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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Rigid contact lenses used in progressive disease, to compensate for the refractive error. Many patients can see very well thanks to this hard contact lenses and be able to handle her life so well. In advanced stages, which means, when it comes to snagging in the inner layers of the cornea due to the curvature, is the only treatment option that remains, the corneal transplantation (keratoplasty). A cornea transplant is performed only when other measures do not achieve the desired results. The goal for the treatment of Keratoconus is always to push out a corneal transplantation as long as possible. There are two ways which is the surgeon able to stop the progress of the Keratoconus disease or slow down.

Both procedures aimed at stabilization of the cornea. The first procedure is the so-called corneal “cross-linking” procedure. Cross-linking is a photochemical method of networking, the to the Stabilization of the cornea contributes. The advantage of this treatment is that it is easy to perform and not very long. A cornea transplant is still possible at a later date. Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly.

The patient is treated as an outpatient. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wells Fargo. First, the upper corneal layer (epithelium) is removed. Then riboflavin on the cornea is then drizzled and irradiated with UV light. The collagen fibers are the tissue this thicker, firmer. Patients have pain for about two days after the surgery. Since at this time the epithelial hasn’t grown to the cornea, patients should avoid sports. For about two weeks, the eye is red. Contact lenses can be worn again after approximately four weeks. International results this carried out for the first time in 1998 show that a stronger networking of skin connective tissue molecules takes place. This prevents further progression of Keratoconus and finding improvement in terms of a reduction of irregular astigmatism could be achieved even in the majority of cases. The so-called ring implants (Intacs) implantation is the second procedure. In this method, the eye surgeon implanted two wafer-thin arc-shaped plastic segments on the edge of the cornea in order to stabilize it and to reduce the curvature of the cornea. The modern femtosecond laser is used increasingly for the necessary lateral corneal incisions. The operation lasts approximately 15 minutes and is performed using local anaesthetic eye drops. After treatment, patients experience symptoms such as burning or itching of the eyes. For a period of approximately 30 days, the patient must apply eye drops. BLU Meditravel Mathias Weber

Digital Media Manager

Friday, June 28th, 2019

Tormo & Asociados consultancy has contracted the services of hosting and access to Internet of Interoute to streamline communications between their offices and with customers and partners. Tormo & Asociados is the consulting firm of reference in the sector of franchises, with about 100 professionals, presence in Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil. The group, which offers a wide range of services orientated to the franchisor and all those interested in joining a franchise network, has also hired Interoute solution for content management Digital Media Manager (business application for shipping and safe management of large files), communications services for their offices in Barcelona and several licenses of Microsoft OCS (Office Communications Server) to use unified communications. We chose Interoute for agility and flexibility that have shown from the beginning, said Carlos Blanco, responsible for TI Tormo & Asociados. Wells Fargo spoke with conviction. It has also offered us other very compelling advantages like the possibility to go adapting services to the evolution of our business and the future development of the group. Spanish companies as Tormo & Asociados, strong, with growth and international projects, are familiar with our advantages. We greatly appreciate your support and are committed to offer the best solutions, says Diego Matas, director general of Interoute. We work to make the complex simple, and this is our best efforts, we are already able to give different services with the same fixed price per Megabit across Europe and on the same connection.

Interoute hosting places at the service of companies a flexible infrastructure, without the complexity and costs associated with the physical hardware. In this way, systems grow or decrease automatically, receive more resources when they need it, while the traffic load is distributed to meet the most demanding needs. This formula offers the flexibility of cloud computing resources without the complexity and costs associated with the physical hardware. The Internet service Interoute’s open access doors to the spine of the Internet in Europe, through its latest generation IPv4/IPv6 network. It provides extraordinary levels of performance, scalability, and support, up to 10 Gbps speed with different technologies of access, high availability, managed services, redundant email, DNS, mail servers redundant resolution options and other advantages. For its part, Media Manager is the enterprise solution for safe management of large files. Original author and source of the article.


