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Reykjavik Marathon

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

There we inform you of the possible paths that could go and we decided on the 3 kilometer route that leads to the foot of the waterfall Svartifoss, famous for their spectacular columns of basalt. Trekking that leads to the cascade without a doubt worth it though it should be prepared for rain, which is frequent companion in this area. From Skaftafell Park the most interesting adventure activities are organized by the Vatnajokull glacier. Among them, we opted by climbing the highest mountain in the country, Hvannadalshnukur, with its 2 peak. 119 meters stands out in the middle of the glacial plain of Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest ice field. The Hvannadalshnukur is a beautiful snowy mountain that dodging cracks after a long ascent and a significant drop, rewarded with fantastic views of all Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean and the Vatnajokull glacier.

Early in the morning we met with our guides and those who would be our expedition mates, a few sympathetic Icelanders in a Reykjavik Marathon club and two Americans. The ascent was as beautiful as long. Depart from virtually the road walking in the midst of a fairly arid landscape. After a few hours we reached the point where we could not continue without crampons, ice axes and ropes. Strung we continue in the midst of an all white landscape, dodging various cracks and enjoying more impressive views. At 9 a.m., we arrived at the long-awaited Summit, Pan was impressive and rewarding. At this point we were something tired, we must recognize it.

We started the descent and the speed and endurance of our local partners we overwhelmed at times since the rate of descent was exhausting and were all strung. After 14 hours we got to reach out to our car with a blister and totally tired. It is not uncommon that the only aspiration of the afternoon was a hot shower and a comfortable bed where to replenish forces. That night we slept great and not bother us or the brightness of the Icelandic midnight. We leave behind Francisco Garcia, passionate of mountains and travel adventure and exotic travel and expeditions agency co-founder Mundoexplora travelled a wide variety of destinations on 5 continents and Antarctica. Blogs similar Right already Wrong Success Bash 92 93 94 95 HONDA CIVIC EX VX of the Sun if NEW IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR propose an upbringing without violence Gazette Ucayalina the Sun and the moon with #sxswi @ Blasted Remedios dizziness ‘ Up in the Air’: flying at medium altitude because it is what touches Sarah Palin completo Alaska travelogue show heading to A & or Discovery smells and memories El Blog de Mar file of the do weblog feelings of loneliness drove the 20 undocumented holes in OS X?

Horacio Pozzo

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

But given that the strengthening of the euro, the yen and the yuan against the dollar proved to be less than the appreciation of the peso, Chilean peso, weight Uruguayan and, obviously, the Brazilian real relative to the U.S. currency, the competitiveness of these Latin American currencies has been deteriorating against all of them. In the case of the Peruvian nuevo sol, this coin was only appreciated less than the euro, but more than the yen and the yuan, so that his luck has not been very different from that of this group of Latino coins. Now well, while nominally not perceived a strong appreciation of the exchange rate for currencies in Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina, the competitiveness has also been damaged when one puts the eye, not in the nominal exchange rate, but in the real exchange rate. This is a consequence of high rates of inflation faced by these economies.

The strong deterioration in the competitiveness of Latin American economies is clearly reflected in the growing concern of its entrepreneurs who see is how difficult access to external at the same time markets that increase the threat of imported goods. It is true that the situation requires action immediate, but not of the type that they intend to from the Union Industrial Argentina (UIA) the Argentine newspaper Ambito Financiero reflected that last Tuesday, entrepreneurs from the UIA intimating him the Minister of economy, the need for a devaluation of the Argentine peso from the UIA, with De Mendiguren at the head, was impelled the devaluation of 2002 in Argentina and I imagine that they will be eager to repeat the experience. The pressures are multiplying so that these countries stop the appreciation of the type of change in relation to the dollar. But the inflationary threat deters most of them to try a direct intervention in the currency markets (at least, not in the form that is required to curb the appreciation of the currencies). So that you can see indirect actions to halt the deterioration of the competitiveness of the sectors domestic entrepreneurs, such which comment on them in the article on Chile for a week ago (), or in the case of Colombia with tariff reductions for raw materials. At the moment, the strength of domestic demand in these countries compensated for the problems generated by this loss of competitiveness of the coins. But you have to follow closely the evolution of the exchange rates so that they do not become a new Achilles heel in the growth of the same. We will find ourselves again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo – special report – commodities prices rise especially those related to the boom in ethanol, like corn and soybeans. There is another crop which will benefit as a result of both corn and wheat planted see how you can take advantage also of this movement.

