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Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Cuba is cause of admiration and joy the recent news by the administration of Barack Obama where are allowed to the ista of Cuba travel and remittances. Many already were the years in which the Cubans did not enjoy this kind of rights. The development of good relations among many countries is a reality that is seen around the world, so the Cuban blockade sounded us something strange. We hope that soon the inhabitants of that country gozen of a greater amount of freedom to a full development, since it can contribute with many advances in different areas, such as medicine, with several contributions in vaccines or other pharmaceutical discoveries.We cannot allow that 21st century will continue to commit violations towards our freedoms as human beings, it would advocate for people suffering from outbursts in Cuba and fight for a world where borders are minimal. In this way, cultural growth would be greater and our primary task would be to promote a harmonious environment among all.

By other side, seems to be that the President of the United States is going through a path where you intend to meet the proposals he made during his political campaign, thing that should begin to make Mexican leaders, who only promise but we do not meet. Hopefully it continues struggling to achieve its mission in the manner in which he has been doing and not what happens to other political personalities, who have put their personal ambitions ahead of the good of society.

Near East

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Conditions whose ambiguous interpretation can take a new one and tangled labyrinth that hinders or prevents the advance of the process. The wasps’s nest which one has become Israeli political situation after the elections makes anticipate a made bristle way of obstacles. Tzipi Livni, president of the Kadima, winning party of the elections, has affirmed in the Haaretz newspaper: Netanyahu is more extremist than Lieberman, that does not discard the bistate solution. Netanyahu does not want nor to speak of her. Lieberman, president of the party of extreme right Yisrael Beitenu, has affirmed that it would not matter to him to live in one on the constructed illegal establishments in Palestinian territory if with that an agreement were reached peace.

Conscious of his position like third party more voted and, therefore, key to decide the composition of Government the future, it is allowed to show diverse faces according to the conjuncture. On the one hand, it affirms that the serious problem in Near East is not the one of Palestine, but the threats that come from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other hand, it announces his acceptance of a process towards the bistate solution at the same time as it advocates a strict control of the Israeli population of Arab origin, that it would already aggravate its difficult situation of social and political discrimination. That an extremist as Lieberman can appear as politically centered in the Israeli phantom is a sample of the ruling disagreement. The result of the negotiations between the United States and Israel will be perceived, mainly, in the composition of the Government who forms Netanyahu, that will have to be constituted necessarily in the first days of April. In any case, everything seems to indicate that the time bomb that was arming the British Empire during its colonial mandate in Palestine will continue threatening La Paz in Near East and generating very dangerous tensions. Only the chance of History, with its unforseeable vicissitudes, could show a day how the new Empire, that to the other side of the Atlantic gathered the witness of the proud and declining Rule Britannia, contributed to solve the conflict that their predecessors imprudently contributed to create. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the Reserve original Author and source of the article.


Saturday, January 26th, 2019

There are no recipes Jon Gabriel because in reality does not defend any diet in particular. At most, says that one should eat healthy, nutritious foods and stay away as much as possible of the processed food. The reason why there are no recipes Jon Gabriel is that there is no need for a special diet when this method is adopted. Jon teaches how you to regularize the production of two vital hormones control fat insulin and leptin, once handled this correctly, your body should tell you what you need to eat. Therefore, Jon is not any specific diet or food advocates. There are no recipes Jon Gabriel. He believes that all you need to do to lose weight healthily is tune with their body language. The body is regulated and that brings us to your ideal weight, provided help to regain your inner balance.

The key to the success of this method to lose weight is that there are no recipes recommended like other famous applications of how weight loss. People are tired of diets that low weight when thing are carrying to the practice and once you leave you have Yo-Yo effect, and what kind of food, or recommend meals packaged specifically. If Gabriel executes a search of Jon recipes you get some very interesting collections of recipes. However, is not wrong; These recipes are not part of the book (or Guide) that he wrote. These are invented based on the premises that he advocates, but has always advised to eat healthy and nutritious food, but has not imposed any taboos on feeding or food styles. What happens when you follow the method by Jon Gabriel, to lose weight healthily.

