Michael Buller

Demonstrably apparent error in the research are undermined the computer image”. There various distribution channels to bring up against each other, but “A supposedly serious test to compare but uniform products”, a matter of him not so Michael Buller further. That caused naturally big head-shaking in the German travel industry about the allegedly “amazing result” of the tests, so the Association in his press statement. “ComputerBild” responded to the allegations and looks more or less the error. The price turned out to be now be wrong: against the travel agency flight and transfer are missing. The total price in this travel agency instead was 3.817 euro with flight and transfer.

“Reducing the price advantage compared to the cheapest price with ISP Lastminute.de (4.372 euro, organizer JT tourism) from 1,540 euros to 555”. The “massive package critique” pages of the VIR rejects “ComputerBild” however. These errors can now undermined each editorial. The Consolidators, both online as also as stationary travel agencies are trade representatives of tour operators, is many but also known. Also “Computer Bild” talks about in her review. Therefore the prices are set by the respective travel agent and not by the travel agency (In the test no current combined modules, were considered according to report so-called dynamic packages). Therefore, there should be no price differences in the respective travel agencies (online as offline) thus while same conditions (same operator). However, it is interesting that just this serious price difference was made the lead story in the test report. The editors trusted blind about the offer, without checking the price might be against? At this unusual difference? (According to the test report, this was the largest price difference). In the opinion, “ComputerBild” catches up with a new offer of the stationary travel agencies and now provides a price difference between lastminute.

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