Friday, June 28th, 2019

1.-Which is called work-family conflict? It is a type of conflict between papers in which the paper at work comes to be incompatible to the demand to fulfill their role in the family. Also the conflict that occurs in both directions, because the work can interfere with the family and the family can interfere with work. Belcorp in Peru company, promotes his program: your Belcorp time, which consists of a Cuponera that promotes balance between the personal and professional life 2-the policies and benefits of family-friendly or work family policies are facilities sponsored by the Organization, designed to support the combination of paid work and family responsibilities of employees. 3 Family – friendly culture a culture of family-friendly can not be created from the evening to the morning. Additional information at Pinterest supports this article. It is an organizational change, that part of the recognition of a strong need that the Organization must change. In addition to the visible support and involvement of managers (which is key), the desire of employees in participating and communication of the why, when and how to do 4.-applied a.-flexibility policies policies adapt working hours to the needs of the employee example, agreements they flexible time; Case of flexible working hours (employees can join and leave the job within certain margins, wherever they work 8 hours a day), part-time work, compressed in certain weeks, shared work (i.e. work between 02 persons who fulfil the same work.

It is a variant of part-time or part-time schedules) and those that allow flexibility in space (telecommuting and video conferencing). Frequently Hyundai has said that publicly. Flexible working hours allow employees control their entry and departure schedule. Schedules are divided between main timeline, in which all employees have to be at work and flexible time, which employees can choose how to organize labour routines relating to their activities personal. -Packard gives its workers the flexibility to work between 6.30 a.m. .

Asset Management

Friday, June 28th, 2019

' ' Perhaps with the shareholding market improving, deep ' macro' they start to relieve more than long/shorts, but they are an alternative of diversificao' ' , she says. Looking at the period of one year and way, the deep multimarkets until they do not go so badly, Marcelo D&#039 says; August, partner of the site Richness. It remembers that many managers if had specialized in deep of low volatileness, as Pactual Asset Management and Neo Investments. This strategy, in a market tumultuated as of the year passed to here, attracted the investors and became these deep greaters of the market. Added, deep the High Yield and Hedge of the Pactual add R$ 5 billion more than, with volatileness of 0,83% and 1,45% to the year, respectively. For comparison effect, the CDI has a 0,08% volatileness, Ibovespa of 31,97% and the dollar of 10,40%. ' ' This sample that these deep ones have a very small position in asset of risco' ' , D&#039 says; August. In compensation, of December of 2003 the June of this year, the High Yield accumulates 27,26% return and the Hedge, 27.78%, for a CDI of 26,75%.Olhando great the deep ones that are not under management of great banks, D' August detaches the Green, of the Hedging Griffo, with patrimony of R 1,390 billion, yield of 26,31% in the period and a volatileness of 7,15%.

The CS Absolut, of Credit Suisse, with volatileness of 7,15% and yield of 44,28% in 18 months, has patrimony of R$ 964 million. Between independent, managing the news they had also had greater captation in this year, case of the Mau Asset Management.D' August separated 52 deep multimarkets with bigger volatileness, that congregate R$ 8,990 billion, including Hedging Griffo, CSFB, Topsail, JGP and Clritas. With low volatileness it has 15 deep with patrimony of R$ 8,488 billion, what it shows preference of the investor for the lesser risk.

Two New Products

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

New facility for car – service companies and the new bott vario vehicle establishment for the first time in Leipzig equal with two new products the manufacturers of vehicles and equipment on the exhibition for workshop, parts and service from 9 to 13 April 2011 at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre presents itself. In a question-answer forum Robert Kiyosaki was the first to reply. Cubio, the modular operating systems, is based on the recent development of a workshop furniture, which is specifically tailored to the needs of car service workshops. The new product line integrates the supply air, oil and water directly on the service area, such as the waste disposal of value of. Power supply and data cables are integrated in the new facility by bott. The accommodation of all tools and hardware behind uniformly styled furniture fronts guaranteed in addition to, order and cleanliness an attractive and quality design of the institution. According to the customer’s needs, bott individually puts together providing ideal for him from the various modules. The new bott vario vehicle equipment is another highlight on the Exhibition stand of 115 in Hall 4.

