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Puratos Of Chile Has Won Two Awards In Europe

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

Dear Colleagues: I can proudly mention that Puratos of Chile won two major awards at the seminar “Business Development Seminar” in Brussels last week. Bill Phelan has plenty of information regarding this issue. During the annual meeting of all managers of all subsidiaries of our Group Puratos of Chile has been praised twice. We won the first prize in the annual Health Wellness: 5,000 or 4,000,000 pesos. Tegral Gallet n Our product was chosen as the best innovation in the Puratos Group last year. Special Congratulations to Christine, Jeanette and Mireille and all people in operations that have produced this product. We also received fourth place in the competition for the best event to promote our Belgian chocolate Belcolade: 10,000 euros or 8,000,000 pesos. 2 months ago we made a very special event and novel in the fitness club Balthus in Santiago. Almost took third place.Special congratulations to the entire marketing department, technicians and Luis Orrego for this achievement. We welcome proposals on how we invest in all these well-deserved awards. Please approach your supervisor with any good idea.

The Competition

Friday, February 24th, 2017

SENA is committed to the modernization of educational, leading companies to increase competitiveness from the skills of their workers. So the new curricula based on work skills to help comply with the policies that exist within the sector roundtables.Its purpose is to train competent workers who are able to meet the demands of the productive sectors of the country, quality, relevance, efficiency and adaptability to changes and innovations of technical, technological, National and World Wide . So the National Agricultural Center La Salada have delegated responsibility for updating the training programs offered at all Centers of SENA, to meet the training needs of businesses of Drinking Water and Sanitation, following the guidelines established by SENA in the development of curriculum design for Skills Development. Ben Silbermann brings even more insight to the discussion. The purpose of this Course Design guidelines is to provide technical, technological and training for all teachers of the specialty, to address the process of the Comprehensive Vocational students, with unified criteria, enabling the acquisition of raised labor competition in the different training modules. New York Workers belonging to the basic sanitation sector involved in the making, transportation, storage, sample processing, production process management and disposal of waste generated during the development of functions to work as technicians, laboratory assistants analysis of natural waters, drinking, waste, packaged, and process for recreational uses, agriculture and livestock. This design contains each of the units of occupational competence with normative components, technical processes, technology and training, plot development, training time, learning units, each with its respective table of knowledge, results learning, training procedure, means, materials and equipment and the evaluation of teaching and learning activities, and instructor profile.

Flora And Fauna

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Flora and fauna kauri tree. Because of its isolation from the rest of the world, New Zealand has extraordinary flora and fauna. Before the arrival of the first people, 80 of the land was covered by forests, meadows and steppes exist Bunch grass type in the western third of the South Island, more exactly in the Canterbury Plains. Today there are about 1,500 species of plants in the archipelago and the west coast of South Island contains one of the largest areas of native mixed forests, highlighting the huge conifer tree fern and kauri up to 15 feet high called Cyathea dealbata family of ciateaceae. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ben Silbermann and gain more knowledge.. Formerly, the dominant vegetation was mixed evergreen forest with dense undergrowth of mosses and large towns primitive ferns. However, the dense forest survives only in national parks and nature reserves.Since early last century have been introducing many exotic plant species, especially conifers from North America and rapidly growing commercial importance, although the addition of some of these species has caused serious ecological problems, and which spread rapidly by gradually replacing native forests. The most commonly used species is the Monterey pine, Pinus radiata, used in many other parts of the world such as Chile and Spain, and yet is threatened in its original distribution area, southern California.The fauna is even more surprising that the flora until approximately the late eighteenth century lived in a New Zealand territory of the largest known bird, the giant moa (Dinornis robustus, Dinornis giganteus) and most of the eagles that have been the Haast’s Eagle in the thick woods and forests still exists the curious kiwi on the snows of the Southern Alps called a kind of parrot kea, in almost inaccessible islets most living species of parrot, the kakapo is unable to fly, in the glasses the parrot tree, as rinoqu tidos Kagu and other varieties of birds like Weird acantis tidos and caleidos. The only native mammals are two species of bats, one such unique species rather than fly by night march on the dense foliage and brush where they catch insects, such insects highlights the weta is the biggest cricket world (about the size of a mouse) or beetles as quetosom tidos.Among reptiles stands as a living fossil the tuatara (exclusive representative of the current rincoc falos) since it is the only animal that has a “third eye” (an extension of the pineal gland whose function is to regulate metabolism by exposure to light ), among the highlights chelated turtles.The first European explorers commented that the sunsets in New Zealand were very noisy because of millions of birds singing, but since the second half of the nineteenth century New Zealand forests are characterized by being very quiet due to the mass destruction that have suffered native species either directly into the hands of either humans or indirectly by other human factors, in particular by the introduction of alien species that have preyed on the local fauna, including allochthonous animals that have caused the mass extinction either by direct predation or longer either by ecological competition, include rats, cats, dogs, opossums, sheep, hares, rabbits, cows, horses, and chickens have been a major European competition for ecological niches or have involved the introduction of animal diseases..

