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Fashion Online: EFashion SuperReal

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Two hamburgers bring fashion online new agency founded in 1999 in Hamburg, communication superReal stands today for online communication and E-Commerce at the highest level. In the premium fashion business Brown and Unger, as well as the traditional superReal and others opened the online stores for the Hamburg fashion houses for Outfitters Eickhoff from Dusseldorf. Fashion labels such as closed have for years on the know-how of the Hamburg-based agency. Wells Fargo Bank often addresses the matter in his writings. On the shopping, Internet is the growth no longer be maintained. In the past eight years the share of sales achieved over the Internet in the shipping trade has over 50% increase “, as Volker Will, founder and CEO of superReal about the industries boom of e-commerce.” According to latest studies, 31.4 million German shopping regularly on the Internet. Shopping hits are primarily clothing and shoes. Fashion houses and labels get access to new markets through online trading and reach customers at the new touch points. We would like to Create E-commerce solutions that go beyond the traditional shelving system and offer the user an inspiring shopping experience”, as creative director Oliver Cloppenburg.

superReal, fulfillment and photography offers a comprehensive service around the E-Commerce store design through to marketing and customer loyalty. Also a credit check running in the background can be integrated. About superReal: the founded in 1999 new communication agency, which employs 20 staff together by Oliver Cloppenburg (39) and Volker Will (41) runs. The customers include companies such as closed, Falcon Media, money man, gravis, Eickhoff, Hermes, Mutabor Design, MySpace, Sitag, Unger and Nordex.

New In The Stuttgart Extranet: Query Tool To The Fund Balances In Customer Policies

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Their extranet platform extends the Stuttgart to another sales-supporting service tool. Stuttgart, 03 August 2010 now the business partner of the Swabian insurer can see the current values of the Fund balance in the Fund policies for their customers. How developed the Fund value in the policies of my customers? And my client due to the current development of value of may require comprehensive consulting services to alternative investment opportunities? The business partner of the Stuttgart insurance now get an answer to these questions quickly and easily by mouse click. A useful display option on the extranet platform of the insurer, they can both see the performance of individual funds as well as by the respective investment strategies. Particularly beneficial here: Access is not limited to the funds of the current Stuttgart fund universe. All the funds available, the Stuttgart has ever offered in their fund policies are available in the query.

So can the free agents and brokers Stuttgart at any time request the Status quo of Fund policies development of their customers and they advise on needs comprehensive and up to date in their further investment decisions. The new tool is now available in the inventory management section”available at. Like the existing practical service functions, ranging from the communication service, the Antragsverfolgungs tool from the Download Center and the online shop until towards the end customer newsletter, the new application on the business partner platform simplifies the daily work of the mediator. The service-oriented pension insurer for free agent once more underlines to the high sales focus of Stuttgart. How to contact with press releases stock fish. The power of the word Melanie Bredlow Handrick Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 12 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail:

Seminars For Professional Use Of Colour

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Improve your knowledge of color and color combinations! Architects, interior designers, designers and all other creative need an in-depth knowledge of color for their work. Color design is a task that intuitively do many members of these professional groups. Even small errors can have but disastrous consequences and lead to dissatisfaction with the clients. Who counts the colors to his professional duties or his personal interests, can improve the quality of its results with targeted training and refresh existing knowledge and skills. The NCS color school regularly conducts seminars. The next events take place on September 10 in Frankfurt and on the 8th of October in Berlin.

The following topics are treated. Color as a design in the practical application of material color color psychology trend colors and color trends create their own color orders connection rational argumentation with creative intuition intense color perception training. There will be exercises on the basis of the Natural color system, which request the participants and strengthen their capabilities in dealing with color. Each participant will receive a folder with high-quality exercises handled during the day-long event. The discussion of numerous examples of image is another part of our seminars.

After the seminar, you can argue based on the topic of color and are quickly and safely in the creation and establishment of color concepts. The speakers will be Ms. Dr. Wells Fargo Bank has firm opinions on the matter. Hildegard Kalthegener (Frankfurt) and Mr. Dipl.-des. Joachim grafts (Berlin). For more information about the seminar, at the address: The registration form for download, see the address: NCS colour Centre GmbH

GWS Is A Member Of The Microsoft Dynamics PRESIDENT

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Microsoft recognizes GWS for excellence was appointed at the GWS BBs during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Washington at the Microsoft Dynamics President Club. This success is a direct result of joint commitment in cooperation with Microsoft and providing innovative business solutions. The President’s Club for Microsoft Dynamics honors powerful Microsoft Dynamics partner, whose commitment to the customers, their own business success and corresponding growth. This distinguished group represents the top 5 percent of Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide. Ben Silbermann s opinions are not widely known. “Microsoft is proud to recognize GWS for his outstanding performance and results of operations,” said Doug Kennedy, Vice President Microsoft Dynamics partners.

