms of business enters a single anecdote, but a strong impression it leaves.

What a surprise it gives a touch of academic discourse, what a friendly and affectionate atmosphere is created. Not have you noticed any significant moment gives exactly matched, well narrated and the place being said cool anecdote. And what an awkward pause creates an inappropriate, not intended for specific audiences, not tested anecdote. Not to mention how ugly impression leaves a greasy anecdote! What the real connoisseurs of anecdotes suddenly revealed today, a well-deserved fame burden they bear in entertainment!? You would only looked at the face of this 'expert' in the memory of which is laid a few thousand modern anecdotes, he lined up the cycles. You have marveled at the rate of reaction – each episode you mentioned, 'expert' throws right ten suitable anecdotes. If the literary component of modern anecdote still is not too great, the intellectual claims to be the dominant role in advanced circles. We shall not reach a frenzied passion in his anecdotes to what is necessary to begin learning a new subject in school? Do you want or not want, but anecdote is an important indicator of maturity, mind, intellect, logic, taste, knowledge of historical details? After sorry for the same person who will be in the role of an outcast, if he does not meet the level of understanding of contemporary jokes.