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was laid down

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

was laid down in drydock shipyards of Puerto Real, Cadiz on 18 July 2007 thus becoming the first ship built in this factory for the navy in 30 years where it was refloated on 21 July 2008 Marry by Aurora Abella Diaz, wife of the president of the autonomous community of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla. During the first week of October 2009, began its sea trials in the waters of the Bay of Cadiz, which were successfully completed on 2 December 2009, these tests included a fuel supply to the Victoria frigate at sea. will be awarded in January 2010 in the Spanish Navy at the naval base of Rota.

Personal Training To Prevent Golfer’s Elbow

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Even a well-trained muscles in the Gulf helping to improve the game. Anyone who trains alongside the technology, but also the body can beat not only continue but also to prevent golf-specific injuries. Tiger Woods Has Provided and more and more amateur players practice with their own personal trainer who specializes specifically on golf-specific training has. Golf is not necessarily to the dangerous sports. But who exaggerates without a good basis for the muscular golf, can quickly get health problems. Often affects the elbows. Through technology and through overload false tendons and muscles are stimulated at the elbow and may even ignite. One speaks of the golfer’s elbow. In contrast to the golfer’s elbow, but tennis is not affected by the outside of the elbow, but the inside. The pain may also radiate into the arm and forearm, so the whole arm can be affected. Has the elbow, once ignited, can provide the golf club only once in the corner. For ifno pause is inserted, the inflammation may become chronic and you will have problems all his life. Most of the golfer’s elbow is treated conservatively. This means that the affected arm is first immobilized. Eventually they will still treat the joint with electromechanical stimulation, cortisone injections, ointment associations and extracorporeal shock wave therapy. If the inflammation is well advanced, it must be operated in extreme cases. The muscles are relaxed, which are responsible for the extension of the arm. A good golf designed specifically for personal training can prevent it ever comes to the golfer’s elbow. Because a trained staff training for golfers just the muscles, which is necessary for a successful game. This includes the trunk and shoulder muscles, especially the elbow, because this joint is exposed in the Gulf of high stress. Besides the technical training at the Pro has a personal training in the Gulf, the ideal complement not only to health problems and injuries prevented. If the trainingcreated over a long period of time, we improved the golf specific muscles. Thus we developed enough strength to even until the final blow to have enough power and concentration.


Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

To operate these reservoirs without the unitizao would introduce conflicts and if it would lose the power to determine the excellent rhythm of> exploration. The unitizao implies in previously making the accurate sizing of the discovered reservoirs, what it demands a campaign of soundings in the contiguous areas not yet bid on. The new regulation foresees the possibility of previous evaluation for the ANP, that already is negotiating with Petrobra’s the conditions for the unitizao of Tupi and Iara, being that in this last one, certainly, the reservoir extravasa the bid on area. Probably, the same it will be necessary in Carioca and Guar, Jupiter, and others. It is important to observe that the unification of the operation of contiguous reservoirs can be recommendable for other reasons that the simple conflict of cultivates.

It is that the joint exploration of next reservoirs (pooling), despite not linked, mainly in high-sea, it can reduce logistic costs and maximize resulted. It is enough to observe the map of the daily pay-salt in the Basin of Saints, to see itself that it has innumerable chances, beyond Tupi and Iara, due to proximity, of joint operation of reservoirs, sharing infrastructure, and minimizing investments and costs. In the truth, it is not impossible that all this cluster comes if to transform into a great partnership between all players involved, had to the great logistic difficulties and the proximity of reservatrios.4) Because NEP (Petrosal)? The new state-owned company Petrosal approximately follows the model of the Petoro Norwegian, who is not an operting company and has for basic objective to represent the government in the trusts created to manage different contracts of allotment in the Norwegian oil. The Petrosal, in the same way, will represent the Union in the trusts, regimen of allotment, by means of accompaniment of the activities in the area of E& P, in special the production cost.

EPS Product Consumption

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

In recent years we are accenting the reflection of the necessity to consume products of the EPS, fighting the typical consumerism of the capitalist market. The leaderships that not necessarily work in a group are stimulated to use these products, the leaderships have as I begin to divulge in its spaces of work and study the idea of the EPS. Ahead of the structural unemployment, of the concentrative economic policy of wealth and of the impoverishment of the population, the difficulties that we face are innumerable. The constituent values of the capitalist society ' ' permeiam' ' the groups and the involved people in alternative groups, that is, do not have immune alternative social project to the vices of the neoliberal logic. But defense mechanisms exist: the formation and the permanent reflection. The ambition can come all to tona at any time, as, for example, in the competition it even though enters the proper groups in the vacations or in day-by-day.

To surpass this, the only available tool is the study and the exercise of criticizes permanent. Unhappyly, some groups are surpassed by the analysis lack, if they desestruturam for not having obtained to surpass the economic difficulties of relationship and. Some entities partners in the promotion of the EPS they exactly understand the groups with end in itself, that is, they are worried only about the quality and the amount of products produced for the group, leaves of side the referring reflection to the new model of society. The group is not an island, is not enough to establish internal relations of solidarity, the group has that to interact with the external society. This relation articulated with other groups is the way of the social transformation, therefore structures politics are questioned, cultures are modified and an alternative of social organization is constructed in fact. The EPS, many times, appear as the only exit to the problematic one of the unemployment. But the EPS separately is not the solution of the existing problems in the World of the Work, currently.

However, it is part, with certainty, of the set of ways that must be trod to conquer a better world, together with social, pastorais movements and unions, in the perspective of the society based on the fraternity, cooperativismo, equality and freedom. The EPS not yet is conceived as one public politics, therefore the apoiadoras entities and groups pressure the State to invest in the sector. The State prioritizes the model of development based on the expansion of the transnational capital, submitting the public machine to the necessities of the great financial, agro-industrial and industrial complexes. The challenge of on agents the EPS is to become it one public politics and to fortify it as a development strategy which is not the capital the center of the objectives, but the welfare of the human being. Each enterprise of EPS backwards I obtain the embryo of solidarity, of the respect to the diversity, acting transforming partner and the inclusion of all and all in a better world. Perceiving the EPS of this form, we can affirm that it is yes the Economy of the Poor persons, because it is the Economy of the People of God! Bibliography annual Reports of the Pastoral Operate