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Freelance Tasks

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

We dwell in more detail the main task of the employee before they received the draft terms of reference. The primary task of a freelance – to find the order. Found not in the literal sense, because every site on thousands of freelance published projects. Need to get a job offer customers favorable terms so that he chose you. Particularly difficult task for beginners in this business.

When not behind a decent portfolio, do not bend high prices. Unlikely to be chosen performer with little experience, but high wages. Freelancer must strike a balance between price and quality of their work. Even then, get some feedback, as well as positive the practice of putting projects can qualify for higher pay. So what to do for beginners? How to achieve a high rank? I must say that just rely on big projects is not necessary. For starters, you can perform the task at amounting to several tens of dollars, not hundreds.

Often, too, there are cases when a freelancer willing to work for free. Only on condition that the employer will leave positive feedback. This has a negative impact on other participants in the Internet business. The flow of newcomers may never stop, so what – free work will always exist? But newcomers such tactics may give long-awaited review, and after It is real work comes to a boil. Another way to obtain an order is also linked with money. Freelancer can significantly bring down the price of the project to get it. For example, the average price of the reservation – $ 50. Some workers may do the same job for 20 or even 10. This is a fairly common practice of dumping. To survive, especially after initiation to freelance, it is often used. More humane towards others market participants to run a practice test questions. Remote operation requires the availability of free time. This allows you to make free test task to get a profitable project. If the case As for graphics, then runs another appointment. Designers can provide the customer with sketches, drawings, models work, to motivate him. On the one hand, this increases the likelihood that employers will choose you. As he sees the level of a freelancer, his training, his idea. On the other hand, if someone offers a better idea of price or cheaper, time to complete the sketch will be wasted. This is a risk. Remote work – all the risk. But risk of noble bearing fruit.

Alexey Lukyanov

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

High priority is highlighted in red in your mailbox employer, that will certainly increase your chances that your resume will be seen. Send your resume before the start of the workday. Virtually every employee starts working day and see your mailbox recruiter is no exception. By sending your resume at the beginning of the day, you’ll be entered summary naverku list, and hence the probability of viewing your resume is much higher compared to a person, send resume evening. Step 7: Within one to three business days please call the employer and indicate whether your resume is reached. You can say something like: ‘Hello, my name is Alexey Lukyanov! I am sending the resume for the position Director department. I’m very interested in this position and want to make sure that the resume has got to destination and arrange to meet in the near future ….

” So call you make sure your resume is reached and once again pay attention to the recruiter on his resume. And even if you are already in the list for an interview, then such activity will only confirm your interest in getting this particular job. And employers love it. But such calls have to do with training. You may ask clarifying questions on compliance with the formal requirements of the vacancy. So before you call to print the text of the vacancy and your resume. Be prepared to respond adequately and competently. If the answers are clear, competent, confident, then most likely you will be invited for an interview immediately.

Step 8 At the end of last message you do not forget to thank your buddy for taking the time to clarify and further steps to Review your candidacy. Thus, using all these 8 steps you get a 100% response on your resume. Maybe you feel it is somewhat complicated. But it is better to spend a couple hours of time to prepare a summary for one company in which you want to work than to send a summary of the same content in dozens of companies, hoping that somehow someone did call. Besides having done it several times – you’ll spend on it is not more than an hour. Naturally the first time you can not succeed. So if you really want to learn how to create personalized resume, writing a cover letter, send it correctly, then sign up my free video course – How to increase the number of responses to your resume 10 times -. Methods and principles in this course plus the algorithm will allow you to get a response at your resume it from the company for which you most want to work. And it is already more than half of your ultimate success, that is employment. In this video I will finish this.