Your body turns into harmony with its internal logic and the ideal fat content which must be identified. Basically, the body finds its balance and once it does, works only concentrated to remove any excess fat from the body. In the process, he begins to desire for specific foods that provide nutrition in particular as per the internal requirement. As you can see, There is no need for specific recipes Jon Gabriel in this process. As your body to rights, it speeds up your metabolism and burn fat faster and more effectively. The result is a new you, without any type of diet or exercise regimen or any other side effects. You can do this with or without the call recipes Jon Gabriel, since in reality they do not seek for a certain type of cuisine, the transformation comes from the inside, driven by his own body and inner mind power himself balance. Jon Gabriel method, how to lose weight healthily, intends to activate this inner power and maintain sufficient time to train to become responsible for regulation of the body systems. While that healthy, heavily processed foods helps you, you definitely don’t need any specific Jon Gabriel recipes to achieve this goal. Just listening to your body is enough. More copyright info original and source of the article.

The Rancor Reached Affectations

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Greatness generates rancor, resentment engenders envy, envy produces lies. Rogelio Mendez. Rancor is that resentment that is created after the discovery of a truth inconvenient and usually difficult to fit. It is a dangerous variant of hatred that can overshadow the course of days and force us to perceive life bitter and colorless perspective.

reminds us, the rancor, according to the modern Spanish LRousse dictionary, means resentment, being resentful or hurt someone for some reason. This affects our lives because it brings feelings of infelicididad and hostility that sicken our soul. Forgiveness is a beautiful and sublime expression. It comes from a Greek root meaning alter or change, i.e., that forgiveness entitles me to change and alter any situation that allows me to cancel the debt of another person with me. Forgiveness is the Act of freeing someone from a real or perceived grievance. A debt is perdonanada when you pound the debtor of the obligation and gives complete the pending account has there been between you and the person who hurt her., us adds, that rancor advocates maintain the pain in our mind and blocks us the energy needed to solve our problem and feel good physically and mentally. Resentment builds up inside us and becomes a burden that should be left in a corner. While present, not only makes us slaves to our past, but it prevents us from successfully continue with our lives. This is due to that feeling comes, on multiple occasions, motivated by irrational thoughts that generate, intensify and keep a desire for revenge that rarely is satiated. Such irrationality destroys the person and hinders you see clearly the reality of things. Since then, grudge gives way to emotions, which should know to control if we do not want that they can affect us psychic and physically, we should be surprised how we are acting before facts which we believe affect us, and which perhaps have done us damage, determine the reason for this, in that We failed to give him chance to rancor to be present and not know face may produce unfavorable results.

The Work

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

The quality of life depends on individual factors, that one that in which the proper man if propitiates, without presenting the possible efforts to change the joined picture. unhappyly caused by the lack of instructions, spaces and time. Also it can be originated by the obesidade, as example the infantile one, leading to an increase of the mass of fat in the body. For (NAVARRESE FRELUT and, 2000) the obesidade for the adults also as an extreme accumulation of fat mass. Also being able to be to occur to the obesidade as factor and consequence with the existence of an excess of alimentary ingestion, sedentarismo, intrafamiliar relationship complicated, it weans precocious, solid food introduction, substitutions of meals for snacks and difficulties in the interpersonal relations (FIELDS, 1995). It is interesting that these factors must be observed for the difficulties of social supports, upheavals in the social life, as anxiety, depression where the same ones as examples of children will not have stimulatons to carry through activities in groups in the school, the groups of tricks and other activities as challenges of fights that will make with the emagrecimento work and to face the scale.

The depression has increasing interest for much people as it affirms Luiz, et all, (2005). The depression has excited increasing interest, mainly skin presence with that this diagnosis has been made. But, during much time one gave credit that the children rare presented depression. Currently they exist you evidence, derived from a substantial number of studies, of that depressive upheavals also appear during infancy and not only in the adolescence and the life adult (LUIZ, et all, 2005). He is clearly, that the depression has generated an importance of character of upheavals generated in children or adolescents and adults. This depression generates difficult situations in people who need to develop activities in groups of schools, the work, in the club and in the proper spaces of houses.