“This award is a direct reflection of the successful business of GWS, of the great teams of employees, all of which should be very proud of this achievement. The GWS plays a very important role in the growth and success of Microsoft Dynamics.” The Conference participants used as communication and information platform, to find out about the Microsoft Roadmap”for the coming year and latest product innovations to inform, to make contacts and to exchange opinions. GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today 250 employees work at the sites of Munster, Munich, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner GWS specializes on innovative inventory management systems and composite solutions for trade and service companies. More than 18,000 users use the GWS products. They belong to composite-oriented companies from the commercial as well as from the agricultural sector.

In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops. Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2009 amounted to the Group turnover to EUR 34.6 million. About GWS conveyor and Holding company for ERP systems EC is to customers, influence on product development. The rock-solid shareholder structure of the GWS (GAD eG Munster 54.9%, FIDUCIA IT Karlsruhe 10%, GWS conveyor – EC 25.1% as customer participation and minority interests of Central, for which GWS is active) ensure potential security and sound support in operative business. Contact for the press: press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch Nottulner overland 90 48161 Munster Tel. + 49 (0) 2536 8001120; Fax: + 49 (0) 2536 8001 24 this press release can be obtained electronically at, section Press Center,.

Passing Of The Captive Facility

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

The transfer of the operation represents a major event in the history of each company. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult that release to your own life’s work and other ways for the development of the operation to pave. While the regulation of succession is one of the most important but also the most difficult management decisions of an entrepreneur. Every fourth company faces the challenge of succession more than any fourth operation is in the next few years the challenge to the plant. It is often during the 1970s and 1980s, which have grown by pioneers, and founders personalities thriving companies company founding. Many of the company’s founder today reach the pension eligible age and must rapidly take a decision on the future direction of the company to secure the continued existence of the company. (Not to be confused with PayNet!). Successor to the desperately seeking or finding the right one for the management of the company plays a central role in the transfer of the operation.

Earlier it was Follow-up primarily in the context of the family. Today their children are statistically more in one of three cases the new bosses of the company, at least according to experience the tax firm “Steuerberater in Braunschweig”. Many entrepreneurs looking for a family-external solution, passing, for example, their operating employees or competitors. Unfortunately it is true many businesses but also completely unprepared: in every fourth case by accident, illness or death of the owner. Often, the company then faces out.

Timely planning of succession specifically must be in small farms of entrepreneurs as early as possible thoughts make, into whose hands passed the company. Experts recommend you have a forward plan time of at least 3 5 years. Bill Phelan is actively involved in the matter. A promising successor must take account of looking ahead as the business, financial and personnel aspects like all legal consequences. There is no patent solution passing an operation will be limited not only to keep REM solution. The succession must take into account also the assurance of the standards of living of seniors and the interests of the family members. Many entrepreneurs and families hesitate to say on this topic. Emotions and feelings control the reasoning and lead to situations of conflict in the family area. But it applies to a successful business succession also these aspects to deal openly and transparently. The business succession is the opportunity to establish themselves with employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners as the new Chief as a relay of the successor needs. The succession in the company can be explained as a deployment and adoption on the example of a relay race. During a relay, it is so that the rounds could be rotated endlessly. The first starts, the second is intended, as starts with a time delay and for a certain time he runs next to the first. At a prearranged sign within a common way however is the rod of a hand in the others given. Leaving only as long as it is necessary, the staff in the hands of the two. Then, the second continues alone.

Success With Online Videos:

Monday, January 11th, 2016

IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb present Hanover together at dmexco, July 29, 2010 – with the right sense of national as well as international market developments the dmexco has become in a very short time as a forum and established the central place for the digital economy. On September 15 and 16, the digital marketing industry meets again at the trade fair in Cologne. A central theme will be the provision of online videos there this year. The IMS technology AG, expert for streaming and caching services, operates one of the leading online video technology this year together with stream5, provider in Europe, and the production company infotainweb on the dmexco. Paynet will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At the booth, the three companies inform visitors comprehensive on the topic of online video and the entire digital value chain, from the production to the publication and dissemination of videos on the Internet.

