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Virtual Business

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Another great theme. There is still the great myth that on the Internet, everything is free. That set up a business on the Internet is much cheaper, I’m not going to deny but free?, if you want to start a business on the net, you have to make investments as if you were putting it off the Internet. Investments depend on two factors: 1. do not have money to invest 2.

You have money to invest. Besides these two factors are divided into two factors most: to) do not plan investment. (b) you plan investment. You don’t have money to invest and also you not plan investment, you can’t be worse. If this happens to you, surely your Virtual business won’t have long to live. If this happens you surely the few dollars you will be wasted without producing any positive effect on your investment. All virtual business needs to make investments according to what warrants the business, do not take your Virtual Business lightly.

If your intension is to invest little money into the network and you also do not plan that investment, it is better do not do not waste your few dollars. Now if you have intentions to transform you into a virtual reference point and you think that the Internet is the way to multiply your income and your reputation, but you don’t have money, go out to look for him and invest them unaided. You have money to invest but you have not planned how to invest, is a case similar to the previous but something worse, since accounts with income, you are going to be able to waste lots of money without getting to realize your dream of having your Virtual business. I advise you to wisely invest your money, that way you’ll get significant revenue in the short term. Business planning is one of the weapons more important than account any entrepreneur, and plan investment is extremely important, since it will allow you to reach the goal set at the lowest possible cost.

Business Plan

Monday, January 7th, 2013

These are the most basic aspects to perform a basic business plan. 1. The concept of business, rather than the product itself. Doesn’t matter so much what you sell, what is important is to define the business concept let me explain with an example. Most people think that McDonald s is a business of hamburgers, others believe that business is to draw the attention of children with the cajita feliz and sell hamburgers to stop them, this is just part of the concept. The true concept of McDonald business is real estate is the company that has more commercial properties in the world, its approach is to buy land with little commercial value, they put a McDonald s, in a few years the property raises its value and sell the rest of the field with added value.

Franchise dealers pay the greater part of the construction and equipment, also end up paying rent for the accommodation more royalties from the franchise. Everything is owned by McDonald s, the point here is the rent of the premises and sale of inputs. The same goes for Burger King, Estartbook and other franchises, notes like it is more important the concept of business that the product to be marketed. 2. The market investigation. Depending on the magnitude of the business will be the research carried out to know the market you intend to venture. The time and money that is intended for this purpose, shall be in the same proportion of the magnitude of the same. The better know the behavior of the market more armored you’re against problems and failures, as well as prevent and solve any contingency.

3. The economic investment. Each type of business determines the amount to invest, however it is common to fall into the error of starting business with the wrong budget, either more or less. Concepts to invest are; the building and machinery, raw material, salaries, marketing and advertising, just to mention the most commonly used. Remember that a good idea than a large budget will always be more important to in fact good ideas reduce the amount to invest and increase the possibilities to succeed. In times of recession many entrepreneurs overlook business plan driven by despair that gives them economic problems and end up digging their own grave commercial. All the time invested in planning a business, it will be saving money and time, in addition to ensure best results.

Potential Partners

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

This is a method that my personally helped me to at least get people noted in my list of subscribers, as many know the money is in the lists. And only using the programs of exchange of visits, many know the operation of these programs, you can see pages of other people to be shown your web page. There are traffic exchange programs that send emails to members of the program inviting them to read them so they can earn credits and then change the credits earned to that the program send your emails appropriate for you to see your offer, your web page. Here is where I see all that authorized recbir emails as my subscription list, why mention this?. . Very simple I will do is send information of quality to all these people promoting articles that I have written in my blog. I do not directly promoted my business offer, which is what 100% of members are doing and it is there where if the information liked they will click on the signature at the end of the article, that the redijira to my main business and if they are interested shall be entered in the registration form to receive more information of what my business is.

This me to helped to grow my list of susscritores, up buyers and potential prospects. Here is the importance of having a blog with quality content. I recommend that you read 10 reasons why you should write articles greetings Pedro Campuzano Director of. negocioswebinteligentes2punto0. The smart way to create business by Internet com with tools marketing experts used by internet follow me on Twitter. com/pcampuzanoMi blog:. blogspot. com Blogs related WEC 46: Coty Wheeler vs. Will Campuzano FIGHT VIDEO effective Internet advertising Auto answer in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Msn and real Internet business Business by tribe could now have Internet clients, are changing arcs and the 5 key elements to achieve success in business in DEWALT DC9096 XRP 18-Volt 2.

Argentine Government

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

The Argentine Government is up to the directory of companies: why is this bad? April 16th, 2009 how difficult to carry out a productive activity in the Argentina! In addition to a context uncertain and unstable (mainly the product of official economic policy), controls on prices and the high rate of inflation, now the Government intends to get into the companies. Although the strategy is not the same used by Chavez, does not seem to differentiate too much of it. The nationalization of the funds of retirement and pensions (AFJP), in Argentina not only represented a problem for the contributors to the private system, but also was for several private companies of which had shareholding the missing entities of administration. Think that when privatized system of pensions and retirement in the Argentina, and were allowed the AFJP to invest a portion of the funds in local actions, this represented one very good news for the stock market local as their listed companies that struggled improve your score to be the object of investment for them. Now these companies have within himself an unwanted shareholder and that can adversely affect the prospects for them.

The nationalization of the AFJP system changed the corporate structure of the companies of one not minor mode that shares ownership of these companies that was in the hands of several AFJP happened to be in the hands of a single shareholder: the State. A shareholder with greater power and a different vision about business. What is the problem that the Government enter part of these private companies? The main problem is that the State does not think just like the private sector by what their influence in decision-making can move away to the signatures of its goal of maximizing benefits and may impede strategic decision-making for the future development of companies. In relation to this, the Argentine Government has already finished his view short-term, characteristic samples which are it becomes a threat when it translates into its interventions in these companies.


Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

The price is forgotten, the quality remains. Proverb French introduction is necessary, that modern management this fully identified with what represents the scope, implications that derive from having a good quality culture, where all your staff is fully identified with her and give step to develop products with guarantee of all attributes that the quality holds, with good quality of customer servicesas well as having a process management that ensures a good productivity to meet demand occurring in the current dynamic, competitive marketing scenarios. General information, business considerations in the here and the now concerning his involvement in pro not only kept cattle markets, but in what it intends to conquer, should pay close attention to quality, to all national and international regulations, what it involves, on-demand, generates, its competitive advantages and all those aspects to be taken into account for ensure the products offered, its attributes, its services, to meet the needs that consumers demand and achieve outcomes that reach planned goals within the scenarios where it participates. To do this, management must give way to a culture of quality, where East involved all its human resource, providing training, training, benefits, impacts resulting from a good quality. Therefore, it is necessary within the new organizational culture with the support of a good quality culture, with well-defined policies of this one, which as discussed, defining expected by employees; as well as the products or services that are provided to customers. This policy requires the commitment of all members of the organization. The quality policy must be drafted with the purpose that can be applied to any employee activities, also may apply to the quality of the products or services offered by the company. Also as Arturo Clery, says basic clearly establish quality standards, and thus cover all aspects related to the quality system. And their integration into a good management of processes. Since then, to give effect to the implementation of this policy, it is necessary that employees have the knowledge required to meet the demands of customers, and in this way achieve offer excellent products or services that may meet or exceed expectations.