Critic Films

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

The work of the critic according to politics of the authors is, more than what to analyze individually such or such film, to evidence in the set of the workmanship of an author its matrix. Arduous task since this matrix already is not known of principle for the proper author. Because the author does not construct its matrix: discovers it. She is necessary to cover a way of some films finally to find it and to establish a homogeinidade in its workmanship. He is as if, since its first film, already it was latent what it he is characteristic but completely was not disclosed still. Its films doravante will be always if approaching what Bernardet calls one ' ' arquefilme' '.

Concept how much in such a way platonic one to assign the film par excellence of one determined managing. As a film model was existed that grouped all the trends of the author, who it finishes more or less loaning to all its films with intensity during its career. Reaching finally its? maturity? , the author and its workmanship form a set coeso that he serves, for the critic, to all analyze the set of its workmanships. Thus, the analysis of the last films of a director? already coesos with the proper director? it helps the understanding of its first films, that still were tateando, looking for to express what them it was inherent but was not clearly. It is as if the managing only carried through an only film some times in the life. Each one with different roupagens. An author nor always has conscience of the close relation that its films have between itself. It it does not plan this coherncia and nor it is forcibly in search of it. To the critic, following the politics of the authors, is that it fits to analyze and to perceive this relation, that sharpens its critical capacity on the set of the workmanship.

Universal Rights

Monday, January 21st, 2019

The tecnicismo has been ones of the great villains for the depressing picture where if it finds the education Brazilian, this in very behind result practical didactic-pedagogical, the lack of studies and qualification in such a way of students and professors, beyond the administrative gaps that the schools if come across, I do not contend one homogeneous administrative politics that can enclose all universe of the educational establishments creating one ' ' feudalismo' ' inside of the hierarchy of being able of the schools, making with that many directors and supervisors act its will without following a constitution in accordance with who you can all involve the picture of schools of the country. The alienation which the professors have that to find every day in public education he has a profile until comic actor. With the inherited pertaining to school pragmatismo since the socrtica time, passing for atrelado education the Christian religion during the average age later supplanted by a dark Iluminista impetus, it places the sight a face horrenda of a insolvent organism that keeps the human being during schedule ' ' X' ' prisoner, limiting its right to go to come. If the right to choose its proper way well is one of them pillars of ' ' Declaration of the Universal Rights of the Homem' ' , because to inside keep pupils of the classroom that does not want to learn, what it makes with that the lessons if become tiring and desgastantes taking as many professors and students to an index of highest the mental conditioning and stress, compromising beside the point the academic income and raising the reduction tax continues of professionals to exert its functions, much due to the excess of work and the constant moral aggressions, and as if became habitual physics ' ' trabalhadores' ' of the education. Ah that if to make a in such a way structural change as of conscience of the paper of the school in the society. A good part of guilt for the esfacelamento of education also fits the society. With a day-care center mentality that until more ' ' foureniano' ' it would envy the parents are not there very interested where its children learn, and yes that they pass part of its day it are of house that can make its domestic tasks without having the concern to have that to watch over for the security of its rebentos. In short the professor turned a dribble luxury, with schedules, dates and duties very established well to play its tasks. To who we must wait a metamorphosis that you can raise our standard of social and economic improvements? The education that supposedly frees? Or that it condemns? I prefer to be this ambulant metamorphosis

The Public

Friday, January 18th, 2019

The education is the only capable way for transformation social human being them individuals, conduzindos them for a vision criticizes, acquiring knowledge and preparing them to live in society and assuming its citizenship. (MARX, apud MANACORDA, 1991, p.27). Marx, apud defending Manacorda idealist of the freedom of the man of collective and ideological knowing ahead of its vision says that: ' ' the formal education is indispensable in the life of the man, and priority for all the citizens, since infancy the life adulta' '. 1.4 – The popular movements in the educational context Are estimated, in this definition, that what it exists a priori is condition of classroom, that is given by the place that the citizen occupies in the world of the work and, consequentemente, in the society, but that to be Movement she is necessary to consist as such and if to place in movement. It is considered, also, that the construction of a collective identity is not data or an essence, but a product of exchanges, negotiations, decisions and conflicts. (MELUCCI, 2001, P.

