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Flower World

Saturday, December 16th, 2023

Man – this is part of nature and, therefore, fresh flowers and plants are an essential element of our lives. They grow all around us and create a special comfort, help us to live among man-made objects and materials. Flowers – an inexhaustible a source of beauty, inspiration and comfort. We all strive to make your home or garden beautiful, comfortable and modern. With flowers you can with minimal effort and expense to get the maximum result. Flowers have been the subject admiration at all times, whether it is indoor, garden or wild flowers and plants. You will not find exactly the same color, everyone has his own flavor, its own special beauty and form.

Nature did all the flowers looked perfect. Man creates each year thousands of new species of flowers, but none like the flower in the world. Every country, every nation and individual person has his own character – a flower. For example, the image of a lotus flower often found in ancient Egyptian tombs in the form of wreaths or floral tributes dead. The symbol of India is also considered a lotus. Reverent attitude to the lotus in China.

Japan has long been a symbol of cherry country. She admired and revered. The symbol of South Korea is selected chrysanthemum, Pakistan – Cotton Flower, Bangladesh – lily. Hong Kong has chosen his orchid flower, and Thailand for the national flower of yellow acacia honors. National Finland flower fragrant lily of the valley. When choosing flowers as a symbol, people believed that they will save them from harm, and keep their house from evil spirits. Flowers are also the source and the subject of many works of great artists – Claude Monet Pierre – Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin. According to the Chinese art of feng shui, if the house is not real flowers, you should at least be artificial. After all, the flowers associated with nature and create a special atmosphere in the room. Flowers not just give to the bouquets, they also can decorate the dress, hair style bride, the groom's suit. Of colors can make a toy, make a picture, make a spectacular song and impress your friends. Flowers are designed to please the eye, raise mood, color our lives special inks. Any bouquet will decorate your house and the house of your loved ones. Without color, life is colorless!

Array Floor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

What floor you choose? What a cover lay on the floor? Many of us remember how easy it was in Soviet times. See Jane Fraser for more details and insights. Using the same flooring options was minuscule – a few options linolenic euma with primitive drawings or parquet (Parquet). Parquet could afford a few away. Parquet or fit in the range or in model homes, but the pattern and the appearance of it was outrageously simplistic. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK addresses the importance of the matter here. Parquet or parquet original pattern was to be found, or in institutions or museums, or in the apartments of senior people. Today, the choice of floor coverings in the market has expanded strongly, including through new technologies and formation of market relations. Parquet, parquet flooring, solid wood and solid wood has been available for nearly all for the price, cost and commercial availability. But with the simultaneous availability of laying the floor wood (hardwood floor, solid) there is a tendency to choose synthetic or composite floor coverings of plastics and polymers, which are currently much went on the decrease.

People to choose between different floor coverings have to lean towards laying the floor of the wood (parquet, solid wood, solid). The cost of laying parquet and paving of the array price in the future with a vengeance justified by environmental benefits of sex, dates of operation and the possibility of multiple repairs through the parquet work (sanding, grinding, filling, toning and even brashirovaniya). Parquet and massive the board can give a completely new view without putting over the floor, but just by tinting it a different color of wood, with the cost of this operation (toning) will be significantly lower than lay new floor. Today it is obvious to any floor of wood, such as parquet, orders of magnitude more power efficient than floor coverings made of synthetic materials. Parquet at a low price today is very real (fiscal laying). Leveling the floor (screed) can be done by yourself or use a work force with low levels of pay.

First Design Necessary

Wednesday, April 20th, 2022

Individual projects Many clients find a house, mansion or cottage of their dreams among our range of ready projects, but we are prepared to develop entirely new design and to implement all of your most intimate solo ideas. Basis for the development of the project are your idea and a place for construction. Change the layout of the premises in our sample project, we did not stoit, and as a result you get home suited to your needs, your tastes and aspirations. Read more here: Kevin Ulrich. Ideas for living – from design professionals can begin with small parts. Not all responses must be received immediately. On the contrary, our specialists are ready offer their skills and experience in space planning, selection of colors and in fact, by construction. The proposed constructive solutions allow us to implement small and big dreams, create the desired comfort and well blended with the surrounding landscape you. Advanced technology design Our designers use in their work leading software for designing and modeling. Learn more at this site: Kevin Ulrich.

As a result of of your house, villa and cottage will be presented in three dimensions that make it easy to analyze and if necessary, modify the details. And if necessary to make the necessary changes, adjustments. y explained all about the problem. The concept of Active House includes: creating a healthy and comfortable climate without damaging the environment. Energy Efficiency: The use of energy efficient technologies, extensive use of natural resources and renewable energy sources. The solution to all the necessary issues related to energy conservation and energy for your future holiday home, a mansion.

