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Afghanistan Arms

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

The arms require spirit like the letters. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra The smaller doubt does not fit, than there is a great business in the planet Earth, especially in the countries that integrate in relation to the purchase and sale of arms, everything following the consumer, that can be a government, a group of guerrillas, armed groups. One says that the commerce of light arms in the black market is considered between 2,000 and 10,000 million dollars the important thing it is that there are countries that are great manufacturers, like the one of Russia who are considered one of strongest in this planet, is possible to be bought the arms by legal means, fulfilling itself the requirements that are demanded for their sale, despite are other illegal means to acquire them, as the case that concerns the one to us of Durra (Afghanistan), that it indicates as it is the greater illegal market of arms of the world. It is a place in which so many arms exist that could be armed to a whole army, and where the ammunition are offered by millares from carpets tended on sidewalks, as if they were spices in a conventional market of east. (Not to be confused with Caesars Entertainment!). Durra – also well-known like Durrah or in its version of the language urdu, more popular in the West, as Darra-it is the considered place most dangerous nowadays, to sell armament and the ammunition of high power as if the war has been for always a repetitive cycle or excellent fact in the power until for years was you constructed from the metal of the destroyed Soviet tanks during the invasion from the USSR to Afghanistan in years 80. Besides the artisan arms, many talked back from the arms left by the Soviets, can be obtained old European arms as as much modern. A place which it is only possible to be entered if it is known suitable people, since, and with reason, nowadays it is considered like one of the most dangerous places of the world. .

Argentine Republic

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

The ahorristas go blindly towards the green ticket without too much worrying about their value or the perspective about the same. Simply they resort to the North American dollar as a form to protect at least partly, its savings. Others who may share this opinion include Payoneer. It has been not only observed a strong deceleration in the economic activity in the last months in Argentina, also has been begun to observe a sensible deterioration in the fiscal accounts. In the vision of the economist in head of the Foundation of Latin American Economic Investigations (FAITHFUL), Daniel Artana: the international situation and the decisions missed of the past spending everything what entrance, generated to the Government missing of dollars and a some difficulty to him in the fiscal plane. For Artana, Argentina will have to continue with exchange depreciation to fit the fiscal accounts: the resources are not limitless and for that reason it will be necessary to fit the numbers of flow and that is going to require a depreciation of the type of change.

With the quote of the dollar in center of the scene, the Central bank of the Argentine Republic, must leave to calm to the exchange market by means of the sale of dollars, whereas its president, Martin Redrado, must leave time and time again to take to calm and a predictability frame on the objective of exchange policy that will persecute the BCRA in the next months. Thus, Redrado ratified the policy of flotation administered of the type of change, within the framework of the assembly of the I.A.D.B.: Ratificamos the policy of administered flotation, to cushion the processes of appreciation and depreciation. It is adapted for this moment. Beyond the electoral calendar, it is going to have continuity before and later. At what level the dollar to the legislative elections of the 28 will arrive of June? The present scene in the exchange market shows a strong demand of dollars, with a limited supply.

The Vortex

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

The explicit complexity, then, an order radically different from that one in which habitually we tend to move for being socialized in him. An order in which the uncertainty (llmese instability, spontaneity or freedom) dominate to the exactitude and the certainty. Without uncertainty the complexity would not be feasible, in the same way that only in silence and the pause is possible, that is to say, emerges and has sense, the voice and the word. In order to observe a practical application in the society, we turned around the glance towards the African continent, full of wealth and potentialities of all type but we only perceived the social chaos that several African nations generate living in deplorable conditions and of permanent political instability. The tribal groups dispute territories and the institutions are useless mascarada, because they do not represent the yearnings of anybody. To create them, to construct them and to put them to the service of those societies have been too much time (compared with the immediacy of the needs and answer that demand those human conglomerates) and when it has been possible to do something, it is generally the result of a patient and maintained cultural reversion in making of them true instruments of development. They are immersed in the vortex. Their conglomerates live in chaos.

Finalized the prolonged stage of the entropizacin of the social systems, the chaos arrives irremediably. The efforts to prevent the one that faced the process produces that it ( controlentropa") they yield inevitably. Times of progressive way and with one it indicates resistance to the change. Others, with obvious immediacy and violence. Of that we are going to disertar in the next paragraphs, because the chaos – in as much that social phenomenon that Integra a sequence of facts it owns previous manifestations, that we have called disparadores" that they can be identified before, during and a posteriori of the events.