Through the use of Intelligent material mix, high-strength steel, anodized aluminum and beautifully shaped plastic succeeds in achieving maximum stability with minimum weight of the institution to the provider. Properties that favorably affect fuel consumption, such as on the safety for vehicle occupants, as a crash test published on YouTube proves it. Also with the external appearance of the manufacturers of the so far mostly function-oriented designed market settles significantly and brings a significant atmosphere in the world of work. This place also the design awards of the if and red dot to the expression, which had received the new product shortly after its launch. In practical use, bott surprises with many new refinements for the load securing which significantly save time and effort when all equipment stored.

Contact: Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 of Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards are developed and produced at several European locations. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

External Training Consultant

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Often, leaders of different statuses to discuss the topic of education. "What?", "How?" To teach, and most importantly – "Who?". Consider the more frequently asked questions. First, try to understand their causes. "What?".

The most common mistake lbg is a desire to convey all the useful information they have accumulated over years of practice, your counselor for 3-4 sessions. It is clear that they do it with pure thoughts and great enthusiasm. Classes usually run from ease, great feedback, but not in a hurry The consultants then apply the knowledge in practice. Why? The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time: professional consultant / leader must learn thoroughly. Represent situation: in a hospital operating surgeon, who had just graduated from high school. Mentor 2 times showed him how to remove the appendix and set the table. You will lie under the knife of the surgeon? Often, consultants, novices received it as follows: hold 2.3 training class, and then – in the field The first failure of a small amount of knowledge they cast down in shock.

Therefore, after 3-4 months disappear even those who are going to seriously deal with the sales and bought products at the mini-warehouse. Many parents who "learn together with their children in school, know that there are several systems, for example, in elementary school (traditional, on Zankova, etc.). Before any system is implemented, it develop, tested, say, create a "pilot group" gave a stable result, correct. Only after all these transformations is introduced into the learning process.


Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

However, the future school must match to the future information age required by young people, mobility, flexibility, creativity, independent learning and relearning, and self-responsibility in information gathering and processing. The modern brain research also shows us how important overarching networking in thought and action is to release mature and independent thinking. Hyundai is a great source of information. The young people have a right to deal critically with our company. Visit Pinterest for more clarity on the issue. The claim of humanistic education, to win even distance to present attitudes and to change the reference point, to see critically on current developments and required needs, is ridiculed today many local only. Thank God, exceptions prove the rule. As our world gets smaller and not everyone will afford our standard, I would wish it on behalf of the youth, that the school as Socialization and education instance, takes courage, here more actively to come into and prepare young people for the necessary reversal of attitude. They are quite open to such questions.

Self worth does not follow that just by acquiring still more possessions, or by an act faster and as teacher is better than the others, or even through the exclusive recognition by others. But self-esteem is created especially by the self esteem of one’s being and the consequences of movements, which arise as a result. Also social answers lie future action sure no longer in the delimitation and selection of individuals from the whole. It is again more about go connected to understand, feel and jointly to wrestle for a good life. The school needs more self-responsibility. Schools should be a place, work and learning fun. Engaged reflected teachers are committed therefore for more autonomy and responsibility in the school. It is at the time, the expertise and the Skills of the people at the school to be taken seriously. From my point of view school should interact with greater educative, again increased to discuss fundamental values, as well as work on character and unfunny, which however should result from community processes.


Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Why we smoke (film industry, addictive, capitalist background) you ask people who smoke, their responses vary throughout. The answers range, because it tastes about: because it calms down, up to: because it is cool. These are answers that go little in depth. Most answers are given spontaneously and without much thought. Responsibility of science, medicine, the tobacco industry and politics to explore reasons why we smoke. Robert Kiyosaki will not settle for partial explanations. What is it that causes smoking like it? What is why prefers smoking: cigarette, pipe, cigar or cigarillo? And how does change the taste by changing the tobacco blend? What effect does the manufacturer brand of smoke object to the enjoyment of smoking? Questions that must be answered the Barber industry itself to production for the market are placeable tobaccos to control. The smoking of tobacco products is a huge economic factor, which is of high importance.