Healthy microclimate: A large number of daylight and fresh air. Automated systems for effective ventilation and to maintain a comfortable temperature in all areas, including and in each room individually. Environment: Effective use of modern and environmentally pure materials. Caring for the environment. Reducing emissions of CO2. / MulFunc.htm,

Sliding Doors Made To Measure – Putting Your Ideas Into

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

Increasingly popular among residents of apartment buildings are gaining cabinet compartment. They allow more efficient use of living space and create "dead zones", ie such places, and can not be used, and leave idle pity. In particular, this applies to doors: sliding doors, which is equipped with a sliding wardrobe, do not require additional space for the opening. Yes, and this mechanism breaks down less often than in fixing conventional cabinets. Buy wardrobes in Minsk – no problem. Difficulties arise in finding good artists, it is from how well assembled cabinets coupe, their life depends. Employees of private enterprise "ASPEN" have a great experience assembly designs. Keith Darden may find this interesting as well. All set our cabinets coupe in Minsk has not yet been brought complaints from the owners.

We also manufacture their own cabinets coupe. This is one of the priorities of our activity. Own production in Minsk and professional staff allow us to qualitatively and efficiently fulfill orders. Mikhael Mirilashvilis opinions are not widely known. You do not have to do: Our experts will carry out the measurements, deliver and assemble sliding wardrobe. Only point where you need your participation – it is an organization of its internal space. Manufacturing of furniture to order – it is an opportunity not only save space, but also to show imagination and get a result, the exclusive piece of furniture. We carry cabinets coupe sale a variety of colors, designs and design solutions. Here you can buy sliding wardrobe: with sandblasted designs or photographic images, with mirrored doors or with doors of chipboard (MDF), with illumination and without, with external shelves and without them, and others Cabinets compartment to order a brand carteza – it saves space, unique design, ease of use. Sale of standard models – one more direction of our work. This option is ideal for typical apartments, in which sliding wardrobe do not need to be customized to specific dimensions. Good news for those who are going to buy a cupboard compartment of our production – we are working without prepayment!

The Engine

Saturday, August 8th, 2020

On top of the chassis frame is inserted planer table and side table attached to the router and dolbezhnika. Surface gauge – an important part of the machine required in the manufacture of windows, doors and other woodwork where important pieces of the same size. Surface gauge function in the machine performs the planing shaft, which is located under the adjustable table. Harvesting of the table pressed against the two rubber rollers, taken from the squeezing device washing machine. Moves workpiece on the table manually, the mechanism for this, I did not, but if the tree does not put much effort tarry not. The main body of the machine table is set on four vertical rods, of the corner table, which come in four tight tubes, welded to the base. The hoisting mechanism – fixed table along with slides and screw four levers in the form of a letter V, the upper ends attached to the sled, and lower to the bottom of the machine. Milling planer table – also cooked in round and rectangular tubes.

It is installed shaft, front and rear table, as well as on two racks above the saw table is inserted. Shaft on three knives, length 25 cm, installed on the right saw (can be installed blade or cutter) on the left cutter head, conical or round sandpaper, drill, or bolt cutter. Planing table adjustable – rear with four bolts welded to the plate table, front – eccentrics. Unions, for lack of tokarki are made as follows: take two pieces of pipe with a fork bike. They inserted a smaller diameter trees to offset one side and tightly welded. On the tube sleeve dress with two rear wheel of a bicycle (ideal diameter), which are welded to the plate table. Shafts are inserted into sleeves, attached to the planer table and a bed between is connected to the levers and the traction. In order to ensure the parallelism of the front and rear traction table length is adjustable.

Also on the planer bed table has two clamping shaft surface gauge. Cutting table is welded from the corner and down on it on a sheet fastened rivets PCB 10 mm thick. On the machine it is installed by means of two vertical posts that are firmly fixed to the tubes and bolts for adjusting the height of lift (Released saws). In the raised position the table serves as a reflector chip for planing on a surface gauge. On the table provides the installation of a ruler and straightedge. The engine was originally from the old machine, but then it burned down and was replaced by a three-phase, 4 kW. 3000 rev / min. Connected via capacitors star.

Choose Office Furniture

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Each manager, when is the new office, seeks to modify and customize the interior of the office by himself, no small role in this is office furniture and office partitions. Hyundai describes an additional similar source. Quality, and, as a rule, expensive furniture, will not only please the person who will work in such an atmosphere, but can tell a lot about not only subordinates, but also, for example, possible customers. However, much attention is paid to the choice of quality office furniture. Mostly, it concerns the reliability – the furniture in the office will be intensively used. As a rule, quality and reliability of the furniture does not depend directly from its producers, the good furniture factories in Russia and there is Ukraine, and forgery can disguise and under the Italian brand. Best buy furniture one of the series – this office will look more neat and beautiful, because all the elements in it will be in harmony with each other, In addition, it must be sufficiently large and well-known factory.