Daniel Kahneman

Monday, April 24th, 2017

We own a capacity of endless analysis, that becomes paralyzed when the uncertainty surpasses our knowledge. We need to know for being able to decide, we did not decide based only on instincts, costs to believe to us to them. In the 2002, Daniel Kahneman it received the Nobel prize by its contributions in the matter of the judgment and the decision making under uncertainty. More information is housed here: Wells Fargo Bank. According to its study, the human beings we tend to make decisions under uncertainty, that move away of the basic principles of probability. By many studies, scientific technologies, advances and corporative layers that become jumbled, always the taken decisions move away of the probable thing. Nevertheless, in spite of this, the future it hides promises. The Heath brothers authors of Switch, approach the subject of the change and agree with Nassin and Kahneman when they affirm, that we lose ourselves in mechanical processes to design action plans, that do not respond to the challenges of the surroundings; ” to plan must respond to the necessity to orient the work, to obtain the best results.

It starts off to define destinies that share and that the involved ones manage to understand what works and approaches resultados”. According to the Heath ” we need to start off to identify ” points brillantes” , sites (experiences) in which the things are marching well and where conditions exist to visualize different the course absolutely “. Those shining points it is necessary to clonar them and to repeat them in all the corporative extension. Our habits take to us to look at us in the problems and their causes, not in reinforcing the things that march well and to look for that they are repeated. This way, the effort would be smaller and the most effective results. We start off to identify causes and effects from the most evident problems and the experience shows (according to the Heath), that the recurrence of plans bankrupts must that, during its elaboration, do not get up new variables, or at least new perspective of already proven.

For example, if it were not possible to consider the demand of a new product on the base to the sales of the period last of another similar, perhaps he is advisable to study the behavior of the competition or other different references. The Theory of the Black Swan of Nassin, indicates to us that, to be able to anticipate to the future and predicting to us accurately, it is necessary to take into account those variables that ” desconocemos” and that will affect our assumptions if they change during the evolution of the plan. challenge ahead is to assume the work to plan like a simple process, that it invites to the development of the things that are made well within the organization and which they can improve his yield in the time. The paper of the planners, in this new scheme, stops being a temporary and isolated work and happens to be a function of promotion of the best practices. The work is sustained in the search of the strongpoints and not in the solution of problems; its development happens to create an internal culture, that does not approach deficiencies, but it dares to aspire to give jumps in his performance and to include/understand the value of the attitude that celebrates the positive things.

African Kids

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

It includes the experience of a correspondent, Hope, in Uganda and Ethiopia, and the testimony of an African boy mistreated by the climate, the hunger and the man. In the second chapter – the boys of the street the daily life of the children of asphalt is narrated (like the small Ioram). The third chapter concentrates in the boys of the car-isolation and narrates experiences lived with autistas and hipoacsicos children. The fourth chapter – Single by the world it is dedicated to the orphans and adoptive children who have found a home or that, on the contrary, as Luis leaves ahead single by the world. The chapter fifth – the ghost of the death describes, partly, my own fight by the life when surpassing the cancer, and is a tribute to the doctors who spent hours of arduous work during so many years. The War, one of the evils for all time the sixth chapter emphasizes the profile of the war throughout history.

The seventh chapter – I landed on water to You in silence relates my own experience like victim of an attack in Tel Aviv and the temporary loss of hearing. The eighth chapter – Assault to innocence is a reflection against the world of the propaganda and the effects of the elixir of the publicity. The ninth chapter – In the name of the father it describes the aggressive profile of our society, where every day the number of struck women, old children and is increased. The tenth chapter – Impasse is a song to the environment and pure air and a call to the reflection by one better quality of life. The chapter eleventh – Fear to the different thing tries on the discrimination, the errors, the irreparable injustices and the evils committed by our present society. Also, it includes reflections and severe judgments on the present neoNazi movements and their means of diffusion in Spain, England, Argentina and Sweden. The last one chapter – the Boys of La Paz are a song to the future and the coming generations, that includes reflections of the children interviewed (of Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Nicaragua, Lebanon, South Africa, Egypt and India), on the war, La Paz, the hunger, the discrimination, the cancer and the familiar violence, among others subjects. Original author and source of the article.