Wireless Printers

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Through this article we are going to display keys wireless printing solutions or WIFI, so that users can have a broader vision to help them decide if they are good or not for them these printing solutions. Printing and wireless printers or WIFI solutions can offer a performance and a very satisfying experience for the user, with an impression very flexible and freed from the constraints posed by the cables. That said, experts in printers occasionally receive queries from users who have made a purchase of wireless printers, they are with the problem that the wireless printers or WIFI are inconsistent and difficult to configure. It is clear that the experience and satisfaction of the user of a wireless printer boils down to a series of factors, such as: the wireless network of the Office installation and configuration of the wireless printing solution. Ultimately, often the satisfaction and opinion boils down to preferences personal, since some people love the freedom that offer wireless printers, while others prefer the confidence and stability they feel in the consistency of the conventional laser printers with its connection cable. Regardless of your needs of space and whatever your printing needs, there are a number of reasonable grounds for considering the possibility of acquiring or configure your solution for print using wireless printers. Get all the facts and insights with Bill Phelan, another great source of information. A network wifi printer / wireless means having more orderly workspace and reduces the considerations of health and safety that are inevitable with the printer connections wiring schematic.

The technology that exists behind wireless connections and WIFI networks for companies has become more advanced and more easily integrated into the offices. A wireless printing solution offers great flexibility and maneuverability that allows you to send to the printer to print from anywhere in the wireless coverage area. Between the different forms of settings that exist for a wireless printer: the way easier and without a doubt the best to configure wireless printing solution is to buy a wireless printer. These printers come with WIFI, in the majority of cases a printer with a W at the end of the model number indicates that it has the wireless component. Wireless print server: this is a good wireless solution to create a wifi network printer.

Simply connect the wireless accessory outlet USB printer. Wireless print servers often come with an easy-to-configure program ensuring that your printer turns on WIFI. Connect the printer to a wireless router: If the user has a printer that is not wireless. Your last option is to operate the printer through a wireless router. Simply connect the USB connection from the printer in your wireless router USB outlet. The wireless router must have a USB port to make this solution work. TPS Telecon Printing Solutions We specialize in solutions with leasing of printers for your business, with an expert team which also provides service of printers and printing.


Friday, February 17th, 2017

These African countries never they came to eliminate the market economy to replace the one scheduled. In these three cases the ex-prosovieticos decided to legalize their old opponents armed and compete in elections. The Angolan MPLA and FRELIMO became parties which remained continuously in power but in the style of the PRI Mexican allowing the creation of a new business class native and multi-party elections. In Castro’s Cuba, he wanted to keep the monopoly of power in the hands of the single party and the ruling elite to draw its power of management of public companies instead of having their own private businesses. However, as the regime encourages joint ventures and private investment must be emerging local entrepreneurs (as there are today and so hard in Red China). Castro has sought to diversify its economy and let foreign companies acquire properties or establish joint ventures with the State. One of the key sectors initiate them in that rotation has been tourism and hospitality, but also spread to factories and chemico products.

It has because let a part of its economy is dollarized and that his plan is altered with strong elements of market. Castro wanted to emulate the rotation of Viet Nam and China that kept the Communist party dictatorships but opening their markets. In such cases the Communists committed themselves to use their labor influence to avoid strikes, while their populations told them that we had to work around those companies to lift the economy. Many investors have been able to take great advantage of it. However, while USA has shown great enthusiasm for investing in China and Viet Nam (despite the dozens of Americans who perished under his bullets) in Cuba (as in the case of North Korea) Washington maintains a hostility. The U.S. embargo has not sunk to Castro. Rather, it has allowed appear as a hero of national sovereignty and search for new links.