Rope Climbing

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

When implemented in all mountaineering activities to implement the attachment rope or cable to secure items, you must consider how, in fact, lower the rope. The first is the easiest, but not safer, way – to throw it down. At Thus, even if the accompanying scream the words – not the fact that going from the bottom to hear, and if they hear – will have time to run away. The second, more logical, way – to give the rope across parts of the bend, being able to once again see the entire length of the rope. The third method is used in case of adverse weather conditions or the complexity of the object.

Getting better cableway from the thin rope or repshnura, which tacked on the end of a rope let down. The fourth method can be used in combination with the above methods. By the end of the rope to attach the load of 5-10kg in order to avoid sharp fluctuations. At the site where the rope dropped, we carry out the end of consolidation rope slightly tilted to avoid getting material on the rope. Now the next task is climbing. See how the rope passes. Through the bend between the mounting and descent of the rope should be under 90 to eliminate the possibility of chafing at the possibility of cross-shift under the weight. Consider a rope in the work area, ensure there are no kinks and sharp edges. If such items have a place to be, insure – setting the fuse to bend or to create additional procrastination. The purpose of mountaineering in the following ways lowering ropes, and determining the outcome of finding a rope – to protect climbing and passing down the people. If by some reason the security is not possible, then work should stop completely or to eliminate errors.

Freelance Tasks

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

We dwell in more detail the main task of the employee before they received the draft terms of reference. The primary task of a freelance – to find the order. Found not in the literal sense, because every site on thousands of freelance published projects. Need to get a job offer customers favorable terms so that he chose you. Particularly difficult task for beginners in this business.

When not behind a decent portfolio, do not bend high prices. Unlikely to be chosen performer with little experience, but high wages. Freelancer must strike a balance between price and quality of their work. Even then, get some feedback, as well as positive the practice of putting projects can qualify for higher pay. So what to do for beginners? How to achieve a high rank? I must say that just rely on big projects is not necessary. For starters, you can perform the task at amounting to several tens of dollars, not hundreds.

Often, too, there are cases when a freelancer willing to work for free. Only on condition that the employer will leave positive feedback. This has a negative impact on other participants in the Internet business. The flow of newcomers may never stop, so what – free work will always exist? But newcomers such tactics may give long-awaited review, and after It is real work comes to a boil. Another way to obtain an order is also linked with money. Freelancer can significantly bring down the price of the project to get it. For example, the average price of the reservation – $ 50. Some workers may do the same job for 20 or even 10. This is a fairly common practice of dumping. To survive, especially after initiation to freelance, it is often used. More humane towards others market participants to run a practice test questions. Remote operation requires the availability of free time. This allows you to make free test task to get a profitable project. If the case As for graphics, then runs another appointment. Designers can provide the customer with sketches, drawings, models work, to motivate him. On the one hand, this increases the likelihood that employers will choose you. As he sees the level of a freelancer, his training, his idea. On the other hand, if someone offers a better idea of price or cheaper, time to complete the sketch will be wasted. This is a risk. Remote work – all the risk. But risk of noble bearing fruit.


Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

On August 3, FACU-consumers in action made public a comparative study of prices between different car hire companies. The final report found that was the cheapest company to rent a car from among the 15 companies analyzed. The report unveiled up 735 percent price differences when renting the same vehicle, something so unheard of that different agencies EFE and Europa Press, or newspapers such as El Mundo, 20 minutes or ABC echoed the news. Such an impact had this revelation that Madrid regional television, Telemadrid, wanted to delve into the topic, and to illustrate its informative piece a reporter went to the headquarters have in Barajas to meet with the director of new channels and Expansion of, Alberto wars. During the interview, Alberto wars explained that in fact offer so cheap cars there is no trick. Pepecar tries to maintain a commitment with customers, he said, adding: there is no trick Neither ganga, is a continuous offering. We are trying to move the best prices. Mainly, what we want is to give a good service.

Wars commented prices that are not fixed, but vary depending on the cities, bases, and demand: our prices also vary depending on the season and demand. This year there are more available fleet, and why our prices may be better. New fleet which, he said, is an effort of investors along with the Globalia group. 551136186%2CVSRPtargetId%3A138008206%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Lev Leviev. The director of Expansion of unveiled vehicle types most demanded by customers are those of groups A, C, E, F, and N (small, compact cars, saloon cars, large cars and minivans, respectively). About the objective pursued with this ongoing offer from, wars explained which consists of loyalty to our clients while maintaining good prices and an optimal quality of service.

