The Measures

A continuous contact between school social work and external advice centres, offices and other institutions should be involved in the concept of youth welfare. “” In this context also called networking in the social area “or opening to the community”. This includes not only the technical contact to non-school institutions. This task also includes the planning and performing cultural activities in collaboration with non-academic institutions or associations also. 3 5.2.

conditions for school social work in addition to the professional and the framework conditions related to the staff, as there are for example the professional qualifications of school social workers, the education and training opportunities for school social workers, and the personal key on the number of students to be caring, there is a A variety of other important framework conditions for social work in the school system. This includes without doubt that school social work requires always an independent pedagogical concept. Based the concept must be adapted to the work in the respective school or in the respective district and should be based on the standards for school social work”of the respective federal province. This concept should describe exactly each school social work is subject to the structural conditions (location, carrier, personnel, premises, etc.). Also should be noted here, which target groups should approach school social work. The concept also describes the objective of the educational work and the principles under which to work.

The concept should include also the measures to ensure the quality of educational work. It is also particularly important tasks and fields of action of the respective school social work from school, to be jointly the carriers and the social workers and set. In the Design it must be recorded then. A more important underlying conditions for school social work is the presence of adequate premises. School social work requires space for meetings, rooms for social group work and space for the provision of recreational-educational activities.

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