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Cologne Elisabethpfad

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

From the Cologne Cathedral, the Elisabethpfad on a medieval pilgrimage route Beselich leads to the Elisabeth Church in Marburg, December 20, 2011. Two of the most important medieval pilgrimage sites in Europe connects the Cologne Elisabethpfad: the three kings shrine in the Cathedral of Cologne and the tomb of Saint Elizabeth in the Elisabeth Church in Marburg. On the historic road of 1489, the Cologne Elisabethpfad today combines both places as part of the German Pilgrim’s route network. Starting point of the Cologne Elisabethpfads is the Roncalli square in front of the Cologne Cathedral. The Deutzer bridge takes over after Deutz, where to visit DOM Heribert shrine in the Deutz. Through the Royal forestry then walk in the direction of Overath.

A further important Wallfahrsort achieved by the Cologne Elisabethpfad, Maria Linden is on the Mucher plateau. Later the Elisabethpfad Drabenderhohe, where two medieval highways intersect happens: the brother road and the Zeithstrasse. Through the Westerwald of Elisabethpfad passes then to Castle Crottorf past after Freudenberg, a small town in the Siegerland, which with its historic timber-framed core is one of a building monument of international stature. Reach the Kolner Elisabethpfad victories, then passes the lower Castle to the Nikolai Church. The Molley, Nikolai Church is the only Romanesque Hall Hexagon North of the Alps and is adorned by the Golden Crown, the symbol of the city in South Westphalia. The upper Castle in victories enjoyed not only a beautiful view on the city, but can admire some originals in the winning country Museum at the birthplace of the Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens. The Hermitage in Niederdielfen controls Elisabethpfad the Wasserburg Hainchen, crosses the red hair comb and then reached the upper Hessian Lahn-Dill – Bergland. Ewersbach once an important stopover on the pilgrimage goes it up on the Bottenhorn plateau.

The Elisabethpfad pilgrims finally achieved the Dautphetal Marburg, Hesse’s cradle. He runs through the picturesque upper city with the Gothic town hall and many picturesque half-timbered buildings Elisabethpfad down to the Lahn Valley to the Elisabeth Church, which was built in 1235 as the first purely Gothic church in Germany over the grave of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia. Today, even the bones of the last German President, Paul von Hindenburg rest in the Church. The entire tour and the individual stages of the Kolner Elisabethpfads under in small reports presented. The routes are drawn in an interactive map and as GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The walking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Through the combination of useful facts about attractions with specific proposals for tours, explore the sights on foot, the excursion guide has become an indispensable source of information on the Internet. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the walking Atlas Germany. The GPS Walking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land.

Deutsche Public Relations

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

INFOkontor won in the category of press and media relations at the ceremony of the international of German PR prize on Friday. The Cologne agency accepted the award at the gala event in Wiesbaden together with representatives of the order transmitter, Microsoft Germany and the Fink & Fuchs public relations agencies, fischerAppelt relations and Helliwood media & education. “The five were excellent partners for the common digital classroom Microsoft Project shows the formation of the future”. It has been implemented in the framework of the fair CeBIT 2010 and was nominated in two categories of the PR prize. The Cologne media agency INFOkontor is successful on the market for 10 years. In March 2000, started the company as a service provider for electronic media Wilfried big mountain and could support this communication for renowned companies such as Daimler, E-Plus, or Christian Dior.

With the special services around digital media and moving INFOkontor is established as a fixture in the industry. Focuses on the Agency with 11 fixed and 15 free employees also communication concepts for TV, radio and Internet, as well as video productions. The international German PR prize is awarded since 1970 for strategically designed and excellently implemented PR concepts and communication processes in the German-speaking world. It is the highest award of the industry space and professional association will be announced jointly by the Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V. – public relations and the F.A.Z.-Institut.

Europe National

Monday, April 8th, 2019

The Republic of Portugal European flags of all child display wonderful color and are hoisted on aluminum, steel and fiberglass type flag poles. The national banner of Portugal is a vertical striped (2) bicolored with the proportions 2:3 adopted of almost exactly a century ago, this flag has featured the colors green and red, as well as the coat of arms of Portugal right over the color boundary. This national flag has been around for a good number of years and displays a flag field that is unevenly divided into two rectangles, colored green and red. The green rectangle is found on the hoist part of the flag, whereas the red rectangle on the fly part or end. The colors of the new national banner are green and red, and are said to have been used because they are related to events that led to the downfall of the monarchy some 100 years ago. Interestingly, the great discoveries of the Portuguese navigators are commemorated in the armillary sphere behind the shield on the coat of arms.

I personally really enjoy observing this flag flying from poles of all kinds, especially tall flag poles. Portugal search is officially called the Republic of Portugal, and has been designated for a good century. This country has a fascinating history, and opportunities to cultures all over the world. Despite the current economical challenges found in the country and in Europe today, this republic is considered a developed country. According to studies conducted in the past, Portugal has the nineteenth highest quality of life. For the last few decades, the Portuguese territory has become a very popular travel destination to people living in and outside of the E.U.. The neighboring country of Spain so flies a wonderful national flag. Spain’s national banner is slightly younger than the Portugal flag.

