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Efficient Production

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

REFA brings new momentum for continuous improvement / Kaizen continuously track efficiency reserves and harness that is imperative in the current economic climate for most companies to ensure their own survival. For manufacturers, this means to refine CIP and Kaizen concepts or but with high pressure to introduce, if this has not yet happened. According to opinion of the REFA Association Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland it is enough to do this, but not to shift technical operations and alone to expect an improvement in earnings. The key to the success was rather that the people who work in the production, make improvement to their cause and actively support the efficiency, so the national organization of the prestigious Association for work design, operations, and business development. Be better tomorrow than today is therefore the motto of a completely new learning concept, developed for production employees and their managers REFA and now is has been introduced under the name of learning factory in the market. During one single produced a real industrial product with all typical operations, as well as the internal and external networks to two-day event.

Thus the participants of the connections are made aware, depend on where the production results to be achieved. A central effect of the learning factory is that participants see the inefficiency of many work processes and the concomitant waste of time and material formally learn, says Jurgen John, Deputy Chairman of the REFA land organization and one of the designers of the learning factory. Continuous improvement and Kaizen are now generally recognized as a production philosophy, but implementation remains in many companies far behind the possibilities. In the context of the learning factory, participants develop an understanding for the idea of Kaizen and Kaizen and they discover concrete approaches for improvements in their operation. John: It is also I’m sure that it depends mainly from the combination of hard and soft factors, whether the improvement measures are successful. The actual work is not yet done with visiting the learning factory of course, but it develops a high level of motivation to tackle concrete improvement measures. Their implementation is supported by REFA on request. For this purpose, the Association holds not only experts for production processes, but also for team work, leadership, and change management.

End Company

Saturday, August 6th, 2016

Reduction of risks: many times, non-core functions could be critical, in that time they will need a specialized intervention. In those moments, if the same function that is externalized becomes critical, in the hands of the service provider it will be in good hands, because the pool of talent available at the end of the outsourcing and by all the experiences that has won through the service of other customers, would be in a position and much better to deal with any kind of risk. 7. The management capacity: there may be times in which non-core functions may need additional hands to comply with tasks and deadlines.

In those moments, it would be difficult for an employee of the company to cope with the pressure. However, if the function is shared with others, the headache of meet the time limits would be in charge of outsourcing in question. Now we are on negative points, one by one. 1. Language barriers: the right thing is to say that language barriers pose a threat.

However, there are several countries that actually promote its people to learn foreign languages that help Outsourcing processes. One of these countries is India, where there are numerous institutions that are highlighted in the teaching of foreign languages. Indeed, all in the India call centers have a compulsory for agents accent training before going live. 2. Social responsibility: Is true that the relocation of processes translate into growth of unemployment in the country from where the processes are being relocated. However, that’s only part of the story! Outsourcing as a result of greater profitability for companies that are then reinvested in the economy. This definitely has an impact far better than the negative impact of the rise in unemployment. In fact, the negative aspect is widely offset by the positive impact of gains get fruit within the economy. 3 Conocimientode the company: is true that an employee might have a better understanding of the company. However, this knowledge is not constructed in the overtime. Any outsourcing service can create the same kind of knowledge from a knowledge transfer structured from the business of the service provider. 4. The rotation of personnel: personnel rotation is something that even a company has to manage with own employees. This is something that is a common problem and therefore cannot be used against outsourcing service.

DYNAMO Management

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Celum Dynamo, companies can reduce external agency costs. Linz, June 30, 2010. The celum GmbH, a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management solutions, today presents to the Henry Stewart DAM London Conference with celum DYNAMO an immediate system for Web-to-print and brand management before. A structured brand management is a major challenge for company with numerous divisions, subsidiaries or distribution partners in Germany and abroad. A fire management portal is the basis for greater transparency and process efficiency and consistency in the implementation of the brand. Celum Dynamo companies can build within a central brand platform days in the intranet, which guaranteed the brand-compliant use and processing of each layout for different channels.

In a custom user interface processes, such as document creation, acceptance and sharing, and print jobs are and automated comprehensible. At the same time, the corporate design in all can by accessing a central media platform Channels and production be ensured. Celum DYNAMO supports create, edit, translate, customize, distribute, manage, and publish prospectuses, brochures, folders, posters, business stationery using Adobe InDesign documents. Celum DYNAMO processes can perform online and collaboratively in the companies, agencies or distribution partners. The platform supports the process of the design or production, where voting operations can be streamlined massively. Our customers use celum DYNAMO to automate marketing processes and to accelerate and to reduce external costs in marketing.

The Austrian Federal Railways oBB expected annual savings in the marketing of several 100,000 by using celum DYNAMO ‘stresses Michael J. Kraftner, CEO celum GmbH. If a company with celum DYNAMO works, marketing materials can be created faster by up to 90%. The time and the effort of the creation process Persons involved are reduced by up to 75%. Simple changes can be made directly by the user without the participation of an external agency, which is reducing the external agency costs by up to 60%.” Celum DYNAMO in the customer’s existing infrastructure blends with easy integration in modern portal technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint. Optional for the integration of celum and specialized partners deliver complete brand management portal solutions from first-hand. Celum DYNAMO is now also available as a software-as-a-service (SaS) available. About celum the Austrian software company celum delivers solutions for the enterprise digital asset management processes in communication, automate marketing and sales, to speed up and reduce the costs. The company was founded in 1999, offers standard software since 2004 and employs world’s 55 employees at the headquarters in Linz and at offices in Vienna, food, Paris, Rome and San Jose. More than 380 customers in 28 countries with over 350,000 Users put software on celum. It provides for greater efficiency in the digital asset management among CDU, CreditSuisse, Hochtief, L ‘ Oreal, Migros, universal music, voestalpine, Volkswagen and Carl Zeiss. Learn more about celum and products get people interested in the Internet at.