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Declining Empire

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

The United States, the declining empire Tedulo Lopez Melndez the old geopolitical analysis assured that a state to survive needed to expand by new spaces and to obtain the self-sufficiency. More info: Dinakar Singh. Nothing of that is effective. The United States understands that march towards a global society of limited administration. The last outer tour of Obama found it affirming that the world would march towards a great alliance between India and the USA. Andi Potamkin insists that this is the case. Before it had said the same, but in terms of the USA and China. An apparent contradiction in the sense to look for a counterbalance Peking, paper that an affected Japan seems not to guarantee. The certain thing is that no longer there is a geopolitical order handled by a power.

There is no such single-pole world. Consequently it cannot be spoken of imperialism, rather of a strong power that looks for allies to coadminister the world order, which does not create the North American right that attacks the president very indefatigably who understands the new situation. So that the North American paper affects leading the change towards the new world essentially so that they are preserved its interests. The United States continues being the first world-wide power of the GIP, maintains technological advantage in a world that comes near to him and loses, obvious of all obviedad, their economic pre-eminence. It can maintain the pre-eminence military, but already we have seen that the importance of the same is reduced to a secondary plane. In the flat intern the health plan must stand out that it protects to new million citizens and whom the republicans, in these days in which I write, still try to eliminate being worth of a new majority in the House of Representatives. As far as China the United States looks for a restrictive practice that allows to control its high currency possession and its increasing participation in the world-wide commerce, always accompanied of a reclamation in the matter of human rights.

Historical Restaurant Ricer

Thursday, December 19th, 2019

Sea bream, black and blonde with cauchao, caulker, red pepper jalapeo or honey is the proposal of flavors that the familiar company " Commercial society Saavedra & Berndt Limitada&quot Company; it does today to the Region of Aysn. It is the artisan beer Finisterra, that from Port Swans will arrive at Coyhaique, and from there to all the region, like a new ally to the gastronomical supply with identity of these austral places. " The quality of our waters and that the beer is done with love, with desire. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Kiyosaki on most websites. Since this is like cooking, where if you do a rice with affection is not just like if you arrive and strips the ingredients to agua". It is the phrase whereupon Carolina defines the main comparative advantage of this new product, that it has devised and taken ahead his father, Carlos Saavedra Cid, for that today the day is celebrating of producer of the official launching Thursday in the Historical Restaurant Ricer. For several years that this professor of the Guido School Go’mez of Port Swans looked for the formula that allowed to give an artisan product him in the heading of brewery. It started off with incipient facilities in a place of his house, which allowed him to produce 50 liters for local consumption preliminarily.

But spent the time, it saw the necessity to grow to become a familiar company dedicated to this activity and as a form to contribute to the economic development of its community. " That is what he looked for, that people identify themselves with us, whom she prefers to us, whom feels hers and that sees us like something special for their town. And that also sees that things can be done that are not so common. And that is possible to fulfill sueos" Carolina remembers. It was so after to receive in 2005 resources of the Capital program Seed of Corfo to initiate the work and to realise a market study, in 2009 adjudged to $ 40 million similar program of the organization, but this time in his second line of work, with the sponsorship of Codesser and as a result of to have been winning of a prize at national level in innovation.

Financial Freedom

Monday, August 5th, 2019

At present there are many entrepreneurs whom to them in line east type of business interests in order to obtain its financial freedom, they are enlisted rather in this type of activity with little or without no direction. These entrepreneurs do what is, " improvisando". They change of a program or of business for another one and never they manage themselves to be with anything, do not even spend the time sufficient to see if he is really going to work. If you cannot accept this fact, then you are condemned from the beginning. If you are hoping to establish its east business day and to think that his tomorrow pri mere sale, which will obtain a great deception. Out of line the ordinary companies have spent but money and time at least a year to see his first benefit. Why to think that in line it can be different? It is the form to think that it condemns many from the beginning.