Then fall off the problem with a broken handle from the closet, or damaged lining – it would be easy to replace. as a basis for office furniture is usually used chipboard (DSP) or fibreboard (MDF) board, it is relatively inexpensive does not require additional costs in processing the material. What is also quite a few important – it is quite durable and environmentally safe. By the way, security – is not the last factor in the choice of furniture. Good furniture should be ergonomically designed – it should have smooth surfaces, sharp corners should be smoothed out, the doors and drawers – easy to open.

Also distinguished furniture, and because of the price index – from economy models to luxury furniture. Office partitions serve to divide the total area into zones – such as booths for negotiation, places to receive guests and visitors. Also they can be installed in shopping centers, exhibition halls, and even living rooms. Mainly, the installation of office partitions eliminates the need for a stationary wall and reduces the cost of repair or reconstruction of the premises. Office partitions can be made of glass, plastic, wood, and be stationary or mobile. Stationary mounted on a fixed to a wall or ceiling profile and the wall itself is made chipboard, plastic, drywall or glass, can be deaf or have a transparent, colored inserts. The prepared surface can be painted walls or wallpaper pokleit – depending on customer preference, and will not differ from the usual wall. Mobile office partitions represent a number of sections connected to each other stands. The main plus of office partitions – the convenience and cheapness of installation, in addition, they may have a sound and heat insulation. In small rooms, they help save space. When choosing them can only recommend the following – they should create an overall picture with the design office, and installed professionals.

DIS Furniture

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

To date, buy upholstered furniture, sofas, armchairs, one can without any problems. The question remains in the price. Factory furniture DIS, now offers its customers to buy upholstered furniture, sofas and chairs right on the production. See the catalog of the products on our site may buying sofas and chairs directly from the manufacturer, you get a definite guarantee of product quality, reliability, availability, ability to order the production of upholstered furniture according to individual preferences. Not unimportant factor is that when you buy upholstered furniture direct from the manufacturer, you are not risk to be deceived. With the change of the numerous factors affecting the welfare of its citizens, the pricing policy of upholstered furniture factory DIS, mainly focused on the financial capacity of buyers. In the production of sofas and chairs, we take into account the wishes of our customers and do our best to satisfy their desires. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture, sofas and chairs always represented a large range of products.

So In most cases there is always a possibility to choose the interesting fabric, pick colors, fillers for furniture and much more, if you do not have sufficient knowledge or doubt, employees furniture production will select for you the best option, according to your wishes. Buying furniture in stores, you overpay trade mark for the goods, nor does it guarantee that you can swallow a fake. By purchasing upholstered furniture from the manufacturer, you can definitely count on its guarantee. In the event of a failure during the warranty period, the manufacturer will always be able to offer quality service. In the conclusion to the above I would like to say only one thing – if you decide to purchase soft furnishings, save money, solve non-standard issue with a change in color, size, liked the sofa, to guarantee yourself the quality and authenticity of the manufacturer, get a 100% guarantee – manufacturer of upholstered furniture that is exactly what you need.


Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

This technology of processing a variety of names. Waterjet cutting, waterjet cutting, water jet – all of it's unique method of GAR. If we talk about the technical side, in this regard, it has a majority advantages over other methods: low consumption of raw materials (due to the small size is formed in the processing section, which is only 0.1 cm, and the unique cutting); punctuality set parameters (Cuts, deepening and rounding precision obtained); No risk of destruction of the material (in the process he does not get hot, as is natural cooling water); efficiency (lower consumption materials when performing work at the expense of high precision cutting and surface treatment, the lack of need for subsequent polishing); flexibility (the method makes it possible to work with whatever raw materials, including material incredible strength); shortness of order execution (due to the speed and efficiency); high quality of work (no fracture, deformation, chipping and asymmetrical lines due to the increased precision cuts); adaptation to any material (waterjet can equally well work with porcelain and glass and concrete with rebar and steel); Safety at Work (the water does not spread airborne dust and fine particles, preventing the lungs from pollution, and the eyes and hands – from accidental injuries); ergonomics (received such surface treatments have no rough edges, are smooth and perfectly pleasing to the touch). The introduction of this technology allowed the production to catch up and maintenance process, as one discovery led to a clearly improved the technical side of the issue. To date, most Progressive is the technique of production Omax, which, without additional setup and configuration of the machine allows you to expose almost all of the processing: 1. natural materials (leather, marble, granite, wood, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, graphite, manganese, mica, rubber, etc.) 2.

