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Education Should Develop Character

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Education should make living, direct and loving men (1883). “The mind is like the wheel of the cars, and as the word turns the running exercise and lighter” (1884), “It’s professional the divorce between the education received between one era and the era “(1884) is an imperative of social development that the education students receive during the men of the future will be in keeping with the times. And to do the educational work that demands the time, to prepare the man who has to live today and tomorrow should be amended throughout the organization archaic school, give away the traditional approaches and turn it into a living organism whose systematic activity organized and planned, to ensure the formation of an individual who can meet the demands. It is an ultimate goal of the educational system in Cuba, and so appear in documents that govern the work of the school, getting to know individuals, can, want to confront and productively and independently resolve challenges in the student life first, and work later, with the least investment of time and effort. The independent search of knowledge is the most characteristic feature of student’s cognitive activity. Independence is one of the main features of autonomy and makes that you can solve the fundamental problems without outside help, without reproducing arbitrarily and adding something new. In this regard, Jose Ramon Fernandez (1986), Minister of Education in Cuba said: “The primary activity of the educator must be directed to act in the minds of learners to foster the development of their intellectual abilities, to teach how to think, reason, to synthesize, to develop habits and skills for independent work, for searching and organizing knowledge for the proper use and proper management of textbooks and literature sources, for taking lecture notes as support, not replace textbooks, instilling self-study habits, ie, teach them to study at the same time it focuses its efforts on building of the personality …”.

Making a Great Company

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

A large company is not the same as a great company. A large company is simply that it has grown, while a large company which has developed the capabilities to provide a level of service or different product, beyond its size. There is a moment in the life of small and medium enterprises (if we do not want to repeat the experience of Gonzalez and Sons “) in which it should be realized that the simple model based on growth or in conducting follow-up based solely on numerical variables (turnover, production level, number of staff, for example) should cease to be the parameters with which we must evaluate our management and for this the first thing to change is our vision the role of management or management company because absolutely no customer is willing to pay a penny extra for our products if the penny is intended to “fund” our inefficiencies rather than provide a higher level of satisfaction. Our macroeconomic hits us every day and constantly forces us to rethink how we are working (or at least how we should be doing). The lack of liquidity that often coexist with small and medium enterprises, the decline in demand for our products, the excessive and fierce competition in our markets, the inability to have a working capital level commensurate with the needs of our commercial business, the fall in turnover rates of the portfolios, interest rates we pay to fund our activities, the tax burden, are some answers to commonly wields the small and medium entrepreneurs from having to explain why not achieve the results that company needs to continue its development.