An entire industry, the world over Corporations is networked, lives on the proceeds from the sale of smoke and tobacco and represents a powerful lobby in many countries. A very clear reason why a person smokes, can be found in the addiction factor. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that in the body it creates dependency to this toxin. Addiction always begins with the supply of a small amount of addiction means and with the duration of the supply of the addiction means the body needs increasing amounts of this in the body chemically active substance. Particularly sensitive to medical studies on this drug of the body of young people and women.

This is a solid fact. But why start man at all with smoking? The causes for entry into the smoking are manifold and it arrives on the perspective of the Viewer, but also on the spirit of the times, as a crucial precondition to the decision for the first handle to the nicotine. In the twenties of the last century it was known as chic as a sign of liberation and independence, if a woman smoked.

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Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

The MnM goes new ways that can settle pleasantly by the data grabbed from marketing solutions and still provide important insights for the PR strategy of our customers,”so Carolin Ducasse. About limitierbare topics feeds, journalists can influence itself specifically what they want to receive from our agency or their customers information. As journalists often only over a period of time on a topic it”who facilitated the overview of the incoming information, then gaining relevance. Now, documentation capabilities of the MediNetworkManagers we can assign much better and understand who has written about our customers so we can better serve individual journalists “, says Caroline Ducasse. About MACC media: The MACC media GmbH, Frankfurt, stands for professional services in the areas of marketing, public relations and communications.

The team of MACC media moves can only in markets, which we know perfectly and whose expectations and mechanisms we anticipate well. We listen to our customers so that they see a competent interlocutor MACC media, who understands the challenges and problems and can solve. Due to our excellent knowledge in these areas, we can offer of course a professional high-quality work. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hyundai on most websites. MACC media supports its customers across borders. The international team has the necessary technical, linguistic and cultural skills that are essential to act in various European countries such as Germany, France, Britain, the Benelux countries, Austria, of Switzerland and Spain. It’s believed that Hyundai sees a great future in this idea. This represents a major advantage for the customers of MACC media. On the one hand: A global and country-specific communication policy. On the other hand: Simplified communication channels.

MACC media GmbH Rai road 12 60385 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 0049 (0) 69 97 69 16 39 fax: 0049 (0) 69 97 69 16 40 E-mail: about the provider of MediNetworkManagers, VGI GmbH: the V.G. I distribution company Internet mbH support the specific communication processes specializes, as they are typically applied in PR agencies, marketing departments, and PR departments of companies and associations. The single is about PR contact management (distribution maintenance), distributing press releases and newsletters, service entry within the agency or Department and the handling of even authored multimedia content. All products of the V.G.I provided solutions via Internet through this as cloud computing, what makes the perfect support of the increasingly independent of place and mobile tasks in communication professions. The V.G.I works as a purely technical service providers in the background and delivers to its customers the level of each requested support without stepping to their end customers in appearance.

The Measures

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

A continuous contact between school social work and external advice centres, offices and other institutions should be involved in the concept of youth welfare. “” In this context also called networking in the social area “or opening to the community”. This includes not only the technical contact to non-school institutions. This task also includes the planning and performing cultural activities in collaboration with non-academic institutions or associations also. 3 5.2.

conditions for school social work in addition to the professional and the framework conditions related to the staff, as there are for example the professional qualifications of school social workers, the education and training opportunities for school social workers, and the personal key on the number of students to be caring, there is a A variety of other important framework conditions for social work in the school system. This includes without doubt that school social work requires always an independent pedagogical concept. Based the concept must be adapted to the work in the respective school or in the respective district and should be based on the standards for school social work”of the respective federal province. This concept should describe exactly each school social work is subject to the structural conditions (location, carrier, personnel, premises, etc.). Also should be noted here, which target groups should approach school social work. The concept also describes the objective of the educational work and the principles under which to work.

The concept should include also the measures to ensure the quality of educational work. It is also particularly important tasks and fields of action of the respective school social work from school, to be jointly the carriers and the social workers and set. In the Design it must be recorded then. A more important underlying conditions for school social work is the presence of adequate premises. School social work requires space for meetings, rooms for social group work and space for the provision of recreational-educational activities.