Thus, the first step is to make a decision. What to make to gain the financial freedom in Internet? And to write it in a paper. Mralo every day if it is necessary. Any other thing that it does not have anything to do with your project of business not you must worry. So for example, if it decides that the life by means of Internet wants ganarte convirtindote in a creator of then ebook not to begin to look for in the Clickbank to see what products of affiliates you can sell. You are going to be a writer of ebook. The first step is to look for where a good instruction can be obtained exceeds how to become a creator of ebook. It learns what you can and convertirte in the best editor than you can be. Later, when you are obtained money by your ebook and you become bored and you want to make money with another perfect activity.


Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Many of the great millionaires learned this habit from small starting off of a condition humble and they would arrive to being the great industralists of today. Many parents of family take to their children so that they learn a to read and to write, but these they are only the tools to become jumbled in the life. The true motivation is in dreaming in being, doing and to have everything for an enterprise world. This factory of financial education in our kinder it allows us to conceive in our children to the great industralists of the future, very in spite of living in difficult conditions. It will allow us that the children give the right value him to the money and to the activities that are realised in our institution. It will allow that our children work the habit of the saving. He will allow them to glimpse to our children a promissory future for them and their descendants. Get all the facts and insights with Hyundai, another great source of information.

This factory will be a source of motivation to strive every day. He will contribute to that the children can obtain their financial independence to an early age, like never before in the history of the education. They will be able to understand that the earth, the factories or the mass media to be rich like in the past are not indispensable, since now it will only depend on his own personal talent, that it is indeed what we developed in our institution. It will be able to understand that the essence of the life is to serve the others, not only the money. We hope that from this experience the financial education in the primary one is impelled. In the secondary one one will be able to undertake another type of businesses a little more complicated, than well to be advised they will be very successful. The students of the preparatory one will be in the condition for valuing the resources that exist in the country and from great projects will be able there to be designed that of being possible can be carried out. In the degree it will be possible to be counted on all the information as far as the technical design as of financing and necessarily they will have to withdraw of the universities with a project walking. With a financial education at all the levels we will be able to say goodbye to him to the poverty around a few years. * Director of the Garden of children Francisco Gabilondo to be accustomed to elsuenomexicano@ Original author and source of the article.

Near East

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Conditions whose ambiguous interpretation can take a new one and tangled labyrinth that hinders or prevents the advance of the process. The wasps’s nest which one has become Israeli political situation after the elections makes anticipate a made bristle way of obstacles. Tzipi Livni, president of the Kadima, winning party of the elections, has affirmed in the Haaretz newspaper: Netanyahu is more extremist than Lieberman, that does not discard the bistate solution. Netanyahu does not want nor to speak of her. Lieberman, president of the party of extreme right Yisrael Beitenu, has affirmed that it would not matter to him to live in one on the constructed illegal establishments in Palestinian territory if with that an agreement were reached peace.

Conscious of his position like third party more voted and, therefore, key to decide the composition of Government the future, it is allowed to show diverse faces according to the conjuncture. On the one hand, it affirms that the serious problem in Near East is not the one of Palestine, but the threats that come from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other hand, it announces his acceptance of a process towards the bistate solution at the same time as it advocates a strict control of the Israeli population of Arab origin, that it would already aggravate its difficult situation of social and political discrimination. That an extremist as Lieberman can appear as politically centered in the Israeli phantom is a sample of the ruling disagreement. The result of the negotiations between the United States and Israel will be perceived, mainly, in the composition of the Government who forms Netanyahu, that will have to be constituted necessarily in the first days of April. In any case, everything seems to indicate that the time bomb that was arming the British Empire during its colonial mandate in Palestine will continue threatening La Paz in Near East and generating very dangerous tensions. Only the chance of History, with its unforseeable vicissitudes, could show a day how the new Empire, that to the other side of the Atlantic gathered the witness of the proud and declining Rule Britannia, contributed to solve the conflict that their predecessors imprudently contributed to create. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the Reserve original Author and source of the article.