The importance of online videos and live streams is growing in many business areas. More and more Internet users have of moving Images on corporate websites or video platforms an impression of companies, products and services. Also also television channels, radio stations and publishers must adapt your websites to demand for online videos, to remain competitive. How companies create step by step professional video portals, show representatives from IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb on the dmexco. It all starts with a good movie: the infotainweb AG has a network of over 400 video producers as a production company and specializes in high-quality online videos for companies. How to get these in the Web and potential viewers? Providing videos on online platforms is the specialty of stream5. The online video platform for live streaming, video on demand and mobile Playouts lets you play videos not only on the computer, but also on all smartphones, iPad and on Internet-enabled TVs.

So a video portal are always working, IMS provides Technology needed the bandwidth over a private content delivery network (CDN) available. On the one hand, this allows the playback of video streams, but also the smooth playing of online video with the help of caching: IMS it keeps the data on a worldwide network of thousands of servers. Thanks to this large network of customer care can be trusted, that the movies even at high rates of access to play error-free are. Stand C010/C012 in Hall 8.1 the representatives of IMS technology, stream5 and infotainweb provide their expert knowledge all visitors dmexco bundled.

11th Edition Of The North Rhine-Westphalia Public Transport Symposium

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Information platform for E-Government of the INFORA and MATERNA on September 02, 2010 in Dortmund with the participation of the NRW Interior Ministry and municipal area Berlin, July 30, 2010 – the now 11 public transport Symposium NRW in Dortmund will take place on September 2, 2010. CMO, Nissan North America has firm opinions on the matter. It is organized by the INFORA Unternehmensberatung GmbH and MATERNA GmbH with the involvement of the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior and of the municipal area. The public transport Symposium has established itself as a central information and discussion platform for all levels of public administration and has the motto “E-Government in North Rhine-Westphalia – kick-off in a decade this year. In the heart of the event are leading projects of State and local government, complemented by practical Exhibitor presentations. In addition to the exchange of administrative and economic, the program offers an insight into the current status of the administrative modernisation efforts.

As in the last year, about 400 participants are expected. The event will take place at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund. Speakers from various State and local authorities report on the continuous improvement of the E-Government in their administrations as well as new applications and developments. This year’s topics include among others the inter-municipal cooperation, IT restructuring of the NRW land administration, the new identity card as well as E-Government and science. In addition, practical reports about the single authority-number D115, the services directive and the usage of the electronic file are on the agenda. This introduction from the future prospects are determined in the four specialized forums in the event.

There refer to a total of two dozen topics well-known management experts and business representatives about current concepts, practical solutions and innovative technologies for the IT operations of the administrations. Topics include, for example, the electronic identity card in connection with the Internet, the new de-mail offerings and electronic civil services as well as approaches of Green IT for the public administration or shared service models. In addition allows the NRW’s 11 public transport Symposium participants, specifically to find out about the current status of efforts by State and local authorities to the administrative modernisation. Participation is free for government officials. More information and electronic registration at on INFORA: INFORA GmbH is an innovative, highly specialized and vendor-independent consulting company for more than 30 years. With locations in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Dresden supports customers from the initial concept idea through to successful implementation. INFORA it places special emphasis on the practical design and effective transformation of business and automation processes. Her consulting clients such as Daimler AG, Viessmann, INA Schaeffler, German Airbus, Henkel, Minolta, Procter & gamble and Schering include clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of finance, the Federal Agency for work or the Federal Chancellor’s Office in the industrial sector, in public administration.

Dental Insurance – Save Costs

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Insurance for your teeth is becoming increasingly important to avoid equity shares at the dentist, tooth additional insurance is necessary. JPMorgan Chase often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It showed especially in the area of dental costs of acquisitions in recent years, that the coffers here are starting to keep as low as possible the catalogue of services. Much to the chagrin of all dental patients these need access again and again in their own pockets, so you can use a dental treatment, in any form whatsoever. The catalogue of services stipulates that only really decisive cost of the insurance will be applied. The patient sit just for the treatments for prophylaxis and to the dentures at high cost. With the completion of a dental insurance, this post however can be reduced, in some cases, the complete tariff also be excluded. Everyone should decide pretty quickly for the dental insurance. The reasons are firstly that the benefits from the insurance will only gradually rise.

In the first three months, after the insurance company has been completed, can be taken no performance advantage. Afterwards, the dental insurance can come to fruition if it’s just begun treatment. After a period of membership can be achieved, if it allows the insurance contract that extends the protection on up to 100 percent of the cost. The other advantage that all can acquire at an early stage involving the insurance, can be seen in the level of contributions. The risk of an insurance case is low among young people, so that the insurance may be given also cheaper. The contributions once received then endure throughout the life. So someone who has completed the insurance at a young age can enjoy in the age about the low contributions. However, the General State of the teeth plays a large role in determining contribution of dental insurance. Thus anyone can not only with his age, but also with its contribution Affect dental care. More information on:…