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Choosing Equipment For Table Tennis

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Table Tennis – a very popular game, especially because the space for it is very easy to equip. Only need a partner, a special table tennis, racquet and ball. Opponent you will find yourself, and about the equipment let me give you some advice. Table tennis table is rectangular, with strong legs. There are rules about its size, developed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). They are as follows: length 2.74 m, width 1.525 m, height 0.76 m. It is desirable that the table was an all-weather, a good countertop is made of plastic, melamine or aluminum. If the height of 30 cm drop (not throw, namely drop!) For high-quality tabletop tennis ball, it bounces on the table surface 23 cm mat, usually black or green on the edges – a white band width of 2 cm separates the tops in half a tennis net, the upper edge of the grid in white.

If you play table tennis professionally, buy a table with anti-reflective coating. By the shape, weight and size of rackets special requirements not imposed, most importantly – their base is flat and hard. Color is also subject to gaming surfaces: one of them must be red, the other – black. Buying a racket, then her own hand. Take a few steps, typical for a game of tennis, make sure that the racket is not too hard, do not slip out of hands. Rackets are made of wood (solid wood only!) Or plywood. Their playing surfaces are covered with a thin uniform adhesive layer.

On the adhesive layer, mounted tires, how to, with pimples, to 10-50 per square centimeter (the tough racket.) Sometimes under a layer of bumps is a layer sponge rubber (soft racket). This attack does hit more powerful and makes the ball spin. We are different racket handle. Straight handle convenient to turn in my hand, it can be useful during the game. Flared and anatomic shape allows tighter grip to hold the racket, but move your hand on it harder. Tapered handle – it's a cross between straight and flared. Tennis balls are made of special plastic or celluloid. It should be white or orange, with a matte surface, have a diameter of 4 cm, and weight – 2.7 was, however, it balls to the requirements for professionals, which is marking ITTF, amateurs play balls of any color. To check the quality of the ball, put it on a flat surface and unwind. If it turns unevenly, so they can not play, because he has a rough surface.

Durability Ceramic Mosaic

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Ceramic mosaics made of pieces of ceramic tiles of different shades, a huge color palette, which allows you to create virtually any drawings. For laying ceramic tile adhesive suitable for wall rooms with ceramic tiles. Very interesting effect creates a combination of polished and polished surfaces – at an angle of view with the pieces of the puzzle start to gleam with polished drawing. Ceramic mosaic might just be glazed, and can contain all sorts of "special effects" – cracelures (small cracks on the surface), divorce, blotches of different color, simulating a rough surface. Laid her surface will be more relief than the finished glass mosaics. Durable ceramic mosaic combined with resistance to abrasion and original appearance. Ceramic mosaic suitable for lining a variety of surfaces, including swimming pools, facades, walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens. The latest "rage" among the fashionable ceramic mosaics are elements with the inclusion of semi-precious stones, covered with gold or silver, and Italian producers to even make their plitochki relief patterns, which are then filled with real amber.

Combining glossy and matte surface of tiles, you can achieve amazing play of light and color transitions ceramic tile in certain directions can visually enlarge the room or do the above ceiling. Despite its exclusive look, ceramic mosaic is very durable facing material, for it can safely walk. Absolutely no harm will not cause mosaic and water. Pigments will not fade in the sun, the ceramic tile will not harm the cleaners, and large temperature changes. Mixtures of colors are suitable for swimming pools, and for the facade, and for the bathroom, and apron kitchen. There is an opportunity to buy not only the standard mixture in the catalog, but also to model and to order their mixes that are different from others.

Elite Mens Fragrances

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Elite men's perfumes, men's perfume, perfume speaks not only smells as such, but also about many other things: about the image, dynamic, contradictory character, intensity, life, envy and desire. Try to determine where boundary beyond which begins and ends with a man for men perfume, perfume? Men's fragrances are also vague and varied as the nature of modern man. In his perfume preferences men – Monogamous. Moreover, their favorite cologne or perfume men differ not only in alcohol content and durability smell, but the nature of the host: manly and tart, fiery passion and a fresh and light. Today we are witnessing Exclusive men's perfumes transition from the subtle colognes and perfumes 'unisex' to fashion a clear division of perfumes for men. Despite the fact that more are successful perfume for men, it is safe say that the trends are changing dramatically.

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Picture Look

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Measure the proportion of your pet, there is distance between the eyes, between the ears, from eyes to nose and mouth, and so on. Relate these basic features properly and your picture will look better than if they will not be calculated. The hardest thing for most artists – it's fur, how to make it look real? Use short strokes for short hair, longer strokes for longer hair. Use denser shading where the pet is darker and less dense, which is lighter. You will notice that even in all black pets have very little evidence is completely black areas, and when it comes to images on paper you will notice that the white pets will be a little dark areas.

Even using only a black pen (or pencil) and the album may see the color of animal. Agree, not all pets have fur, but you can clearly see the importance of drawing light shades of your animals. If you use a graphite pencil, not pen or ink, you can buy a few more dark pencils and some more light for convenience. The practice improves skills, and your first drawings, probably will not like you want. Do not worry, be reduced to a minimum correction, start again if your image becomes too messy and uncontrollable. Sometimes you'll see something like the figure is obviously wrong, but you can not understand that. Ask other people, let look at your picture and compare it with a photograph.

Sometimes they can help identify such an error, such as the eyes of animals that are too large, then you are simply unable to see, because you looked at the picture for too long. There is also a way to look at your picture in the mirror. Looking at his reflection, sometimes it's easier to notice errors in the same proportions. You certainly can specifically enhance some details of the portrait and make it your style, a certain error in the ratio leads to a change in the total impressions of the paintings, and although it will not be the exact image of your pet it may also be interested. Attracting your own pet is often easier than drawing someone else's. Since you regularly see a pet, you are more familiar with it and will know exactly whether the pattern is similar to the original. Anyone who wants to master the skills of writing, portraits of animals need a lot to observe animals and of course a lot of time to devote to practice drawing.