Labor Stress In Venezuela

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Jade needs to be carved to be a gem. Chinese proverb Majorities, considerations cannot be denied the relevance and importance that in the time presents/displays stress presents/displays in the Venezuelan enterprise activity, especially in his human resource, that is at the moment confronting situations that they have given to that this it is pronounced dynamically by many factors that become in negative stimuli and that affect the organizational behavior of many companies significantly, of unproductive way, presenting/displaying inadequate a organizational climate to the reality of the national scene. Between those factors there are that them external and internal, are in the first place the political, economic instability, caused by the government who is dice passage to that the uncertainty, risk is generated and it affects the operativity of companies with the security and confidence to achieve its objectives. More, when many companies, especially SMEs and some great ones have stopped working and others have been taken part. Causing all this, fears in the human resource of companies, that fear for their labor security, combined to others a the economic reality that becomes more and more inflationary, repelling significantly in the quality of life of Venezuelan worker. The political uncertainty definitively has entailed to that the stress of in many companies, where the results are very significant, dice to the tensions that are pronounced, unemployments, protests by the actions undertaken by the government, in addition, for example, that if he is not in favor of the political line of the government, exists the fear of being evacuated of his position as it happens and causes a estresante climate in the personnel who does not identify itself with the present socialist ideology. The economic factor, the inflation, the high cost of the life in the present scene has taken passage to that many workers feel estresados because the pays, wages that occur them according to their performance, do not manage to cover to totally satisfy the quality with required life.


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Certainly, she is only because the working-class is assumed as if she was pre-subordinate that the question of the definition can be raised. The definition, merely, closes a world even more than it assumes closed. Once defined, the working-class it can be identified then like a particular group of people, feasible of being taken as object from study. For the Socialists, Working-class is treated like a positive concept and its identity like which it must be valued. It exists, by all means, the problem of which to do with those people who do not fall within the definitions of working class or capitalist class, but this is solved through an additional discussion of definitions on like defining these people, if like new small bourgeoisie, employee, middle-class or as it is. This process of definition or classification is the origin of interminable discussions about class movements and from not-class, fights of class and other forms of alliances between the working-class and other groups, etc. From this approach to the class by means of the definition, arise different problems.

In first place, is a question of property : we belong to the working-class those that we worked in the universities? , and Marx and Lenin? They are the rebels of Chiapas or the CRAF divides of the working-class? They are those activists of the homosexual movement part of the working-class. In each case a concept of a predefined working-class exists to whom this people belong or no. One second consequence that is derived to define to the class, is the own definition of fights. From the classification of the people at issue certain conclusions are derived on the fights in which they find integrated. Those that they define to the rebels zapatistas like other people’s to the working-class, extract of this certain conclusions on the nature and the limitations of the rebellion.

Establishing Goals

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

To establish goals that really work, is not only to write a pair of lines in a paper piece. To construct goals that really work is a mental exercise that simplifies the life and enriches the existence. A formulated good goal must be materialized automatically. That is to say, you must deliver an attack initial to settle down goals, which means to satisfy certain requirements basic of explanation, writing, improvement, visualization, etc., but after making those exercises, their goals must materialize of automatic form in their life. If a goal does not do this by you, then you are a useless goal. A formulated and internalised good goal must return its life chews, happy and successful.

If it does not obtain this, its goal does not serve. In its book the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS, Andrew Corentt presents/displays, each and every one of the requirements that must have a goal to materialize themselves automatically in their life. Next a fast look to 4 of the requisaos that it exposes: 1. It must create goals that motivate really it, since the goals that do not motivate cannot to maintain focused it in them. In order to have goals motivate that it must choose things that really wish. It really wishes if it, one will stay focused in that. A wished goal will become in fact in a moment.

