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Pharmaceutical Marketing Study

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Call Center service providers adm opportunities and risks of the telephone conversation with doctors examined on behalf of adm the IMIG conducted a qualitative market research study for doctors (doctors for practical doctors, general medicine, internal medicine) Institute for market research in the healthcare sector. The interviews on the subject of pharmaceutical marketing were led to two thirds to one third of female doctors and male through a call centre. Two-thirds of the interviews took place in the old Federal States, one-third in the new Lander. Doctors by Ibrahim were recruited and interviewed in all 16 federal States. Purpose of the qualitative survey was to examine the experiences of doctors talking telephone information from pharmaceutical companies and call centers, such as the needs of doctors regarding the telephone speech. Study for more information on the pharmaceutical marketing please visit the website. Press contact: Patrick Kroos borderland berlin Lottumstrasse 11 10119 Berlin FON: + 49 (0) 30 501 836 10 fax: + 49 (0) 30-501 836 11

Studying Finance

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

People have been able to develop the various societies on the basis of qualifications which give life to an endless number of ideas that later materialize into reality, and the acquisition of knowledge is vital to allow the world to continue its expansion and development and to acquire the most useful knowledge is to make some kind of studies under the guidance of a method for the construction of knowledge will be much better.

It is true that the study is vital for development, but to seek development people should not be speeding without a plotted course, since many people make the mistake of studying some form of discipline just to do something, which may ultimately bring some unpleasant consequences, and that if people do not study something that will almost certainly fill completely deserted at any time since the study began to be uncomfortable and if he can finish school may not study as the best way, application in the workplace is not the best, and therefore before choosing which studies would be done development as a way of life, the ideal is to investigate the issues that will and action areas that offer the different ways that you can choose when to study. As a contribution as mentioned in the previous paragraph, this article will give some basic development of one of the many options that exist in the world to create some form of education and is studying economics, road which will greatly useful to know more about the development of society and also the generation of economic theories that help change the reality at certain points, through the implementation of concepts, tools and instruments to give effect to the economic theories.

So those who decide to study economics, they can access a complete comprehensive training that will provide solutions to various problems that occur in society are oriented towards economic aggregates that influence the various events that happen in society, such as unemployment , which can result from a lack of supply of labor or lack of demand for it by employers, another issue that will be explored to study economics is inflation which relates to higher prices and values of different components of the market, as it may be the different products and services resulting from situations such as the influence of the underground economy or overpayment by some sectors that cause prices to rise, paying more for something has little on offer. So with the diverse knowledge to be gained by studying economy can discuss issues like the economy and domestic production, ie to study economics was created awareness to a person who sought to solve problems to help improve the conditions of society in terms of economic components.