World Generators

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Diesel generators, gasoline – End of the World will be! In everyday life we do not think, as far as we are subject to electricity. But is it enough merely to create power surges or do the lights go down – and in best case, we simply spoil the mood, and at worst comes confusion. And if this sort of trouble has taken place at an important hour for you, say, a manufacturing momentum, it comes not only messy, but much more – loss of time, disruption of schedule, etc. Typically, the main causes for this situation are the contingencies for the local electric substation, or when your business out of down gasoline electric generators, diesel generators, independent power plant. A back-up power – no! Gensets and generators are generally designed specifically for you to eliminate the potential harm which may be caused by lack of basic electricity. In addition, gasoline, diesel generators can perform the task, not only as replacement sources of electricity, but also as a major. Basic and additional Generating Sets Diesel and petrol mini power plant, as well as the dsu are often operated as a major source of electricity. Sometimes, the power, while serving a backup gasoline station or Diesel Power des is less than the key source.

But, basically the same diesel generator can be used as a backup source of electricity, and as a principal. Spare springs Electricity, for example, gasoline, diesel power generators, are connected to the main electricity supply system. After a power surge or loss of power, backup power generators, diesel generators very quickly switched to the flow of electricity through their own units. The main sources of electricity, as of which tend to favor strong diesel generator sets, diesel Mini power stations have the necessity of only periodic maintenance (oil changes or the fuel supply). In other embodiments hardware essentially independent of external factors.

Ikea Offers

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Ikea offers are available for all people who want quality. This store has the privilege to count with an admirable quality control, as well as a variety of offerings that are simply more than striking. There are household products that cover all basic needs, while others are a bit more sophisticated. IKEA also has a Department of counseling, which will allow you to see first hand what can be articles that interest you so that you can enhance your home. One of the objectives of Ikea always has been the satisfaction of the customer, trying this is what you really need.

This is why services are properly classified, so the person who visits this business will have the security of having more than a store. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pinterest on most websites. IKEA wants to be that friend who is always giving us good recommendations. He wants to be that reference preferred by many people due to its reliability and proven effectiveness within the household products market. You don’t why stay by outside of the great promotions that gives this wonderful place. Please review your kitchen, your bathroom, your room, your room, and decide what is what will change or what you need to add each of these spaces.

Also remember that visit Ikea is a satisfying experience. The aisles are spacious, everything is duly organized and is appropriately classified so it does not need to make as many trips in the same place. In each dependency is appropriate personnel who will help you with your main questions. Likewise, you can do quietly your suggestions to make the service improvement in effectiveness. This can give everything a firm that knows that it must always innovate in the most strategic way. This because with household products businesses increasingly move more in confined spaces. All this feeling of spaciousness and comfort is having also to Ikea within the main routes of taste. Because the client or the client actually feels that you can reach a point where guess their intentions by the special units of the Shop you visit. Quiet (a) If you are not fully sure (a) what you want. We can sometimes be terribly undecided (ACE) about a model or a story that we might need later. In any case, always ensure that your search intentions will always be made according to what you feel or perceived regarding their reality at home. This is more than simple when the Ikea experience becomes more fully as we discover the enormous possibilities of acquisition of products. For this reason, do not leave highlight this great opportunity to share even with others what has this option to purchase for your intentions. Always you can renew is ingeniously in the House all that it seems to us that no longer serves. It is the opportunity for Ikea.

Connecting to the Internet

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Services to connect to the Internet for private users and for organizations that have company service providers. They each have their own set of tariffs, different value, 'the thickness of the channel', the restriction traffic. For private clients ISPs often offer connections that were tariffs that include unlimited traffic, but the organization, for the most part, are connected in terms of payment for the actual consumed traffic. And even in a small company the amount paid for the right of access to global networks, are becoming very, very significant. As the financial crisis the company became more tightly to approach spending. Jeremy Tucker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Including revised budgets, allocations and on the Internet. Is it possible to reduce these costs without compromising quality? The answer is simple – you can. The only question, and in what way.

Methods may be used are different. The simplest – 'close' the Internet, to leave, for example, only e-mail. The solution? Yes, definitely. But – awkward, still need to monitor developments, market conditions, competitors. And your website must support. Other methods are based on the use of various programs or services that solve two problems – reduced traffic due to its compression and a decrease in traffic at the expense of restricting access to resources, files, use of caching. Compression obtained from the web information is through a special connection to the server (acting as compressing proxy server) and install on your computer or server network of special client application. It may be, for example, the system CPROXY.

