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The Basic

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

He is part of the system of the constituent relations of the mundaneidade. The man and the world if Inter-involve. Not he has the man without the world, and nor world without the man. The structure of that which if binds the Dasein constitutes the mundaneidade of the world, and the being of the man alone if it discloses under the mundaneidade form. In this way, the man if finds inserted in a reality of which it constitutes also it. Said in another way, the reality man and world alone exist in a reciprocal envolvement, them coexist between itself. Be-with-the-other is be-ao-world form.

The man is always, and already, be-with-the-other. He does not have possibility of being without the other. In the life of the individual the step for a participation of the dialectic of the society is the internalization. Interiorizar is to apprehend the reality endowed with direction; it is to understand, to accept, to assume, to identify themselves, to participate. The reality of the daily life is partilhada with others.

We live in constant contact with the other men, in the communication and the interaction. The other is a mediator, who allows to discover me exactly me as I am constituently. The man is a being that implies the being of the other in its being. I if become he himself through one you. He has a reciprocal one to appeal and to answer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Michellene Davis by clicking through. I and you if reach in its in itself, have a meeting in the strong direction of the term. He is from this meeting that we constitute the world while community. The basic characteristic of the community is to aim at be-in-itself, in the double form: the people aim at be-in-itself one of the other and aim in common in the reality in itself. She treats yourself to accept the people in its totality with them, in common, to become related with the same reality.

Science Science

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Scrates, Greek philosopher, who revolutionary to the philosophical thought occidental person, in controversas of thinking human being, in the end of the century room before Christ. With this Scrates affirmation he has left of the beginning of that nobody is absolute detainer of the truth. Not to know it is the initial point to arrive where wants yourself to know. Click Rich Dad Poor Dad to learn more. To appraise philosophy today, still is very difficult, therefore the concepts accumulated throughout history give account of that philosophy is the science that you study the causes of the things. Mark Frissora is often quoted as being for or against this. In this our study I will look for to cover the history of the philosophy, ‘ ‘ garimpando’ ‘ the most diverse concepts of and different sources trying, jointly with philosophers of the world and Brazil, at least giving to the pupils who surround me some concepts about philosophy. I am, at this moment, so confused how much Scrates, so child, so infantile, always asking to all: What he is to know? They enter with me in this boat and we go drift of the search of knowing.

Philosophy: science that searchs through the inquiry the cause, the origin of the things. Through because it always goes inquiring what it is the studied object. ‘ ‘ Philosophy is a branch of the science that can be characterized in three ways: either for the treated contents or subjects, either for the function that exert in the culture, either for the form as it treats such subjects. With relation aso contents, contemporarily, the philosophy deals with concepts such as well, beauty, justice, verdade’ ‘ .(1) Philosophy: ‘ ‘ Science of the search of the knowledge, especially of the origin and the direction of the existence. System or set of studies that one definitive branch of conhecimento’ congregates; ‘ *2.

Philosophy: (Philosophia)? Feminine singular? Greek, for the Latin philosophiam. General science of the beings, the principles and the causes. Study of psychology, the moral, the logic and metafsica’ ‘ .(3). The philosophy is born on, placed with vida.*4 Filosofar is to meditar, to study the causes and the consequences of facts, to look for to know, to have wisdom. * ‘ ‘ Paula coast, of the fifth series of the College Ours Lady of the Rosary. Filosofar is to argue and to debate on innumerable subjects and subjects. * 5 Filosofar is to understand that it is the reason human being who constructs the world, not adverse, mitolgicas forces or of deuses.

Local History

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

We are ahead of a new full world of perspectives, but also repleto of investigations and problematic situations. The local culture as identification element We are, again, ahead of the problem of the identity and the differences. here, an affirmation already can be made: elements that definitive social group identifies are it differentiates what it of excessively. The difference is its identity.

But where it consists this element differentiator? In the fact of that if it did not exist would not have difference and, of this form, all the societies would be equal. We are, therefore, spoken in local culture. It is in the locality that if manifest the particularitity, the identity and the diverisidades. Moreover the local culture is an expression of local history. The culture can be an excellent starting point for the study of Local History. It must be prevented, however, the mistake to identify culture with the artistic productions. Art is culture, but culture is more than art. As much for the anthropology as for the philosophy and history the culture can be seen as the result of a productive process: the material production of the survival human being.

