Near East

Conditions whose ambiguous interpretation can take a new one and tangled labyrinth that hinders or prevents the advance of the process. The wasps’s nest which one has become Israeli political situation after the elections makes anticipate a made bristle way of obstacles. Tzipi Livni, president of the Kadima, winning party of the elections, has affirmed in the Haaretz newspaper: Netanyahu is more extremist than Lieberman, that does not discard the bistate solution. Netanyahu does not want nor to speak of her. Lieberman, president of the party of extreme right Yisrael Beitenu, has affirmed that it would not matter to him to live in one on the constructed illegal establishments in Palestinian territory if with that an agreement were reached peace.

Conscious of his position like third party more voted and, therefore, key to decide the composition of Government the future, it is allowed to show diverse faces according to the conjuncture. On the one hand, it affirms that the serious problem in Near East is not the one of Palestine, but the threats that come from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other hand, it announces his acceptance of a process towards the bistate solution at the same time as it advocates a strict control of the Israeli population of Arab origin, that it would already aggravate its difficult situation of social and political discrimination. That an extremist as Lieberman can appear as politically centered in the Israeli phantom is a sample of the ruling disagreement. The result of the negotiations between the United States and Israel will be perceived, mainly, in the composition of the Government who forms Netanyahu, that will have to be constituted necessarily in the first days of April. In any case, everything seems to indicate that the time bomb that was arming the British Empire during its colonial mandate in Palestine will continue threatening La Paz in Near East and generating very dangerous tensions. Only the chance of History, with its unforseeable vicissitudes, could show a day how the new Empire, that to the other side of the Atlantic gathered the witness of the proud and declining Rule Britannia, contributed to solve the conflict that their predecessors imprudently contributed to create. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the Reserve original Author and source of the article.

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