Brief Commentary

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Brief commentary of the book ethics of the professions of Augusto Hortal common project of the society of Jesus in Spain. Part of the collection. Ethics General the professionals. By: Editson Romero angle teaching center of U.G.C. ethics The text is part of a collection that drives. The society of Jesus in Spain within the framework of the project of ethics that cross ice the different professions of 86 universities run by this community and particularly in Spain at the University of Deusto (Bilbao and San Sebastian) Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid) Instituto Quimico de Sarria (Barcelona) ESADE Barcelona Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio from BEA ((Jaen) Faculty of Economics and agricultural business (Valladolid) CESTE (Center of higher studies, technical business, Santander) ICAI (Catholic Institute of Arts and industry) ICADE (Catholic Institute for Administration and management).) An interesting aspect is the identification of the elements of our Hispanic Heritage and catholicity environment concern for ethical reflection and actuate morality of professionals in the everyday life of their profession. Following this path in 1993 the Comillas Pontifical University organized a symposium on ethics of the professions, this involved teachers in the centres of ethics of the society of Jesus. Product of this event in 1996 emerged in ethics of the professions training course for teachers of the company in Spain, it emerged the purpose of publishing a few manuals for the different ethical professionals that are disseminated and published by desclee.

The Gran Colombia and its ethics Centre highlights the importance of the ethical evolution in the construction of professionals who serve with honesty, responsibility and solidarity from their profession, contributing to a more just society in the field of the social doctrine of the Church respecting the pluridimensionalidad of human beings without forgetting the importance of rationality. I find some identities of the objectives of the project of collection and some characteristic of the center of ethics U.G.C. The text aims at points where we can find some overlap within the project launched the strategy of the Centre for ethics of the U.G.C. look: form the basis for the teaching and learning of the subject of professional ethics, segmenting each volume one critical profession to contribute to the reflection on ethics training, at this point there is identity within the own strategies of the Centre for ethics of the U.G.C., the first point of the strategy to achieve the mission is; achieve the construction of an ethical human centric processes of reflection, research, and spirituality as the basis of the project of life and professional practice limited the text commented here ethics professional responsibility in a horizon of Justice leaving only corporate sense. This is another point of identity because the strategy poses to achieve the Mission of the professional practice of the gran Colombian geared to serving the community the text seeks to encourage the promotion of a society with more freedom and social justice.

The U.G.C. In this sense, the University seeks to a Colombia within a democratic framework, with social justice, oriented towards the common good and to legitimize what is public from a conception comprehensive seeking inclusive and solidary individuality. (PEI) The General ethics of the professions of Augusto Hortal text proposes boosting the capacity for reflection and assessment ethics identifies this purpose with the fact of that the U.G.C. Search for auto human fulfillment from the construction and the strengthening of the ethics of life original author and source of the article project

Internet Forums

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Who does not know the platforms for information and exchange of experience in the Internet, looking for helpful information on a certain topic and is the first solution that comes the experienced Internet user in mind, for the first time to “Google” anything. Sometimes you reach thus the best search results, most of the time but rather a tangled mess of unmanageable and confusing information that match then not even the sought after in most cases. Then you’re still baffled as previously, or filled with ineffective knowledge and it creeps over a theory: “Googling is not a solution!” Especially when you can not only pure information searches, but rather is interested in an exchange of experience, the common search options you encounter their limits. Often it is simple only interested to discuss with like-minded issues and a forum that’s proven information, opinions, tips and tricks to get the best. Here you can discuss what just moved one and themselves at the same time all about topics that are exciting, make smart. Today I was wondering to what great festival because now still want me to go. I already visited some, but many great are also pending. Because I’d then prefer stop at the Internet forums of various networks such as Web city, Facebook and StudiVZ and look at from my friends there the specific recommendations that were already there.

How is this for example with the sparse campsites each time? When must I arrive at all, to get another one and what costs next the amount for the festival ticket yet? All questions considered to be resolved prior to arrival. Otherwise, the whole project could soon shift into a negative experience. But also such experiences to be communicated to spare the own mistakes other Festivalgangern. All these possibilities offers an Internet Forum. And all of a sudden, everything is very easy. Quickly found the right subject clearly organised and co-ordinated upper and subcategories and if it then but time should be there, is in the Instantly created a new thread. In addition to an exciting exchange of experiences and tips can be found here, often even many new friends. A success in every respect. Helen Schmidt