2. Their goals must be challenging. A goal must be challenging. It must define goals that they demand to him. A goal must put it to think. It must maintain thinking it. A goal for something common, does not obtain that power of approach. It does not concern the giant that him can seem a goal, if it gives the sufficient time him will obtain, it. 3. Their goals must be measurable. What can be moderate can be administered. What can administered can improved. If its goal is possible to measure, will know when it goes by good way and when it has been turned aside. That will allow him to take action to retake the correct course. 4. Their goals must only depend on same you. When it decides to create a goal, it must understand, that to obtain them, you must be made to the idea that everything what wishes to obtain, only depends on same you. Perhaps perhaps in the way it needs the cooperation somebody, needs to arm a work party. Perhaps it needs financing, etc. but what must include/understand from aya, she is that, without mattering what wishes, all you create, only you. The aid will come. The capital will come. The situations will appear. Will have created you them. If it wishes to construct truly powerful goals and to know the secrets so that the goals are materialized automatically and without practically effort, I recommend the book to him of Andrew Corentt, the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS. If besides it materializes its goals, also wishes to create a mentality of abundance and power, then also I recommend that I read the book I AM HAPPY, I to him I AM RICO.

Completed Entrepreneur

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

To be a successful industralist it is not necessary to have been born with the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Certain specific characteristics exist that they characterize an entrepreneur and that they can be improved. To be enterprising is not for all, nevertheless if they consider you are characteristic and they are decided to develop, will be able progressively to manage to be it. Which are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Why it must have and develop these characteristics? Independence – this is common in the entrepreneurs, the fact to take the control from its life and of his company it marks the difference. Desire to make money fruit of its own decisions is a characteristic that must have and that goes bound to the ambition to obtain it. Persistence and determination – the world of the entrepreneurs this plenty of successes and failures. The determination is the quality that allows to continue trying and rising in spite of the obstacles and the falls him. Ardent desire to reach its objectives is what maintains excited an entrepreneur and takes what it to continue in his day.

Confidence in itself – the confidence is the one that allows to make decisions and to carry out actions that otherwise could frighten it and leave it quiet. The knowledge fact that this enabled and is conscious of the own capacity, is what allows an industralist to make decisions and to act. An entrepreneur believes in his capacities and waits for the best results. In the world of the businesses there is no place for the lukewarm ones. Any goal requires of confidence to be obtained. One of the best forms to gain more confidence is to learn to How Speaking In Public Creativity – the industralists are continuously before problems and situations where they must use his I devise.

Online Entrepreneurs

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

When it begins to give us returned in the head the idea to foment some business in the Internet and leaves to shine that stamp of entrepreneurs who we have in our interior is the adapted moment to concentrate to us in beginning, having as it bases some program of affiliates on the Internet. Then very simple friendly mine, through this method hardly allow us with a low budget that is to say, without investment, because to carry out the basic principles of a business online. In the beginnings always he is complicated to be able to have the experience to realise our own products and to trade them in the network. Of it is there that the possibility that exists we pruned to be salesmen (affiliates) of products already established of other companies and to receive commissions by each sale that is realised of this product through our Web, often is not even needed to own an own page Web to realise these sales, since promoting our Link of affiliation we can obtain excellent gains in commissions. Surely right now you would ask yourself: but it is possible to make money in the Internet without having one own page Web? , the answer is totally positive IF, and indeed on that the magic of the Marketing of affiliates is based.

Now if I warn to them! it is necessary to be on the awares well and to arrive that is to say in which type of business of this kind is worth the pain to invest ours so appraised time. It is then when it is called on to us to investigate and to let take to us by that they own but experience as far as what business it works better and than fits logically to the limited initial budget that owns all entrepreneur. One of the companies but described and respect at the time of knowing products quality to trade in the network, is doubtless Clickbank. They have thousands and thousands of users who make money in commissions selling the products of many companies that they promote and furthermore the possibility that exists if you own some virtual product of own authorship you can also sell it through them. Another option and definitively where but fast you generated money WITHOUT WHICH TO SELL and with a VERY POOR investment (only 10 monthly dollars), is the one that owns this Web of affiliates: . In my humble opinion it does not exist company nowadays in the Internet that of so many benefits to its affiliates and mainly the entrepreneurs who are beginning in this world. You do not let pass the opportunity, tomato 15 minutes of your time and it enters right now and it begins to enjoy the advantage that brings to make money from your home. Of heart I say doubtless to them is the best network of affiliates at global level! PS: Pardon not to put the accents in the words require that it but is that I have problems with the configuration of the keyboard of my laptop, I hope understand to me, thanks Original author and source of the article.