22). The social movements are understood as organized citizens that if ahead place in an expression politics of the society, that has the conditions of reproduction of the life, that have a relation with the work and that alive a worthy life. In this direction they are people that they demand its proper rights universally. Since the decade of twenty, more specifically after the week of modern art and later with the manifestos of the new school, already if spoke in a popular education that was right of all. In this scene, in 1959 educators and intellectuals they had launched a movement in defense of the public school when understanding that the economic development of the country if passed necessarily for the education, much more technique, to teach to make, of what classic forming intellectuals.

Afghanistan Arms

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

The arms require spirit like the letters. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra The smaller doubt does not fit, than there is a great business in the planet Earth, especially in the countries that integrate in relation to the purchase and sale of arms, everything following the consumer, that can be a government, a group of guerrillas, armed groups. One says that the commerce of light arms in the black market is considered between 2,000 and 10,000 million dollars the important thing it is that there are countries that are great manufacturers, like the one of Russia who are considered one of strongest in this planet, is possible to be bought the arms by legal means, fulfilling itself the requirements that are demanded for their sale, despite are other illegal means to acquire them, as the case that concerns the one to us of Durra (Afghanistan), that it indicates as it is the greater illegal market of arms of the world. It is a place in which so many arms exist that could be armed to a whole army, and where the ammunition are offered by millares from carpets tended on sidewalks, as if they were spices in a conventional market of east. Durra – also well-known like Durrah or in its version of the language urdu, more popular in the West, as Darra-it is the considered place most dangerous nowadays, to sell armament and the ammunition of high power as if the war has been for always a repetitive cycle or excellent fact in the power until for years was you constructed from the metal of the destroyed Soviet tanks during the invasion from the USSR to Afghanistan in years 80. Besides the artisan arms, many talked back from the arms left by the Soviets, can be obtained old European arms as as much modern. A place which it is only possible to be entered if it is known suitable people, since, and with reason, nowadays it is considered like one of the most dangerous places of the world. .

Gift Set Clock

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Table clock may be a separate subject or part of picture frames board to take notes, set for stationery. What elevates mood, when trying to find out what time it is, look at the hanging shelves with soft legs funny orange or watermelon! And it's nice to escape from everyday problems, looking at the clock as a gift received as a dog on roller skates, a kitten with Rybin feet or plush cube that correctly displays the time. Alarms-Antistress Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that friends and colleagues are beginning to be late to work, morning meetings, the gym or the pool, explaining the situation a broken alarm clock. And that means it's time to present them as a gift to watch anti-stress. Experience shows that the term the life of the alarm is significantly higher than conventional electronic or quartz clocks.

Even if you accidentally drop awake hours with night stand, it will not bring them any harm. Opening anti-stress lead to the awakening of a more pleasant, and the morning – saturated. Something to hide, at least once in life, each of us dreamed zashvyrnut trezvonyaschy alarm clock as far as possible, and even better – sharahnut him against the wall. Gift in the form of resistant damage the alarm will be relevant as to the great feast, and to a small but important event for a loved one. Opening anti-stress, not only functional, but also original, moreover, is an occasion to show off unusual toy in front of friends. And of course, the happy possessor of such a gift will not forget those who gave this sweet and useful little thing. Choose wristwatch wristwatch – is not easy.

But if the men is important more reliable mechanism with lots of useful "bells and whistles" that women try to get a nice accessory that is suitable for several kinds of outfits. Women's Gift Set "Heart" – a great way to say darling about their feelings, but at the same time give her a watch that will harmonize with any clothing. Five additional straps and six colored rings the dial will change the appearance of hours at the request of their owner. This fashionable functional decoration, of course, is ideal for your lady of the heart and will not go unnoticed her friends and colleagues. In today's world long hours are no longer considered a mere mechanism for defining time. It stylish piece of furniture, tabletop favorite thing necessary or wrist accessory that is so nice to get a gift from friends, relatives or colleagues.