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Friday, March 20th, 2015

Thus, the issue has been resolved – only Italy and Italy. But going to another country if all you know about it? You might say, especially the tourist to know anything, do not tell all the excursions … And when the guide will not be next …? So, a couple of small things which will help save time and money, regardless of what you have chosen holiday Sicily or Rome with the Colosseum. 1) Choosing a restaurant where dinner and lunch do not waste your time looking for a cheap hotel: prices in all of them about the same, although, naturally, in the heart of the city or the most "peak" tourist sites – the highest price, but on the outskirts of the city would be cheaper. But do not compare to the restaurant menus of the same street … If it is absolutely critical to save, go to the 'McDonald's', 'Burger King' or any bar in the vicinity, there are usually sold pizza slices and hot rolls with different fillings. 2) The Russians are very fond of the notorious 'buffet', which is in hotels.

If you fall into this category, you have to get up early, which means at least an hour before the breakfast, because if you come to an end, you can catch a crumb … and then, not always … 3) Seeing drinks, standing at the bar rooms of the hotel, uymite enthusiasm – usually drinks at the bar are not included in the price, which means that everything you eat or drink from the bar (from the fridge) you will be put in a separate account when leaving the hotel. All the same applies to telephone conversations. The only calls "included in the cost of hotel" – inside the hotel between rooms. Everything else for a fee. Remember these simple rules – nothing complicated, but then can be very useful. In any case, the reception is always possible to specify all. Do not be afraid to ask for the people there and work to help or give information.

Blog Samurai

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

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