To complete the information, the reporter for Telemadrid He wanted to survey any customers there present, who at that time went to pick up your rental car, as the man we see in the photograph, a Swiss who was in Spain on vacation and who said having chosen to by its low price. If hire trip to price low, then it is useless to look for a car to 800 euros, the result is also search a car at low price, reasoned the Swiss tourist. In Favorites, will find the corresponding video to the Telenoticias from weekend of Telemadrid which inserts the part that advises of the price differences between rental companies and is illustrated with statements by in the PepecarTv Youtube Channel. You can find the news at minute 47: 40. Car hire original author and source of the article

Digestive System

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

To keep your digestive system healthy, doctors recommend that you: 1. be good eating habits. Try to eat smaller, more frequent portions to help alleviate the effects of stomach acid. Also, avoid foods that are irritating, especially those that are spicy, acidic, frying or to be very greasy. Also avoid consuming foods or beverages that are very hot or very cold. Eat at regular times and relax while you eat.

2. Maintain a healthy weight. Digestive problems can occur regardless of your weight. But the burning of stomach, bloating and constipation tends to be more common in people who are overweight. Maintain a healthy weight often can help to prevent or reduce these symptoms. 3.

Have plenty of exercise. Aerobic exercise that increases breathing and heart rate also stimulates the activity of bowel muscles, helping to move food waste through their intestines more quickly. It is best to aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity most days of the week. Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. 4. Check the stress. It increases the production of stomach acid and retards digestion. Since stress is inevitable for most people, the key is learning how to manage it effectively. To control the stress you must: have a nutritious diet rest time exercises regularly try to relax, which can help with meditation, reading or yoga. In addition, massage therapy can loosen tense muscles, also may be supported with the use of natural products such as Dr. Relax-Pro. 5. Limit or avoid alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol can irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach, causing inflammation and bleeding. 6. Do not smoke. Smoking interferes with the protective coating of the stomach, making it more susceptible to gastritis and ulcers. Smoking also increases the acid of the stomach, delaying its healing and is a risk factor for stomach cancer. 7. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory not drugs-NSAIDs. Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen. These over-the-counter medications can cause inflammation of the stomach or the existing irritation worse. Instead, switch to the painkillers that contain acetaminophen. 8. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Your doctor may recommend that you take an over-the-counter antacid or an acid Blocker to help prevent recurrent gastritis.

Kitchen Countertops

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Kitchen countertops artificial stone worktops for the kitchen must be hygienic, durable and should not absorb moisture. Artificial stone is ideal for kitchen countertops. The surface of the the material is durable and hygienic. A bright touch to the interior of the kitchen countertop will of artificial stone, countertop, such breathes new life into your kitchen environment. The possibility of execution of any form of table top, variety of textures and colors, will play almost any design scheme. Artificial stone countertops are a lot of advantages even before the natural analogue. These countertops are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. Unlike natural stone, artificial surface is smooth and has no pores, which prevents the formation of bacteria.

The most popular countertop manufacturers such Artificial stone as: Corian (Corian), Polystone (poliston), Montelli (Montelli), Staron (Staron) and Hi-Macs. Production of these brands has proven himself not only overseas but also in the domestic market. By adding natural materials, Corian countertops production technology to provide high wear resistance, strength and durability. Saturation and color of products made of artificial stone for a long time keep the original appearance, in contrast to natural materials. Another equally important advantage of natural stone products Montelli, Corian, Staron is the possibility of seamless connectivity that does not restrict the designer's ideas. Beautiful in addition to kitchen countertops, undoubtedly, will serve as a bar. This item of kitchen furniture will add a room personality, emphasize unsurpassed taste and sophistication.

When choosing a countertop or bar made of artificial stone Korain not required to take into account the appearance of the product directly depends on how you take your measurements. The minimum difference in size can cause no joining of furniture. It is not necessary to produce measured independently, it is better to entrust this business experienced technician. Since the product of artificial stone quite expensive, it is necessary to treat the purchase with the responsibility to examine firms that offer this product available with additional services company. Attention! Not bona fide companies under the names of famous brands, products made of substandard materials. Remember the joy of low prices will last much less than the disappointment of poor quality.