Light Framework

In the light framework the properties take advantage the wood as well as possible. Read additional details here: Carrie Levin. Massive wood for beams and pillars is used. When it is needed to create high beams are used glued beams. The rest of the materials is in the majority of the different cases types derived from the wood or other materials. Built the framework for it is the main structure of the building, but therefore the result would only be a castle of naipes. In order to secure rigidity in the structure it is precise to add the second element, the closing. The result is a slight but very resistant structure.

In the end the walls, grounds and tile roofs with a coating are covered. This coating can as much be of wood as of other materials: painted tiles, boards or paperings, parquet, slate or roofing tiles of ceramics, etc. It is a method of very versatile construction. And still being a quite old constructive system, it has not changed much over the years. Standardized addition material new, products, falsified methods more of construction are had; but the basic principles they continue being the same..

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