Afghanistan Arms

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

The arms require spirit like the letters. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra The smaller doubt does not fit, than there is a great business in the planet Earth, especially in the countries that integrate in relation to the purchase and sale of arms, everything following the consumer, that can be a government, a group of guerrillas, armed groups. One says that the commerce of light arms in the black market is considered between 2,000 and 10,000 million dollars the important thing it is that there are countries that are great manufacturers, like the one of Russia who are considered one of strongest in this planet, is possible to be bought the arms by legal means, fulfilling itself the requirements that are demanded for their sale, despite are other illegal means to acquire them, as the case that concerns the one to us of Durra (Afghanistan), that it indicates as it is the greater illegal market of arms of the world. It is a place in which so many arms exist that could be armed to a whole army, and where the ammunition are offered by millares from carpets tended on sidewalks, as if they were spices in a conventional market of east. Durra – also well-known like Durrah or in its version of the language urdu, more popular in the West, as Darra-it is the considered place most dangerous nowadays, to sell armament and the ammunition of high power as if the war has been for always a repetitive cycle or excellent fact in the power until for years was you constructed from the metal of the destroyed Soviet tanks during the invasion from the USSR to Afghanistan in years 80. Besides the artisan arms, many talked back from the arms left by the Soviets, can be obtained old European arms as as much modern. A place which it is only possible to be entered if it is known suitable people, since, and with reason, nowadays it is considered like one of the most dangerous places of the world. .

African Kids

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

It includes the experience of a correspondent, Hope, in Uganda and Ethiopia, and the testimony of an African boy mistreated by the climate, the hunger and the man. In the second chapter – the boys of the street the daily life of the children of asphalt is narrated (like the small Ioram). The third chapter concentrates in the boys of the car-isolation and narrates experiences lived with autistas and hipoacsicos children. The fourth chapter – Single by the world it is dedicated to the orphans and adoptive children who have found a home or that, on the contrary, as Luis leaves ahead single by the world. The chapter fifth – the ghost of the death describes, partly, my own fight by the life when surpassing the cancer, and is a tribute to the doctors who spent hours of arduous work during so many years. The War, one of the evils for all time the sixth chapter emphasizes the profile of the war throughout history.

The seventh chapter – I landed on water to You in silence relates my own experience like victim of an attack in Tel Aviv and the temporary loss of hearing. The eighth chapter – Assault to innocence is a reflection against the world of the propaganda and the effects of the elixir of the publicity. The ninth chapter – In the name of the father it describes the aggressive profile of our society, where every day the number of struck women, old children and is increased. The tenth chapter – Impasse is a song to the environment and pure air and a call to the reflection by one better quality of life. The chapter eleventh – Fear to the different thing tries on the discrimination, the errors, the irreparable injustices and the evils committed by our present society. Also, it includes reflections and severe judgments on the present neoNazi movements and their means of diffusion in Spain, England, Argentina and Sweden. The last one chapter – the Boys of La Paz are a song to the future and the coming generations, that includes reflections of the children interviewed (of Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Brazil, the United States, Spain, Nicaragua, Lebanon, South Africa, Egypt and India), on the war, La Paz, the hunger, the discrimination, the cancer and the familiar violence, among others subjects. Original author and source of the article.

Labor Stress In Venezuela

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Jade needs to be carved to be a gem. Chinese proverb Majorities, considerations cannot be denied the relevance and importance that in the time presents/displays stress presents/displays in the Venezuelan enterprise activity, especially in his human resource, that is at the moment confronting situations that they have given to that this it is pronounced dynamically by many factors that become in negative stimuli and that affect the organizational behavior of many companies significantly, of unproductive way, presenting/displaying inadequate a organizational climate to the reality of the national scene. Between those factors there are that them external and internal, are in the first place the political, economic instability, caused by the government who is dice passage to that the uncertainty, risk is generated and it affects the operativity of companies with the security and confidence to achieve its objectives. More, when many companies, especially SMEs and some great ones have stopped working and others have been taken part. Causing all this, fears in the human resource of companies, that fear for their labor security, combined to others a the economic reality that becomes more and more inflationary, repelling significantly in the quality of life of Venezuelan worker. The political uncertainty definitively has entailed to that the stress of in many companies, where the results are very significant, dice to the tensions that are pronounced, unemployments, protests by the actions undertaken by the government, in addition, for example, that if he is not in favor of the political line of the government, exists the fear of being evacuated of his position as it happens and causes a estresante climate in the personnel who does not identify itself with the present socialist ideology. The economic factor, the inflation, the high cost of the life in the present scene has taken passage to that many workers feel estresados because the pays, wages that occur them according to their performance, do not manage to cover to totally satisfy the quality with required life.


Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Certainly, she is only because the working-class is assumed as if she was pre-subordinate that the question of the definition can be raised. The definition, merely, closes a world even more than it assumes closed. Once defined, the working-class it can be identified then like a particular group of people, feasible of being taken as object from study. For the Socialists, Working-class is treated like a positive concept and its identity like which it must be valued. It exists, by all means, the problem of which to do with those people who do not fall within the definitions of working class or capitalist class, but this is solved through an additional discussion of definitions on like defining these people, if like new small bourgeoisie, employee, middle-class or as it is. This process of definition or classification is the origin of interminable discussions about class movements and from not-class, fights of class and other forms of alliances between the working-class and other groups, etc. From this approach to the class by means of the definition, arise different problems.

In first place, is a question of property : we belong to the working-class those that we worked in the universities? , and Marx and Lenin? They are the rebels of Chiapas or the CRAF divides of the working-class? They are those activists of the homosexual movement part of the working-class. In each case a concept of a predefined working-class exists to whom this people belong or no. One second consequence that is derived to define to the class, is the own definition of fights. From the classification of the people at issue certain conclusions are derived on the fights in which they find integrated. Those that they define to the rebels zapatistas like other people’s to the working-class, extract of this certain conclusions on the nature and the limitations of the rebellion.

Establishing Goals

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

To establish goals that really work, is not only to write a pair of lines in a paper piece. To construct goals that really work is a mental exercise that simplifies the life and enriches the existence. A formulated good goal must be materialized automatically. That is to say, you must deliver an attack initial to settle down goals, which means to satisfy certain requirements basic of explanation, writing, improvement, visualization, etc., but after making those exercises, their goals must materialize of automatic form in their life. If a goal does not do this by you, then you are a useless goal. A formulated and internalised good goal must return its life chews, happy and successful.

If it does not obtain this, its goal does not serve. In its book the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS, Andrew Corentt presents/displays, each and every one of the requirements that must have a goal to materialize themselves automatically in their life. Next a fast look to 4 of the requisaos that it exposes: 1. It must create goals that motivate really it, since the goals that do not motivate cannot to maintain focused it in them. In order to have goals motivate that it must choose things that really wish. It really wishes if it, one will stay focused in that. A wished goal will become in fact in a moment.

2. Their goals must be challenging. A goal must be challenging. It must define goals that they demand to him. A goal must put it to think. It must maintain thinking it. A goal for something common, does not obtain that power of approach. It does not concern the giant that him can seem a goal, if it gives the sufficient time him will obtain, it. 3. Their goals must be measurable. What can be moderate can be administered. What can administered can improved. If its goal is possible to measure, will know when it goes by good way and when it has been turned aside. That will allow him to take action to retake the correct course. 4. Their goals must only depend on same you. When it decides to create a goal, it must understand, that to obtain them, you must be made to the idea that everything what wishes to obtain, only depends on same you. Perhaps perhaps in the way it needs the cooperation somebody, needs to arm a work party. Perhaps it needs financing, etc. but what must include/understand from aya, she is that, without mattering what wishes, all you create, only you. The aid will come. The capital will come. The situations will appear. Will have created you them. If it wishes to construct truly powerful goals and to know the secrets so that the goals are materialized automatically and without practically effort, I recommend the book to him of Andrew Corentt, the SECRET OF the POWER OF the GOALS. If besides it materializes its goals, also wishes to create a mentality of abundance and power, then also I recommend that I read the book I AM HAPPY, I to him I AM RICO.