The colors of Spain were first chosen however back in 1785. The present civil banner which officially adopted in 1936, the actual state flag some 50 years later, in 1981. This unique tricolor displays three horizontal stripes, of which the lower and the upper stripe are identical in color and size. The center horizontal band is gold (or yellow). Portuguese flags fly beautifully, even in less windy conditions. Those that would like to extend the life of their international flags, including European flags, considered taking your flags down at night. Like any other product, banners, flags and flagpoles require a little maintenance at times.

International Danger

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

The controversial dossier of more than 2,000 pages was voted on the eve of Christmas Eve, as if it were a matter of life or death for the nation. The trouble was due to theatrical vanity of Obama, who wants the law in effect before the one year of its mandate. That become the only President that manages to introduce a major change in the American political structure in such a short time. However their success is doubtful. The Senate applied roll, known in third world countries, where the ruling party abusing their majority, disdains the opposing opinion and approves motions to taste of the ruling party.

No Republican Senator voted to Please. That is not the way that things are done in United States. Proposals for such major seek the agreement of both mounts, filing edges. According to the Rasmussen polling, 55 per cent of the population is against the reform, 41 in favor. This negative difference will bring setbacks to Obama who descended to the level lower popularity in December, compared with any other President in the same period, with just 47 percent of approval according to Gallup. The issue does not end there. The European experience in what public health is concerned, points out that where medicine is socialized, the measure became irreversible.

Everyone enjoyed mediocre, and free medical service at the expense of huge taxes, and anyone who requires treatment of excellence travels to Europe to become a cure. He rang the Bell! The second round begins. Convinced that he did an excellent job, and boasting of its work, as we will hear in the speeches of the coming months.

International Carnival Customs

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

CarDelMar shows, as car hire holiday Carnival traditions around the world can discover since November is Carnival time fully underway. Almost every day, pomp – and Kappensitzungen held in German Karnelvalshochburgen. During the Rosenmontag parades are celebrating million costumed in the inner cities. Internationally there are impressive Carnival traditions, which can be great to discover car hire holiday. Loud and colorful Mardi Gras in New Orleans all taking a driving tour through the southern States of the United States in February, should a few days in New Orleans during Mardi Gras schedule. Diverse cultural and musical influences their expression in the parades, who resign early February up to Shrove Tuesday”, held the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

“” Be organized them by Krewes, associations with names such as Zulu”, Bachhus”or Napoleon”. Hot Samba rhythms and much naked skin Carnival in Brazil throughout the year preparing the samba schools of the whole country to the spectacle before, the most Friday starts before Ash Wednesday. The best schools present in the Sambodromo of Rio de Janeiro. Others show their skills on colourful parades in the city. Of the world’s largest Street Carnival takes place however to not in Rio, but in Salvador da Bahia. Leisure Select best one of the two cities as the origin or endpoint for your car hire holiday. For example, the visit of the Carnival in Rio can be combined wonderfully with a tour through the mountainous region in the North of Rio. A touch of South America on the Canary Islands also on the Canary Islands can be experienced South American influenced Carnival.

“Here, there are several dates, so that spectators, dancers and Murgas”, the music groups, in different locations can celebrate in a row. On Lanzarote, starts the cheerful bustle in Arrecife and migrates to, among others, Yaiza and Teguise.

Michael Buller

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Demonstrably apparent error in the research are undermined the computer image”. There various distribution channels to bring up against each other, but “A supposedly serious test to compare but uniform products”, a matter of him not so Michael Buller further. That caused naturally big head-shaking in the German travel industry about the allegedly “amazing result” of the tests, so the Association in his press statement. “ComputerBild” responded to the allegations and looks more or less the error. The price turned out to be now be wrong: against the travel agency flight and transfer are missing. The total price in this travel agency instead was 3.817 euro with flight and transfer.

“Reducing the price advantage compared to the cheapest price with ISP (4.372 euro, organizer JT tourism) from 1,540 euros to 555”. The “massive package critique” pages of the VIR rejects “ComputerBild” however. These errors can now undermined each editorial. The Consolidators, both online as also as stationary travel agencies are trade representatives of tour operators, is many but also known. Also “Computer Bild” talks about in her review. Therefore the prices are set by the respective travel agent and not by the travel agency (In the test no current combined modules, were considered according to report so-called dynamic packages). Therefore, there should be no price differences in the respective travel agencies (online as offline) thus while same conditions (same operator). However, it is interesting that just this serious price difference was made the lead story in the test report. The editors trusted blind about the offer, without checking the price might be against? At this unusual difference? (According to the test report, this was the largest price difference). In the opinion, “ComputerBild” catches up with a new offer of the stationary travel agencies and now provides a price difference between lastminute.