For the work material production of the survival the human beings intervenes with the nature producing and reproducing the social relations at the same time where they construct the different constructions, artistic, indumentrias expressions, elements of the folklore and the behaviors. All these and other productions human beings are cultural manifestations. The culture interests history in the measure where manifest the proper existence human being.

EPS Product Consumption

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

In recent years we are accenting the reflection of the necessity to consume products of the EPS, fighting the typical consumerism of the capitalist market. The leaderships that not necessarily work in a group are stimulated to use these products, the leaderships have as I begin to divulge in its spaces of work and study the idea of the EPS. Ahead of the structural unemployment, of the concentrative economic policy of wealth and of the impoverishment of the population, the difficulties that we face are innumerable. The constituent values of the capitalist society ' ' permeiam' ' the groups and the involved people in alternative groups, that is, do not have immune alternative social project to the vices of the neoliberal logic. But defense mechanisms exist: the formation and the permanent reflection. The ambition can come all to tona at any time, as, for example, in the competition it even though enters the proper groups in the vacations or in day-by-day.

To surpass this, the only available tool is the study and the exercise of criticizes permanent. Unhappyly, some groups are surpassed by the analysis lack, if they desestruturam for not having obtained to surpass the economic difficulties of relationship and. Some entities partners in the promotion of the EPS they exactly understand the groups with end in itself, that is, they are worried only about the quality and the amount of products produced for the group, leaves of side the referring reflection to the new model of society. The group is not an island, is not enough to establish internal relations of solidarity, the group has that to interact with the external society. This relation articulated with other groups is the way of the social transformation, therefore structures politics are questioned, cultures are modified and an alternative of social organization is constructed in fact. The EPS, many times, appear as the only exit to the problematic one of the unemployment. But the EPS separately is not the solution of the existing problems in the World of the Work, currently.

However, it is part, with certainty, of the set of ways that must be trod to conquer a better world, together with social, pastorais movements and unions, in the perspective of the society based on the fraternity, cooperativismo, equality and freedom. The EPS not yet is conceived as one public politics, therefore the apoiadoras entities and groups pressure the State to invest in the sector. The State prioritizes the model of development based on the expansion of the transnational capital, submitting the public machine to the necessities of the great financial, agro-industrial and industrial complexes. The challenge of on agents the EPS is to become it one public politics and to fortify it as a development strategy which is not the capital the center of the objectives, but the welfare of the human being. Each enterprise of EPS backwards I obtain the embryo of solidarity, of the respect to the diversity, acting transforming partner and the inclusion of all and all in a better world. Perceiving the EPS of this form, we can affirm that it is yes the Economy of the Poor persons, because it is the Economy of the People of God! Bibliography annual Reports of the Pastoral Operate

Training Mission

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The first step in achieving the goals it is important to understand that if you still have not solved the problem, then something is missing. Since it is obvious that we used all known standard approaches, it is necessary to develop a new one. New approach may be produced only when the information volume. That is, to put it another way, lack of knowledge. There is no clarity in the picture, otherwise it would have been simpler. The easiest way to gain knowledge and building an information field, it write an essay on the theme of your problem.

But please do not rush, and to start making a training mission. Describe any simple object. Take a 12-sheet notebook arithmetic, and prescribing the letters in the cells, describes the subject. Proposals must be meaningful, information and does not contain "water". As a rule, first man enough to write a few sentences on the subject, then store of knowledge about the subject decreases. Then, if a person makes an attempt to Again and again he gets a good essay. It is very important to know about the subject of his desire as much as possible, it leads to success. Remember how important the military has intelligence and counterintelligence in the production of industrial espionage, how often police use informal information, such as scientists spend months on a study of tasks that it can be solved.

For example, briefly describe, as I did. Essay on "Simple wooden pencil. " Pencil is an object consisting of two wooden halves glued together, between which lead cylindrical shape.