polymeric materials (plastics – metallic, foil, composites, foam, teflon, vinyl plastic, etc.). 3. artificial materials (different alloys Metals – Super-and magnetic, zharoustroychivye alloyed, corrosion-resistant, concrete and reinforced concrete slabs, ceramic, metal, etc.). With all of this working successfully addressed our professionals – masters of their craft is not only perfectly handled fragile piece of glass, but also create any design for the art work, embodying a different material on the complexity of shapes and contours. Here you can order the product as on their own sketches and drawings on from our catalog. We will help you in choosing, take into account all your wishes and realize all your ideas, because we – a team of professionals. Distinctive properties in the treated using the method of GAR surface roughness is the absence of any: in the place of her degree reaches only about 0.5 … 1.5 mm, which excludes subsequently further processed products. Area the use of technology waterjet quite impressive, and the improbability of different scope: electronic, food processing, electronics, automotive, advertising, architectural, urban areas, glass- and metal, rubber production, the artistic finishing, microelectronics.

Southeast Asia

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Flexible rattan stem has long been used for furniture production. The porous structure of rattan allows him to be flexible and sturdy crust – durable. Rattan Krasnodar presented in a very broad range. This furniture is environmentally friendly, very comfortable and surprisingly beautiful. Flexible stems allow you to create intricate patterns on the shelves, tables and chairs. The demand for rattan furniture is growing rapidly, and that no surprising for several reasons. First, each piece of rattan and features an original unusual forms.

Secondly, this furniture is suitable for any room and blends with any interior details. Today rattan furniture attracts attention also because it has all the advantages of furniture made from natural materials. Despite the luxury and elegance, rattan furniture is unpretentious in nursing. It is very light, and therefore a favorite rocking chair can travel after the owner of the house. In the Russian market of rattan furniture is known for recently. However, it is time to appreciate.

Rattan chairs, stools, sofas and even lamps appear in urban apartments and suburban homes. They are ideal for a spacious lobby and comfortable for children's bedrooms. Rattan tables and chairs – not just decoration for the garden, but also for the interior and restaurants cafe, where they create a really homey feel. Rattan is perfect for cold climates and can withstand extreme temperatures. Rattan furniture does not fade in the sun and is resistant against aging. Classic rattan color – light yellow: this furniture covered with transparent lacquer, retains its natural beauty. It must be said that fans can buy is unusual furniture, which is covered with red, black or green lacquer. From the forests of Southeast Asia rattan brings a spirit of forests and distant travels, casting dreams of magical adventures. Impregnated with exotic rattan furniture will give your interior a refined, fill positive energy of the Eastern countries.

Kitchen Countertops

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Kitchen countertops artificial stone worktops for the kitchen must be hygienic, durable and should not absorb moisture. Artificial stone is ideal for kitchen countertops. The surface of the the material is durable and hygienic. A bright touch to the interior of the kitchen countertop will of artificial stone, countertop, such breathes new life into your kitchen environment. The possibility of execution of any form of table top, variety of textures and colors, will play almost any design scheme. Artificial stone countertops are a lot of advantages even before the natural analogue. These countertops are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences. Unlike natural stone, artificial surface is smooth and has no pores, which prevents the formation of bacteria.

The most popular countertop manufacturers such Artificial stone as: Corian (Corian), Polystone (poliston), Montelli (Montelli), Staron (Staron) and Hi-Macs. Production of these brands has proven himself not only overseas but also in the domestic market. By adding natural materials, Corian countertops production technology to provide high wear resistance, strength and durability. Saturation and color of products made of artificial stone for a long time keep the original appearance, in contrast to natural materials. Another equally important advantage of natural stone products Montelli, Corian, Staron is the possibility of seamless connectivity that does not restrict the designer's ideas. Beautiful in addition to kitchen countertops, undoubtedly, will serve as a bar. This item of kitchen furniture will add a room personality, emphasize unsurpassed taste and sophistication.

When choosing a countertop or bar made of artificial stone Korain not required to take into account the appearance of the product directly depends on how you take your measurements. The minimum difference in size can cause no joining of furniture. It is not necessary to produce measured independently, it is better to entrust this business experienced technician. Since the product of artificial stone quite expensive, it is necessary to treat the purchase with the responsibility to examine firms that offer this product available with additional services company. Attention! Not bona fide companies under the names of famous brands, products made of substandard materials. Remember the joy of low prices will last much less than the disappointment of poor quality.